Should the Game consider Tourists?


No idea what that is.

Spying has no impact? Have you actually addressed that yet or just ignored it, like you made the unfounded assumption that people who start their EvE life in Null somehow have a bad time? You do know that Null Alliances actually recruit some people before theyve even played, dont you?

So if I was to say that you seem to have a serious chip on your shoulder and you asked me why I thought that, youd accept me just saying “Thats how you come across”? Please.

Stop dressing up “Better for Voets” as “Better for the game”

It’s almost like EVE is supposed to be a game where you set goals and accomplish them over time, not one where you are immediately given everything you want with no effort involved.

Hi, yes I have addressed the spying issue - this was the major fault with the Tourist.

invulnerability: This is clarified as a certain timer (5 min) that protects a tourist from actual targeting success. Player has only one active timer - maybe 50 players can attempt to target him in that same 5 minutes. If the Tourist is still around, when the timer expires then all targeting attempts will/can succeed and fire and brimstone can resume as per normal. If the Tourist survives that timer by moving out of range of all targeting attempts, then a new timer can evolve if necessary.
ALTS: No alt can be a Tourist nor can any Player be a Tourist if they have an alt.
Multi-Boxing: This is tricky so I decided to call a limit ito TIME in EVE. No toon that has logged more than, say, 30 days can be a Tourist. Beginners only, so there goes I.
The time factor puts paid to MOST other problems that people have commented on.

I will stress, again, this is not about my desires as a player but my thoughts on how CCP might get a better player recruitment past Alpha. This is my ONLY objective as I soon will not be playing as I am retired now and geld is tight to play silly games with (so says my Wife.)

Oh, why the eyeroll? Did you not know that the SA Apartheid Regime was an AUTHORITARIAN society of people who believed that they held absolute authority over non-whites due to that exact fact. The Prawns are just a metaphor for the Black population in township life.

Anyway, I have wasted enough time on you as you are just looking to engage for a fight. Don’t feel like fighting.
Be well,

And how exactly do you plan to enforce this when players can create multiple accounts?

The time factor puts paid to MOST other problems that people have commented on.

Except it doesn’t at all. You just remake your tourist alt every 30 days.

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I sense a facetious comment here (ha, ha). Not falling into this little web of deceit.
Hmm, Merin. A player cannot have an alt who is a Tourist. This is in the latest version - it does NOT mean they can create a Tourist alt every 30 days. An alt, yes but Tourist - NO!

Yes it does. Every 30 days you make a new account with a tourist alt on it.

Not falling into this little web of deceit.

Because you know you have no response to the criticism.

I’m very familiar with the works of Terry Pratchett. In the Colour of Magic Twoflower had advantages other tourists do not, those advantages being Rincewind who excelled at running away and surviving, and sapient pearwood luggage with many legs, an attitude problem and an internal gateway to oblivion.

@Ramona_McCandless I believe a saffer is a South African.

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You simply havent addressed that Spying means looking. You havent any mechanism to prevent the act of spying at all.

How do you prevent someone making a new Tourist account? Theres no way.

Also if you think D9 is a movie promoting segregation, well I guess the actual plot missed you entirely.

Really? I thought our host was, given how knowlegable he seems to think he is about it.

The closest Ive been is a Spurs in Belfast and a friend from Zim.

Likewise, I have a friend in Stellenbosch ZA and have worked with a few folks from the former Rhodesia/current Zimbabwe.

If I understand you correctly, you think that if a person (Abe) wants a Tourist for a desperate mission in LO, then all he has to do is create another account (Bob), and another (Cath) and another (Dave) etc and multi-box them all. These would be Alpha accounts and be eligible for Tourist status. This I cannot help except that CCP will love the new recruitment drive! Look how many new accounts we are getting! This Tourism thing is really working!
I’m sorry. I just don’t believe that serious players would require so much PT just to get a slightly protected look at an area of space that one trained pilot can do with less risk. Beyond that, you are quite right. My solution does NOT deal with infinite accounts. If anyone has multi-boxing experience perhaps they would let this forum know what the limitations are - I just don’t know.

So you admit that your supposed 30 day limitation is ineffective. Good.

I just don’t believe that serious players would require so much PT just to get a slightly protected look at an area of space that one trained pilot can do with less risk.

Perhaps this is because you insist on never engaging in PvP and therefore don’t understand how it works.

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You have me of course. I have never read the book nor seen the film 2 weeks ago. Firstly, Twoflower was the ONLY (FIRST) tourist so there is NOTHING to compare him with. Secondly, the simple FACT that he was a tourist and WANTED to go into dangerous areas IS the point of the original post. NOTHING ELSE IS RELEVANT. Sorry for the CAPS - fell into TRUMPet mode.
Yes, I am a Saffer. Does that make me something special? Good.

So you know more than I. Shot!
D9 is District 9 which can be a play on District 6 - a wonderfully vibrant area of the Cape Flats that was flattened (except for a few churches) by the kindly, socially well- adjusted Nationalist Party of the time. Not bad people at all - just misunderstood.
Of course, D9 is set in JHB and is a pseudonym for Soweto - South West Township. Soweto sprang up as the need for living space for the thousands of gold miners arose. The Prawns symbolize the miners and their living conditions. Forget the technology etc - that is the story to subject the Prawns to the conditions. It is a long time since I watched the film but I do remember MY feelings at the time - not yours nor anyone else’s and it depressed me because of the hatred and authoritarian oppression it displayed. Actually, why am I wasting my breath on you.

Thats the point of the film.

It didnt make it look like Candyland.


This started with your eyeroll over the use of my term “authoritarian”.

Yes because you said

When its intentions are clearly the opposite.

And this is the part of the conversation you are fixated on because you realise for EvE Tourism to work, CCP have to redesign how people access the game for a feature of dubious value, and for that you have no counter to.

Besides, you are the one who keeps making RL comparisons which are just so out of step with reality its pretty suspect tbqfh.

That is what I said, Ramona. That is what the film showed - that is what depressed me. Get a grip and understand that it not you vs the world and some other views may be valid.

Anyway, you are all correct and I am too old and tired to play this game anymore.
Goodnight and Goodbye.
I wish Eve a long life.

By that logic all second world war films glamorise the Nazis.



Yep, and they never lost a single ship while doing it!