Thanks CCP for such unfair game

There is no reason to own a station, unless you want that risk. Your friend should have put his stuff into an npc station. Also its only asset’s the main asset is his character which is what really matters.

Also sounds like your friend has more important things to worry about than a game, best of luck to him.

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You think that is bad? It wasn’t log ago when CCP allowed structures, which were originally intended to be invulnerable, to be destroyed and looted in space. A great many bros who were taking a break or unable to play for a time came back at a later date to find out everything they owned had been turned into space dust. CCP said they sent an email before the change…then POOF :skull_and_crossbones:

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FTFY :psyccp:

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If they wanted their stuff, shouldve looked after it.

Structures were never invulnerable.

That’s NPC Stations.


I’m afraid this is the biggest issue with the game. For some reason, big bullies feel justified to gank and grief the newest players and corps. Let’s not even talk about being new… ANYONE small, is a target for big corps/alliances to just push around at will. You used to be able to war dec anyone, now you need to have a structure to be war decced. CCPs thinking was that anyone who dropped a structure was confident enough to defend it or rich enough that losing it didn’t matter.

My advice… use the NPC station until you develop your corp.

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You have no idea how much you can do even as a solo pilot being big means you have lots of openings. I find the solo pilots are often the ones that bully the big sov null sec alliances.

It’s really simple: you don’t NEED a citadel. You can use other’s citadels, strike a deal with them (uhoh, that requires talking to others) or just accept it as is. If you want a citadel because it lowers your costs then factor in the risk of losing it and even then you still don’t need it in your actual corp.

Any “small group”, and by that you mean you and your 7 alts, who gets their own citadel AND puts it in their own corp is doing it wrong. And in a pvp sandbox the end result of doing things wrong generally is that others will take advantage.


What, the single biggest problem in Eve is every single player is supposed to easily have their own personal citadel?

Here I thought it was high sec ganking.


Thought it was lack of content xD

I thought it was space communism

I read some other comments and found out that you shouldn’t play eve at all.

Well done CCP

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why not ? eve is


I prefer my method:

  • Guy does the work to collect stuff to sell later
  • Guy brings loot to Jita
  • Ganker kills hauler at Jita 4-4
  • I grab the loot and dock up
  • I sell the loot
  • Profit



Ohhh Highsec you so Silly

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When ccp started forcing structures to have Quantum Cores worth 800,000,000+ i pretty much told ccp to piss off and never paid a sub again, I knew what this shet was going to turn into high sec alt corps structure bashing for plex… Naw bro… piss off ccp. Just like hauler/freighter high sec ganking corps CCP was incentivizing assholery but i guess that been ccp long history. I guess ccp made this bed now they get to lie in it…

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CCP: “Come play EVE, where there are no rules! Be a pirate, a mafioso, a murderer. Extort your contacts, betray your corp mates. Infiltrate and decimate! Wreck their dreams, trust no one, exploit them all. Nothing is fair, and everything’s a scam, and that’s OK!”

Also CCP: “It’s the social element that really keeps players in the game.”

Once you accept that shooting spaceships is ok, and not griefing, then the game is pretty fun and you no longer need to cry about losing a ship.




Why not just not have a structure. If you are small corp that can’t fight back.

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