The fight for Not Red Don't Shoot (NRDS) Providence region continues!

What has free to dock got to do with NRDS?

NRDS to me means playing VERY VERY carefully around neutrals, the moment they make an aggressive move like follow you around the system or combat probes, them and their corp are set red by the whole community and fired upon thereafter.

It’s easy to work under NRDS if you’re in a place where there isn’t much traffic, NRDS is difficult to manage full respect to the Provi crew for trying their best to do it. Provi tried to make it easy for people to come into 0.0 and failure was inevitable, but I’m sure all parties involved got a good gaming experience.

Free dock only served to make NRDS more complex for provi in my opinion, perhaps it would have been better if people interested in provi just joined CVA and Provi was reserved only for alliance members.

Don’t underestimate you, you bring them joy, a lot of…

The NRDS system is false door. What NRDS is really about is watching NRDS when they PvP. If the NRDS loses lots of fights then the NRDS status is revoked and the player made KOS to pad the kills of Providence. Even if you get into a Provi Block Corporation you will more than likely be used a Kill Pad for CVA.

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This was true, but since CVA left the region after internal drama tore the coalition apart, the new management does things differently.

The new management is simpy a pirate organization operating under Not Blue Shoot It (NBSI).

I stand with CVA!

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It takes a bloc to fight a bloc, fight fire with fire,




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Never committed an act of piracy, by definition ( we haven’t stole anything on the high seas. However, we do have border patrols to catch pirates and invaders. But anybody is free to join us and shall have no trouble accessing our space.


Lets not forget when a big alliance falls another eventually replaces it, its a cycle that has gone on and will keep going on in nullsec, I remember when the RED alliance and CoTS slugged it out, both now gone. Others have come and gone, alliances break up and reform in new alliances, some grow and take lots of space, there is always a reaction and a counter reaction and so the merry cycle continues and will always continue, blue donuts will always get broken up just like any other alliance, its the way of EvE.

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I hope (and think) you’re right. If only the cycle were a bit shorter, and things on the map changed a bit faster.

Yes,Sir that’s what we do here :slight_smile:

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The blue donut killed provi by not wanting to fight each other. Provibloc became a punching bag because those other groups chose safety in numbers and consolidated under one roof. With no other groups left to fight, they would sit on provi’s head daily because it was convenient content.

CVA left because they got sick of that, and I don’t blame them. Provi was like a game range, but the other groups did such a poor job of preserving it that the game all went extinct - and now that the land is barren, everyone’s wondering where all the game’s content went.

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As a great friend once said, “Providence won’t die, because you can’t kill a dream”.

I wrote a piece calling for all NRDS pilots to unite under the Red Alert banner. Our fissures are the biggest obstacle to achieving the dream.

Until we unite, I wish all those waging campaigns against the illegal occupants of our home the best of luck.

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