Tell us about your flagship

My nomination for flagship is one I am not allowed to fly, a privilege reserved by my sister. Nonetheless, she was paid for out of my winnings in the YC 121 New Eden Capsuleer Writing Contest and is named after the story responsible, so I feel a strong personal connection to her.

The Clay Maiden served as a key catalyst for the early development of the Intaki-Business Logistics Union and continues to be the primary platform used by many Union members moving materials, goods and people to and from JQV5-9. I am proud of the constructive use made of the financial windfall from NECWC (which would not have been possible without the extraordinary generosity of the contest sponsors and organisers) and wish this year’s entrants the very best of luck.

  • Name: The Clay Maiden
  • Class: Anshar Class Jump Freighter
  • Age: Unknown, 21 months under Chatelain Auxiliary colours
  • Home dock: Hevini Station, JQV5-9, Syndicate
  • Builder: Unknown, purchased in Jita 4-4
  • Status: in (continuous) service
  • Souls on board: between 50 and 150, depending on her cargo bay configuration
  • Purpose: long range logistics support
  • Reasons for flagship designation: See above.
  • Favourite moments: Every time a starry-eyed new settler in Syndicate reacts in delight at receiving their β€˜pioneer’ shipment at Hevini Station, packed with whatever they want to carve out a new life under the lights of The Cord.

● Full name of the flagship: FGJ Badaboom

● Nickname: Poison Pill, for reasons that will become obvious

● Class: Stratios

● Age: 6 Months

● Homedock: Jita 4-4

● Builder: Sisters of Eve, Apanake mission

● Status: In service

● Souls on board: 3 - Myself and [redacted].

● Purpose: Exploration and Recon

● Reasons for flagship designation: [redacted]

● Favorite moments: During a recon contract in Stain for [redacted], I decided to take a quick detour to see the pool of radiance from 6QBH. A hostile capsuleer managed to tackle me in a Sabre. Unfortunately for the hostile, I was not only able to disengage but also destroy their sabre and force two hostile interceptors into a full retreat.

I want a ship with a huge wobbly sausage on top.


Too bad I didn’t manage to take a picture, so here’s a generic one:

● Full name of the flagship: Shadow of FLK
● Nickname: none
● Class Hurricane Fleet Issue Combat Battlecruiser
● Age 4,5 years
● Homedock Dal I - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support
● Builder I don’t remember - probably built at the same station
● Status Destroyed
● Souls on board 900. 50 evacuated, 640 killed by hull penetration, in the explosion or by following decompression, 180 killed by pirates salvaging the debris, 30 captured by pirates
● Purpose Large scale combat, mostly - assaulting systems
● Reasons for flagship designation This is the ship I was commanding in Gebuladi the day Factional Warfare zone was entirely conquered by Minmatar for the first time
● Favorite moments The moment above, obviously, and her last moments - successful assault on Eszur 7 months ago, before she was destroyed by a pirate fleet.

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● Full name of the flagship: Galahad

● Nickname: The Hotbox

● Class: Phoenix Class Dreadnaught

● Age: Unknown, discovered scuttled and recovered late YC122

● Homedock: Alternates location based on nuclear readiness, Skarkon

● Builder: Unknown, most likely PANFAM

● Status: On Standby

● Souls on board: 15,000 Active Crewman, Plus Warclone Compliment in Storage

● Purpose: Strategic Deterrent, Planetary Assault Dreadnaught

● Reasons for flagship designation: Surpasses Carrier Glatisant and Warbarge Fisher King II in Tonnage (Though strategically cannot be deployed as easily without escalation as Fisher King.)

● Favorite moments: Discovery, haggling down salvage price with Svarog station administration, evicting local teenages, squatters, and crust punks from the hull. Gods and spirits willing, that’s as exciting as the ship will ever be and it will never have to be used.


Tsk. Really should have put that in here. Aria might yell at you. :stuck_out_tongue:


● Full name: Light Of Amarr
● Class: Marauder
● Age: 2 months?
● Homedock: Nice try
● Builder: No idea
● Status: Intact
● Souls on board: Full slave crew supplement
● Purpose: Annihilation of unwashed heathens
● Favorite moments: None yet

I just skilled into the heavy interdiction cruiser the devoter and i think this will be my new fav ship soon.

AEBC Oracle
AEBC = Amarr Empire BattleCruiser
Registry: AES-429
Class: Oracle Attack Battlecruiser
Origin: Amarr, Domain
Status: Active
Crew Count: To be determined
Usage: Long-Range Combat, Sniper

Length: 161.1m (528.57 ft)
Beam: 116.59m (382.53 ft)
Height: 429m (1,407.54 ft)

Reason for Selection: Only Amarr vertical design, works very well for Mul-Zatah Monastery, high DPS from long-range, a Rogue Drone Destroyer (Pochven + Known Space)
Favorite Moments: Instant corvette knock-out at Amarr trade hub (> 5 times), using it for my first mass test.
Rank on Favorite Ships: 1

Screenshot taken by me - Taken in Amarr (1.0)

● The Spirit of Assiettes.
● The big, beautiful girl.
● Orca.
● 1 year-ish.
● Assiettes - NADSC Field Office.
● Outer Ring Excavations and Deep Core Mining Inc.
● In service.
● Souls on board: Varies greatly, depending on role, mission, loadout and destination. About 100 full-time assigned, plus additional crew hired on temporarily as needed for mission.
● Gathering and moving resources.
● It’s the ship I bought entirely with my own ISK, outfitted slowly with hard work over multiple months, and enjoy the most time in.
● One time it was used to steal a bunch of captured Gallente ships back from an Amarr dock where I was delivering a shipment of rock. Crime of opportunity for the good guys, but when ships just accidently fall into my maintenance bay, is it really theft?

And another time I had these two lovely ladies on board and we were up in my captain’s cabin with the gravity generator turned down and…uh, I’ll stop there to protect the innocent.

I know, it’s just another dirty Orca with red and white stripes. But she’s my dirty Orca with red and white stripes.

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