Station Stealing EXPLOIT

At least one ‘non spy’ method for getting the exact timer has been listed in this thread.
If one has been listed there are likely two or three more methods that structure thieves themselves know.

What is that method? And before you tell me to read all the posts again, do note my nickname and know that I can’t concentrate for that long.

EVE is in part awesome because it has pockets of gameplay that are nor really obvious to everyone, which creates opportunities for people who exploit this quirks.

In every other game this would be handled as an exploit and the devs would reverse it, ban the offender and that would be the end of the story. In EVE this is just part of the sandbox gameplay where it creates opportunities for clever players to pray on the unprepared and generate stories about loss and epic wins because of some simple game mechanics some players mastered and some where unaware off.

I rather play a game where this sort of thing is possible. It makes for a more interesting game, You may disagree, go play one of the other 100 “fair” games where nothing interesting happens exactly because of that.

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So, to be clear, where ‘what’ is possible?
Are you meaning the ability to steal a structure via smart planning.
Or the ability to spam a button and have a lower ping than the other guy and therefore get the loot.
These are two very different things, and I fully encourage the first and want that to exist. But I am fully against the second.

Yes, why do you even ask?

So are do we agree at least that EVE is a better game because this opportunities exist?

At no point have I ever suggested those opportunities should be taken away.
Others in this thread might have, and certainly elsewhere.

It’s that you get the time warning when you undock from an unanchoring structure.

Can be avoided by either removing access to the structure ahead of time by a few days, or cycling the unanchoring a couple of times before removing access, to give people warning so they move their stuff before it goes to asset safety.

Is also worth offlining any industry modules ahead of unanchoring so people can’t start new jobs (Ideally, also accompanied by evemails to people with access so they know and to give them some time for jobs to complete, and bad luck for any freeloaders if the structure is completely public).

So not a problem if the structure owner understands the game.

There is 0 reason already that a corp should lose their structure when unanchoring. It takes some significant screw ups for that to happen.

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quoting again for truth.
just a wee bit of planning and a modicum of thought is all it takes to unanchor your structures safely.
the person doing the unanchoring holds pretty much all the cards. they know, to the second, when it will unanchor. they can cancel and restart that process at any time.
if your structure gets nicked during the unanchor process, then you have screwed up somewhere along the way.

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So it’s not an exploit. The discussion should have ended here.

If you’re competent, you can keep your structure from being stolen pretty easily. Actually stealing a structure which has had measures taken to keep people from knowing when it will be stolen (such as resetting the unanchoring timer) relies heavily on luck and sometimes, the thieves aren’t able to hold onto it themselves, only to keep the owners from successfully extracting it (examples include three Keepstars over the past year: KQK1-2, 9UY4-H, W-KQPI).

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@Scipio_Artelius hey man thanks for the response. I frankly didn’t expect someone to give a noce and good response but you did. Cheers!

This is not real life. The systems in place aren’t meant to punish players and if they were those players would cease to exist in Eve. They’re meant to provide rules by which content can be created.

CCP has nerfed half their playerbase out of the game already. Almost every nerf was in response to ignorant cries for “balance” just like this one.

If this game were truly balanced then players like yourself who cant he bothered to defend/protect your assets wouldnt even get the opportunity to have them in the first place but as it stands you are bubble wrapped and catered to far more than you ever should’ve been.

Learn your lesson or quit the game but dont come here trying to stomp out more content for others because you lost.

This is an MMO. If you are not being made to participate in the multiplayer aspects then you are nothing but a leech.

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Then CCP would have designed the industrial ships along the lines of the purpose built for war ships & engineering tanks that we have in our history, not along the lines of basically defenceless modern haulers designed for a time of peace.

And this is ridiculous.

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so what you’re saying is “get good” lmao

you realize a large chunk of eves early player base came specifically to be a “space pirate” or gain notoriety some other nefarious way. that’s what makes this game so great, it captures what space would be like in this setting.
you start over governing it, and making it fit new softies who can’t commit to the game, you will loose every veteran there is and the game will never be the same. i think if you’re smart enough to outsmart the system then go for it.
I mean if something is obviously a flaw in code or something along those lines then ya i’d call it an exploit and fix it. but just because someone gets hit like this situation, i’d be like lesson learned that’s a tactic you are aware of now. keep it in mind and move on
*edit-Ps i am a player who has been in and out of eve since close to the beginning, and am a “noob softie” who just enjoys flying around the game “living” in an unscripted not limited to three options for every scenario kind of world.

1, From CCP not an exploit.
2. Learn unanchoring mechanics and how to protect them.

If you scoop up your own unanchored structure, doesn’t that reset the timer?

So even if you did everything by the book, perfect - the would be thief could just grief you all day by making you reset your timer?

So basically no fleet of any size can set up a station in high sec unless everyone else chooses, of their own free will to let them?