Station Noise

i dont want any other sound turned down just the stupid drown and dirge sound in station I dont want to wear hearing protection in game its WORSE than a steel mill who designed this crap need their ears testing
O didnt anybody tell you there is NO sound in Space muppet

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this game is the same its just been polished and not in nice way
nobody does career agents ? Because they are Broken you have three races But All the missions are the same just with different ships there NO continuity its no wonder NOOBs get confuse and frustrated so give up and just ask stupid questions in rookie help there should be a FAQ .

4 Empire Factions, 8 (I think) non-Empire Factions, plus Trigs and Edencom.

True, PvE in EvE sucks.

You find the missions being the same confusing? Id have thought that would make things simple.

There’s no stupid questions, only stupid answers. Tgere us a FAQ, its called Google it. Its what CCP want players to do.

P.S. wtf has this got to do with station noise?


Would they have left the seagulls in?

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Yes, but they would have been altered to fedo sounds…

–Zookeeper Gadget

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Why not? Can turn seagull noise into something else with sound distortion.

Beautiful. 1000% improvement

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I was hoping they would have fixed it in the latest update.

But then I remembered this is CCP we’re talking about.

That would be better than that bwoooooom-bwwooooooom-bwwwoooooom bug noise.

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Whaaaat ? This game is 17 yo.

There is no FAQ ?


Cant be true …

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of course there is:

  2. Can I have your stuff?

Baby Boomers.

This change is better. It actually gives me the feeling of being in an actual space station, even when I walk away from my keyboard into another room. Then again, I actually play this game on a proper desktop with a surround system, and not some yard sale Inspiron with failing tinny speakers.


Same here. Gaming desktop with surround sound.

If you like that monotone sound, then all music must be a cacophonous noise to you.


Not everyone is deaf in one ear like you are.

No, some are deaf in both ears like you are


I believe it’s actually the hum from jump gates (lol) which gets louder the more gates you use, and it’s a bug that’s been around for a very long time, you can get rid of it by uncheck/recheck the Enable Audio checkbox.

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Seems to have been fixed now as of 19.08, at least for me, that annoying bwaaaaiiinnn noise is gone.
I can finally enjoy the regular dock sounds now.
Thank you CCP :heartpulse:

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