Solstice_Projekt totally likes spiders

Maybe read the last post. :wink:

Also, not everyone likes spiders.


Eve isn’t an appropriate game for people who don’t like spiders. They should go play WoW.


Considering I don’t live around any other arachnids other than spiders, they are currently my least favorite arachnid.


Oh man, you are missing out. Ticks and scorpions are a hoot.


meh, considering i never thought about ticks are actually arachnids and not insects, i do have to deal with them… though i can’t tell ya last time I had a tick on me…

scorpions, while they are cool, im glad are no where near me, especially the ones that glow under black light.

The Largest Spider on Earth


Thats odd, it worked for Geo Eclipse Oksaras :confused:


There’s a 10k limit.
Solecist actually jumped in before the lock. :roll_eyes:


this pic is too much … lol


My point was that it should have been allowed to die.


And where are the inhabitants are supposed to be going?

Spill into other threads??
Have you looked into that thread?


You really DON’T want lilsteel on the loose around OOPE… don’t. :woman_shrugging:t2:


private lounge subforum WHEN #OneLineBadIdeas

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How about ForumCurmudgeon, GreyKaren, or PotentiallyBitter?

Hmm…I dunno…that actually might be a fairly close analogy for human romantic relationships…

@Jonah_Gravenstein Your linguistic example services for Queen and Country are required. Wat ho Pip Pip? Wazzocks!!!

also, EvE has spiders -


What, may I ask, is wrong with Britishisms?

As the former owners of history’s biggest empire, it is our duty to continue educating people not native to this green, and pleasant land, in the correct usage of our noble tongue.

That said, we’re not averse to following other languages into dark alleys, hitting them over the head and rifling through their dictionaries for spare vocabulary.

We could go back to asking if you have a flag, and then planting ours anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, nothing at all. I only said “wazzocks” because it’s one of a few British terms I know, I wasn’t saying it about the British.

Maybe you folks should get to work on those 22…

'twas aimed at @Archer_en_Tilavine tbh, not you.

As for the 22, we don’t do that anymore; it turns out influence is just as good as a gunboat when it comes to diplomacy.

Most of the former empire hated us for a while, yet many have since chosen to join the commonwealth.

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There’s nothing wrong with picking on those who are different than you, right? :crazy_face:

I respect SP, even though sometimes the way he talks to people sounds like he’s trying to get them to kill themselves. It’s like dude! Here, have a cookie biscuit (no gravy, I promise). But seriously, banter is a good way to dissipate perceived ill-will and to, y’ know, make friends.

Fist bumping over biscuits.

P.S. @Jonah_Gravenstein if I knew you were British I would have never made friends with you. Ew gross.
P.P.S. I’m joking :grin:


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