The fight for Not Red Don't Shoot (NRDS) Providence region continues!

Did they really ? How did that go ?
Out with it, we all love good stories :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. There’s no denying that Provi bloc had its share of the usual Shakespearian dramas, and the longer the history the more people one can find with some negative feelings, teeth to gnash or axes to grind. The sand gets everywhere if you stay in the box long enough :grinning: However, how that reflects on the play style of NRDS is not clear.

No idea who/what/when, but I am not surprised. The KOS system certainly lacked transparency. Why is a particular entity red? Not something it recorded, so I’d have to find someone who was around at the time.

Not entirely true, CVA did hold a few systems in Catch ( I lived in BR-N97 for a long while ) and it was as NRDS as it could be.

If you were in CVA, NRDS restricted you everywhere, though entities could be added to the KOS list for violations anywhere on a case by case basis. Eg, you couldn’t sit in Amarr and say the empress sucked, or fly around with a Bio saying you were a pirate.

Maybe all the disjoint NRDS aspirants will just shoot each other and the problem solves itself.

It was a epic disaster. Within a fortnight KBP7-G was in red hands. The station fell but the owner still let Providence dock, but for jacked up fees. I think they said in the first month they made 50 billion in docking fees as blues rushed to get all their junk out. No idea how -7- got the station back, but it was red for ages.

Just showed how blues were milking NRDS, they were fine with paying 30 million to dock a freighter for reds, but whined if they were made to pay saying NRDS should mean station access and services is free.

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If you don’t find brining Civilization to law-less regions of space valuable, then you’ve completely missed the point of NRDS. KOS checker at this point isn’t relevant, although the old one can still be used to identify possible threats.

It’s a game.
Personally, I’d much rather still have all the allies around, no matter their past or future mistakes.

It’s just a game.
I was removed from a Sov holding alliance myself.
Oh wait, you were in Sanctury Pact. That’s the alliance I was kicked from, along with the Charybdis Vortex corporation who took me in. For appalling kill/death ratio on the killboard.
You’re still salty :sadparrot: and I’m still happily shooting reds in Providence :smiley:

It’s just a game. People play to have fun.
A good deal of NRDS players are leeches. That’s a known fact. In every Civilization there are civilians.
Besides, NRDS isn’t about holding space. Sov is just a side effect. A perk. Space can be gained and lost.
If your end-game is about things CCP wants you to do, then you’re lost and bound to get frustrated.

Should have this, shouldn’t have that…
Space belonged to my alliance and so did the outpost.

How acting civilized is a wet dream?
You’re still missing the point of NRDS. I don’t give a dime about the sov.
Providence is infested with reds, I go fight the pestilence.
Conditions have changed but NRDS is lots of fun in its current state as well.

CVA got the titles for over 14 years of service deservedly so. I dare anyone to do better.

NRDS is not about claiming space or holding it at all costs. Space can be claimed if there is a sufficient number of players and the will to take it. Space is also easy to lose and fair-weather friends are very common in EVE.
If it’s space and wealth you want for yourself, then there are plenty of groups who can offer you that.
If it’s a Civilized environment you want to enjoy with other like-minded players, then you must know that 90% of EVE will be coming time after time specifically after your group, to kill what you’ve created and to relish all the salt that you produce.
Thus even if Provibloc had all the supercarriers you speak about, those 90% would crush it with the titans and make you believe that the failure was in not using the titans.

NRDS is not about space or wealth. It’s about flying with like-minded players who have the will to remain civilized despite all the internal or external obstacles.

I’m glad you’re free from using it. I find that “garbage” very useful.

I did not join CVA because I did not meet their required kill / death ratio and because of the constant flow of accusations of brining content to Providence. It did not turn me salty though :smiley:
However, CVA allowed all neutral pilots in their space, regardless of their actual contribution. That’s what Civilization is about. Marking people red for being a civilian would not work in NRDS favor.

While looking for new friends and working towards having some of my good old friends rejoin the fight for NRDS in Providence, I’m glad that all the bored people you talk about got freed from their predicament. Especially if it was self-imposed.

Again, mechanics are subject to change, as CCP has shown. NRDS principles remain the same.
If you focus on the end-game CCP wants you to play and combine it with NRDS, you’ll end up in despair when the turnout of events is disastrous.
If you follow the NRDS at its core, the game is still fun to play and retains its meaning.

If I have to, I’ll go fight in a rooke ship and my actions will still have impact. Yes, I did that before.

Be especially watchful for anti-NRDS propaganda guys. Many people hate NRDS and will do everything to sell you their lies about it.

Following the NRDS rules is often hard enough, as you often have to get rid of guys you and your corpmates like, yet whose trigger happy nature prevents them from following the rules.
Imposing additional requirements on players that don’t have the drive to meet them will surely make them lose motivation or even make them turn hostile. I made such mistakes before while being the acting-CEO of an NBSI corporation which is far easier then running an NRDS one.
NRDS is not about treating your friends as slaves in order to prevent yourself from saltiness after an inevitable defeat when you’re fighting 90% of pvp oriented EVE.
It’s about brining Civilization to lawless regions of space with like minded players, which is something that no other group in EVE has the resolve to do.

I have a super-NRDS drive. Good luck fighting that!

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There are no lies more damaging than lying to yourself, no propaganda more damaging than believing your own to justify betraying yourself.

“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

I think you are both right in many ways.

What precisely do you propose? Dudes hop into their thoraxes and rush happily killing bad guys’ keepstars on their own? What do you mean by ‘join the fight?’ Where? When? Along with whom? Is their any alliance gathering freedom fighters for the course?

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Keepstars? If we get enough thoraxes then why not.
But yes. That’s exactly what I have in mind.
You go to Providence and you shoot everything that shoots you. You don’t shoot guys who don’t shoot you.
If misfires happen they can be resolved, just don’t fly anything you can’t afford to replace.

There are currently no NRDS alliances actively operating in Providence.
You can always send me a mail or try to start a conversation in-game, though.

And we are not freedom fighters. W bring Amarr Civilization to lawless regions of space.

Yeah basically set it up for her because she cant be bothered.


How did EQ kill NRDS?

By treating allies badly over the years until one day, nobody else wanted to work with CVA.

How EQ treat allies badly? How were things different when it was Hardin/Aralis vs. EQ? Tell the story.

If you spills them we will eats them, promised !

There simply is no point in forming a one man NRDS alliance.

And thats why you are here begging folk to do it for you.

Great. Then start recruiting and attempt to invade Providence. I’m sure that most of Rekking Crew would appreciate being given something to do.

Well, isn’t that just too bad for the poor lads and lasses of TRC & Co. Nothing to do ? Should have left Provi what it always was, a hunting ground for the bored and unimaginative.

Yes folk! I’m begging you. Stop wasting your time on mindlessly killing NPCs or asteroids and give yourselves an excuse to come and get blowned up istead, while having fun doing it!

T1 frigates and destroyers are lots of fun to fly and really affordable.

Provi now has a positive export balance according to the latest MER :wink:

  • somehow I suspect that you can’t kill a keepstar with ANY number of thoraxes even if by some strange twist of fate the keepstar’s owners decide not to show up with their supers to defend it;
  • if a good number of ‘NRDS’ dudes go to Providence looking for someone to shoot them, Providence will become an amazing magnet for shooting activity. It’s great thing for the content (imho), but not exactly what you’re looking for;
  • Seems like you have an idea that when you shoot a bad (NBSI) guy, he/she will say ‘oh, sorry, I won’t do it again’ and change his/her bad habits (though, personally, they are not bad for this game :));
  • if you want to have what you declare, you need to conquer the sov, make structures free to dock, and incentivize alliance members interested in role playing to shoot bad guys, who shoot neutrals… Utopia

Please enlighten me? What are we looking for?

When I shoot pirates I don’t expect anything of them. Their tears are nice though.

We already have what we want. We shoot pirates and terroists. We don’t shoot neutrals.

Better check your facts next time.

I am proud of the work that I have done to keep Providence and the surrounding regions secure from pirates such as Snuffed Out and their occasional allies the Curatores Veritatis Alliance.