The first highsec system flipped!

Firstly, I dismiss all of your points as baseless assumptions. We all have read these type of “we are doomed!” announcements ad infinitum and all have been wrong.

Secondly, it is still not an answer to the question. I didn’t ask for your useless predictions but why do you think there needs to be some form of consistency and security.

Excellent. Because you know what that means? A 10-30% increase in profit for smart industrial players.

(And I’d like to know where you got that specific number, other than “I made it up because it suits my opinion”.)

Nothing will suck more than coming back to the game and realizing a shift in security status left them penniless and without assets.

I seem to have missed the part where triglavians flipping a system causes all stations and property in those stations to be destroyed? Perhaps players returning from a long break will just have to face some risk in moving their stuff back to highsec. If they are smart then losses will be minimal. If they aren’t smart then nothing of value will be lost when they ragequit.

Players deserve to choose a playstyle that fits their idea of fun, not yours or mine.

And “farm with zero risk or meaningful interaction with other players” is not one of the valid choices. Don’t like it? Go back to WoW.


Sorry, Merin. No idea why I replied to you.

Jump-Freighters are a thing and yes, it seems that CCP’s plan is to push out the carebears.

Its more of disrupting the trade routes between null and high-sec.
Your statement would mean CCP is trying to reduce people willingly to pay a sub and I doubt that is the case.
And those new systems that flip end up dead like the rest of low-sec, nice to fly through.

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Yes. It’s a clash of ideologies.

647 posts. I’m impressed. :smiley:

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This is ■■■■■■■■. There are less risk in null than in anywhere else.

EDENCOM is still up a total of 16 systems + four Blue Star systems over the Kyber’s menial two Blue Star systems that they have captured.

And here we go again, assuming that rules are the same for both sides…

It’s rather pathetic to be so smug about how the side which is favored by game mechanics ends up succeeding more often than not.

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Zorro this isn’t really at you because a lot of people say the same thing as you:
If there is really less risk in null than anywhere else in Eve, then why don’t players that want less risk go to Null? (serious question)

Asset safety is a fascinating system, if you think about it. With the recent changes, I come up with the following:

  • J-Space has no asset safety, same as always.

  • Casual players in highsec cannot count on asset safety anymore, due to the fundamentally casual nature of highsec gameplay.

  • Organized nullsec groups have extremely reliable asset safety, due to the high degree of discipline and attention to detail required to operate there and effectively harvest the potential of nullsec.

“Nullsec is the safest space” is an aphorism that has lost most of its bite. Nullsec isn’t very dangerous precisely because the people that live there are extremely good at managing risk. In highsec, there are people in 10+bil ships just autopiloting around like fools.

I think there are a lot of players that go to null precisely because they do realize that the risk/reward ratio of null is highly, highly slanted in nullsec’s favor.


While a Limmed system right in the gank pipeline would be hilarious, and much enjoyment of wailing and gnashing of the teeth of both hauler and ganker alike, I strongly suspect that most limmed systems are going to be highsec dead ends so that trig content is easily available but not farmed to death like highsec incursions. Lowsec pockets peppered through highsec is not entirely a bad thing. Anybody remember Amamake in the early days?

You’re about to get some carebear death threats.

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Not if they quit because “unfair” first

In fact it’s the opposite of a bad thing.

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Except they are not lowsec.
They are now Trigsec.


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Which is even better , actually

Please explain the benefits of a system in Final Liminality.

What a hilarious question.

pvp engagements limited to subcapitals, thunderdome of sorts