The fight for Not Red Don't Shoot (NRDS) Providence region continues!

And yet never annexed.

Titles and pleasantries arent actual things that matter.

Imperial Rule is and they chose to subcontract rather than rule.

Basically, no navy presence, no caring.

Until Provi is actually part of the Empire, then there is no point in saying otherwise.

Also that was two years ago. What did the Empire do when CVA retreated?

Why not just declare yourself a citizen of providence and join the owning alliance. Wander about it freely with the support of the owning alliance and help them defend it if that time ever comes. If they are ever evicted you fought to defend your homeland from invaders and if you wish to remain a citizen of providence then join the new owner alliance?

Well not much point in doing that.
You guys pretty much destroyed what Eve Online was for us.
Most of us have lost the will to play, me included.
You won.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Quitting EvE over Provi ? That’s a bit over the top, no ? There are other NRDS groups, if that is what you really like doing - and plenty of alternatives :slight_smile:

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That’s overly melodramatic.

Yup .

I like this thread LOL.

Ohhhhhhh! don’t go!!

I think you just need a break, come to npc 0.0 where it’s quiet and where you’ll see aggressive pvp players coming from a mile off. I used to be just like you fighting for an NRDS cause. Try the game in a scenario where you’re fighting for your own and your corps causes. NRDS is done, nobody cares.

It’s also about accepting the role you play. Your valiant attempt to promote the NRDS ideal was always going to lead you into conflict. Embrace your chosen role! watch Rambo First Blood for some ideas on how to do it.

Don’t give up too soon. Analyse the situation a bit, you’ve got some good content there as I’m sure there are enemy fleets flying around looking for a fight. Get your intel straight and find out if your fleet is a match for the enemy fleet and then take part and make sure you are prepared for surprises, have some fun with it and keep it as cheap as you can.

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NRDS and Provibloc were at least something different in EvE and added to the game. @Caldranna - Find a different cause/purpose, don’t leave EvE.


Neutral Unions should move into Provi Block and evict CVA, permanently. The Provide Zone Union would then provide support to create a pipe line from the Zone into Provi Block that allows High Sec pilots access into Provi Block. Basically a hole in the wealth of Null that would flow into High Sec.

Greetings All,

There will be a day when Providence is free from the evil pirate lords that terrorize the good people of Providence. There will be a day when R3 to KBP is free from their heretic clutches. There will be a day when Provi-Bloc once again retains ownership of their home. For Providence is the legacy of Provi-Bloc. Its our home and not theirs regardless of whose flag is planted in the sand. We are the rightful rulers of Providence.

I am Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz of CVA. I promise this. We will reclaim our honor, our dignity, and our birthright. Allow the heretics pirate scum to laugh and cheer. To look down upon us in our state. As we all know…Empires come and go…Coalitions have been formed at destroyed. CVA and Provi-bloc have endured.

We will return for our people and our home. So when you sleep at night RC scum know this. There will be a day when your laughter stops. There will be a day when you no longer have our home. There will be a day in which you run for the entire length and breath of New Eden to escape our wrath. This will come to pass.

Amarr Victor. Ave Providence. We endure!
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz
Head Diplo
Director of Alliance Commerce.
Hand of the Margrave.

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Just curious, how did -7- pick sides in WWB2 ? Do you know ? Afaik the Imperium was the one big coaltion that never invaded Provi and claimed sov there.

Representing the “Pirate Scum” as you like to call us. We extended our hand in friendship and you denied us, we offered you safe passage and good conduct, you denied us.

Providence may be yours de jure but it isn’t yours now. Your pitiful coalition fell like so many dominos when the heat was turned up. You whinge, you cried, you begged for mercy, unable to stop the bleeding. Now you drum beat in public of a reclamation of the promised land, how you’re going to purge the heresy from your land. A Great Retribution.

I cannot envisage such an attempt going well for your limping and sad coalition, fragmented and dispersed across New Eden. The remnants being picked off one by one.

Empires do come and go - and yours should stay dead.

Leon Baxster
Director of Pulling The Plug
High Envoy of the Greater Wildlands and Curse Co-Prosperity and Friendship Agreement


So…CVA is going to defend reclaim Providence by leaving Providence and destroying Provibloc? Oh. That must be some real 4D-chess strategery y’all got going there.

Some folk seem to think CVA leadership messed up relations internally and with at least other bloc members over some period of time and that led to “a bit of a cockup”.

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I like your idea, Always wanted a variation of that myself, sort of like starting Eve hard mode where starter mission agents base out of npc null stations instead of HS.

How exactly is NRDS supposed to work? I mean, am I supposed to just trust that a neut in system isn’t going to shoot me? Cause that sounds insane to me.

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Role playing is just weird. Kyle in dignity you hoped to have is gone with one post.

We are all roleplaying simply by playing this game, Ellison.

btw, great character name! Guy was a hero of humanity!

When I first started playing I thought NRDS was some weird nerd anagram for NERD.

I guess I was right.

Have you ever undocked? Its kinda like that.