Suggestions for Pearl Abyss to Revitalize Eve

I’m not playing the game today. I traveled 3h to see my sister and I’m tired and my back/neck/stomach are hurting so I’m not going to log in if I can’t be alert for potential danger.

Everyone has their own ideas for what will fix Eve. Some of these suggestions boil down to players having different preferences. Other stuff is the result of… how to put this tactfully… is the result of things like bad logic, conspiracy theories, not understanding why a change was made, blameshifter excuses, straight up misinformation, thinking about things from the limited perspective of one’s own particular play style, and crap like that.

  1. Resource Scarcity was meant to address unsustainable economic activity, and nerfs are mostly designed to address balance issues. The idea that this stuff is designed to encourage monetization is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. There is no evidence for it, only the assumption of greed, and an absolute mountain of evidence for why most nerfs need to happen. Of course, there have been exceptions (i.e. Surgical Strike Resist Nerf), but probably 95% of nerfs make a ton of sense when you stop looking at them from your own selfish perspective.
  2. Yeah, so, this is pretty bad. It disproportionately benefits people with lots of alts and market slots, as they can just create new orders to circumvent the relisting period. Honestly, I wish there were ways to distinguish listings, and let customers chose which one they wanted to buy, but that’s a pipe dream that would require major changes to the way a lot of things work. So, for the time being, I suggest upping standings/skills in order to reduce taxes, or using player owned structures to circumvent them. And not for nothing, but most players don’t care about this. This is something that you want, not something that will bring the players back in mass. “Ohhhhh, lower taxes? Time to reinstall!!!”
    • MMO devs have consistently found that social interaction increases player retention. So that’s why they do it. Your suggestion would literally work against what you’re trying to achieve. Besides, Eve isn’t very hostile to solo play, so I’m not sure why you’re complaining.
    • There’s nothing “pushing” players out of highsec. In fact, the risk to reward ratio of HS is so good right now, that people from nullsec are going to HS to make money.
    • Yeah, it sounds like you don’t want to play Eve Online. How about you go play a game that is more your speed, than trying to change the fundamental nature of Every Versus Everyone Online, and move the game away from what it’s actual fans love about it.

P.S. The idea that Star Citizen is siphoning off a significant amount of players from Eve Online is absolutely laughable.

In summation, go play Elite Dangerous or something, and stop trying to make this game worse.


Holy crap, they haven’t been heavily reinvesting in Eve? Wow, those guys really are dumb.

What that was a really good read thanks for the link.

@Shipwreck_Jones I like your post. I don’t agree with everything you said ( surprise ) but since I’m too tired to argue today I’ll just give you a heart.

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i wish …

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So, you’re basically upset that the Orca is no longer a solo AFK Netflix roid hog. Sorry, but CCP put the Orca back to where it was originally intended to be. A mining SUPPORT ship…


It was as CCP clearly stated originally designed to mine as much as 5 hulks at a time with less effort. We were lied to and robbed.

CCP have said themselves that the Risk / Effort / Content Generation / Reward ratio needs to be applied. Less effort = less reward.

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Its totally true, while this non consensual pvp adds a lot of content to the game, not in the sense of ganking but in the sense of preparing to avoid it. Foe example Hiring logi services to get your stuff around highsec etc. This is only really fun at the point when your past the learning curve and you know what your doing. And a loss is easy accepted. But that takes an awefull of of time and its utterly frustrating for new players. I know quitte a few players that where new and left because of this. I also know some players that left because of the chaos nerfing period and those where people that paid for multiple accounts. Sad reality.

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CCP needs to ban me as quickly as possible so that I can’t grief the few remaining players out of the game. It’s really their only option.

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According to CCP you are actually educating players and increasing their joy of the game over the long period even thou its hurting them over the short period.

Also if its effecting you psychologically then go pew in low and null instead, those guys have accepted the risk just by being there.

Players are leaving because they get less and it costs them more so their time is worth less. Any human is going to get anouyed if their own time is devalued. Not sure why they don’t just change their play style if it has been nerfed or is not working for them anymore seems weird that they would just keep doing the same thing then leave.

No, like this person for example:

Docked and logged off instantly, and I don’t think they’ll be back.

While I’m allowed to play, this will continue to happen, and CCP will continue to lose customers. The only real way forward is to ban all of the war-deccers and gankers so that everyone else can play their PvE spaceship game how they want to.

I don’t have a conscience anymore. There’s just a blank white room with a single framed picture of Sakuya where it used to be.

Also, I doubt I’d be able to kill anyone in null-sec, because their software warps them to tether too quickly…


Those type of people where never meant for eve in the first place thou you are saving them hundreds of hours in a game that will not bring them as much joy as the next game they play you are doing them a favour in rl.

I was there at one point as well after literally spending 2 years just playing games, I think its some type of defense mechanism, but your humanity is just hiding it comes back when you do something else.

But that player is like 6 years old and is one of the FCs for that alliance?

I don’t want it back. Mindless blood lust is fun!

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And they probably spent those 6 years carebearing it up playing eve against its own design the pvp was bound to creep up on them eventually.

If it booted them out the game then I hope those 6 years where at least memorable for the guy, maybe he is playing something that suits him more now and enjoying it more.

Sure, but its still mindless and anything mindless gets boring after awhile, having some humanity has its perk’s things are more exciting they feel riskier more rewarding and so on.

Some people are just too easy.

In what regard.

Bottom line… Pearl Abyss has been slowly putting the squeeze on everything in-game towards their monetizing agenda… Looks like even the Triglavian space carve out was deliberately designed to cut off trade routes from Jita to the main trade hubs…all with the intent to limit availability to get players to buy through the store… Slowly nerfing ships, missions, sites, and resourses combined with restrictions and high fees on trade all looks like a scheme to walk this game towards monetization… Hope Pearl Abyss comes to the realization that they are killing the game by killing the player-driven economy …


Stop complaining about market. The Market is PvP and it has already been nerfed once to cater to more “casual” players, but, as predicted, those failed to compete even with those changes (who would have thunked it?).

Why are you calling for more nerfs? It’s not “nerf it till I make it”.

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