The first highsec system flipped!

… and what an equally hilarious answer.

But please, I don’t actually wish to interrupt you two.

I want to see how this goes on. :blush:

I think we will look back on this event with great fondness.

You mean the next will be even worse?


It has been a LONG time since these events were anything but a way to make money. Look at all the highsec carebears that are abandoning their mining ops and level 4 missions to go fleet up with other players. Sure, it has its faults, but compare this to the Guristas Easter Egg Hunt.

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and low is full of battlecruisers and t3 cruisers hunting for the new ships blueprints in the new event sites
including clueless noobs
thats kinda cool

clueless legion using combat scanners in low … and them appearing at 1 au in my small plex LOLOLOL

Are you really laughing out loud out loud out loud?


/me shudders at that image

Ugh. I can hear it.

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All I “hear” is …

Because I don’t want to be relied on some alliances.

When humans would stick to thinking its bad and would still be rivalling each other in strength, we wouldnt have as much knowledge, and knowledge is power. Human civilizations are build upon helping each other and knowledge how to do that efficiently. When moral values and knowledge are being neglected, civilization tumbles.

Hm. I’ll bite to this one. Apparently I’m missing the part where the article talks about the weak and the victims.

Ignoring that, the weak and self declared victims are not the people who are going to save society or prevent a collapse. They’re the ones begging their government to save society once ■■■■ truly hits the fan. That’s how you get big brother. That we, or mostly the west, is ■■■■■■ is beyond any doubt anyways, given how degenerate people have become. Too much wealth, too much comfort, not enough actual personal problems, which drives people to create their own and inflate them as if they mattered.

The world economy is going to crash harder than ever before, the US is completely ■■■■■■ up beyond repair already and too many people are horribly out of touch with actual reality and what’s important.

Do you have any own thoughts you’d like to share? That article, while being informative, is still a joke. The end makes this especially clear, where is stated “only the political will is lacking”, which actually means our grand parents, ourselves and our children have been ■■■■■■ by politicians for decades and you pathetic retards still let them. No one’s ever going to write that, though, because it’s the truth.

So, what do you have to say?

Why me? This isnt about me. There are people who can speak for themselves, who give the example with their life.

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It’s not about “about you”. It’s about parrotting what others have to say, without actually forming a proper opinion based on your own thoughts and self-gathered information. Stephen Hawking wasn’t a self-declared victim, which also means he’s not weak. Stephen Hawking was a fighter, otherwise he wouldn’t have survived this long. He was ill. Not weak.

He himself admitted that once he was a lazy ass who never bothered getting anything done he set out for him to do. When he developed amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, he tried changing that, which is a massive feat. And he succeeded. Out of desperation? Sure. Does that change anything? No. He did not whine about his life, he finally found the power to actually go through with it and become one of the smartest people in the history of humanity.

Stephen Hawking was in no way or form weak. He was just ill. When you equate ill with weak, then you’re doing it wrong. Ill people are not necessarily weak and they definitely deserve better than seeing them as victims, which is a mistake you’re apparently also making.

There is a massive difference between being physically weak and being mentally weak. I did not know I needed to point that out specifically, but next time I will.

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But there was a moment when he was. Things changed because of people being nice to him and seeing him as a person with potential, not a weak victim of a horrible sickness that have to die soon.

People helped him a lot. Without that attitude of others, he would stay broken.
Human civilization is build upon helping each other. That includes helping the weak, so they can become strong in their preferred way. Not elimination of them.

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