Supporting CODE Was A Mistake

An arms dealer blaming somebody else for what people do with his guns?


What a giant debacle this turned out, as my grandfather would have said; -”Well this turned out to become a worse shitstorm then a chaste exotic dancer on a gallente yacht

This @Victor_Medvil bursts in and proclaims that we all should know of him, and that he is one of the “biggest arms dealers”, his weapons are found on “almost every battlefield”, a little presumptuous I feel.

He then starts to accuse a well-known beloved/hated celebrity (@Aiko_Danuja) to add that extra layer of exposur.

This is nothing more than a sad publicity stunt from a self proclaimed “big deal” that tries to use others to get a free ride for his business.


TIL furry is the 8th gender

Mmm. Sad panda for you when white knighting goes wrong huh?

@Victor_Medvil as you no longer support gankers and to start your journey of reparations, you can start sending me isk to buy a fleet of station busting ships ,Talos and oracle seem to be favourite or bombers

Trust me this will ease your tormented soul.

Ps I’ll take the ships themselves if that’s easier.

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If one would do so, would they be used or would they be sold off and fill the pocket of the leaders?

Now even the anti-gankers are shaking down the highsec citizens.

That’s awesome.

You should sell hauling permits, for like 10 million ISK each. Any hauler that has a permit get’s antiganker rsupport in Uedama if needed, and if they don’t, then their safety is up to them.

Capitalism at it’s best.


The whole host of “the Anti-Gankers just let me die” or “i paid for Anti-Gank support and still died” threads would be a special kind of fun.


You must think they have really tiny pockets

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lol who?

We never sell stuff we are given , I often write back telling people how their isk helped , often we buy skills for new players or injectors.

We even received a small fleet of Edencom ships but can’t find effective ways to use them , without wasting them, as we become bigger targets than the ganker targets. I offered to send them all back but the guy said keep looking for ways to use them.

As for the ships mentioned above for station busting , we need to again work out player numbers and skills 1st , no point having ships sitting doing nothing.

So know that any ship , isk or equipment will be used to fight crime, as did a donation of suicide ships in jita 2 nights ago to kill gankers , hope the person is pleased with that mail.

I’m equally shocked!

Anyway, they probably had no mining permit

I’ll be on eve this evening eve time

Ok, so what did we learn from this thread?

  • Furries are real
  • A lot of people still did not hear the good word and got themselves a mining permit
  • If you print a bunch of Catalysts you can call yourself a weapons dealer