Skilling Spree Speed Run Contest - Feedback

if we all get players in there that try to just only get things for free and don’t want to work for it like anybody else can they actually work for it. Like why isn’t anybody going in there and Alexei the caldari we’re battling each other just to say for example. You got people yanking it at Gates I pick y on new players.

If Im following you right, because no one either has the ability or can be bothered organising something like that.

Would be cool, but theyd rather maypole in FW than ferment rebellion.

Pretty much the problem in RL too.

I predict that someone with close proximity to the server will ace this.

with at least 300 ping i’m getting the frig challenge down to 15 seconds at best.
could probably shave another 2 seconds off that if I were closer to the server.

Please CCP i know its not easy but this seruis , 90% of the players cant make vid ore just dont know how , now i need to learn somthing i dont whant to learn so you guys can show off??? sorry this event is pure for streamers why not say that in the first place and dont give fals hope to players in the first place , beside that the spree aint bad idea for the newbie’s why not make the rewards bigger for them and then make a timer on it like the rookie channel once you gain a certen amount of sp you dont get the spree any further . fot the older guys this event is just a joke

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What is it about the ■■■■ prize that people want so badly they make up this drivel?

I didn’t bother cuz Recording lags me and it’s not like it was 500k

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There are a lot of logs. Video gives an indication if it’s worth the time to look, for who, and when. User submitted video also allows CCP to more easily promote contest winners without need for extra code deployment on their end.

What I’m referring to is that for most of us, the timer for more free SP will hit 0 during downtime. On all 9 of my toons, it usually hits at 1100 or 1101 or 1102 at most (yes, there’s always a bit of variance between the different toons, no matter how close or far apart they hit their current day’s task completion).

But seeing as how this “event” began with some people’s tasks not even resetting come the next day, I’m not surprised to hear it’s still a bit buggy. Your timer is bugged, mate, is what I’m saying in the end. Enjoy it, I guess? :slight_smile:

I mean, as I said earlier in this… no, the main skilling spree thread, not this speed run contest thread, come to think of it… the whole shebang bothers my OCD what with the uneven amounts of SP each day for each of my toons, but… eh, I ain’t turning down free SP! :slight_smile:

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Would be great if we got some for of confirmation that our entry was received and valid.
I entered both stages so far and no idea if you even got my emails…

Pretty slick CCP! For a measly 3.25mSP you get some cool game adverts that draw new players in provided by players already paying you. Now that is some wicked cool nearly all profit marketing strategy.

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I would expect CCP to make it more EVE style - like loosing stuff when you don’t win - something like:

  • 1st Place - win 1,500,000 Skill Points
  • 2nd Place - win 1,000,000 Skill Points
  • 3rd Place - win 500,000 Skill Points
  • 4th Place - loose 500,000 Skill Points
  • 5th Place - loose 1,000,000 Skill Points
  • 6th Place - loose 1,500,000 Skill Points

I wanted to get into this, but a targeting lock was appearently required. I had problems (especially in the ‘cruiser’ and ‘battleship’ contests) where my drones were killing the asteroid rats before I could get a lock.
(shrug) guess it isn’t so bad having such good drone skills.

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[quote=“Fung_Ku, post:20, topic:179800, full:true”]
CCP hit a new low.

:worried: I read your statement and wondered if you could give me a specific. I just came back after a long break and was wondering what you seeing that I was not.

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