The fleet of gankers suspected of using input broadcasting

Feisty! But if you really believed I was just a crazy asshat you might have disregarded me. I used just enough cringe to force another response, and another, and another, and…

Thanks, +1 like for your hatemail, again.


P.S- your still welcome to make a relevant post on topic.


I still think this behavior belies a fundamental, underlying butthurt.

What did you lose?


Short answer, yes I have lost much in this game but not to any player or nothing to really complain about. Change comes at a cost but unlike others who have lost much less I really don’t have anything relevant to complain about it but maybe that is just the nature of my style of play. Loss is interpreted merely as more or less the cost of doing business and it can take me many months to really understand that something has been lost in the first place.

If your thinking about gankers well lets just say they will be spending many more years than they can continue playing this game to really get back what they lost to me.

Try wrapping your head around that and maybe then you can believe it.

Anyways, I got to go eat.


P.S- it is too bad that you don’t get a kill mail for failed gankers on your zkill.


I dont hate you, I just think you are being a bit silly.

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Gasp! Sir, I am shocked!

I have been nothing but cordial in my responses and outright appreciation to your hatemail (you don’t have to actually hate someone to be hatemailing them by the way).

Even if you consider my honest opinions to be shitposts it is only because I speak with an attitude to draw out enthusiasm for vital information. Receiving hatemail or “negative feedback” if your prefer was not my priority but also was not unexpected no matter the format or language I use.

If you are not too hung up with me to provide a topic related response, your welcome to do so.

Otherwise I have nothing of value to gain or lose with your continued persistence to focus on me of all things in this thread.

Sorry if my being silly offends you and that it has drawn you away from making any relevant comments.


Nope, I just think this is a silly conversation.


Well at some point you have to ask yourself if your not here to discuss the topic I commented and provided my honest feedback to than why should you be bothered like the rest of the alts just to remain here to continue the status quo of hatemailing my previously on topic comments.

I am merely responding to hatemail at this point nobody has had anything topic related or of value to this thread to say since they have all lost their damn minds trying to continue this charade of wanting to ■■■■ on me instead.

I can only control my own thoughts and emotions and beg the rest of you to do the same. Nobody is stopping you from ignoring me the same as I could be ignoring you if I was not solely dedicated to pointing out both the rhetorical and inevitable fact.

If you had anything else but hatemail to give me than maybe I would have a response to give to you not related to acknowledging yet more hatemail.

I mean, even if your goal was to get this thread shut down for losing momentum and going off topic you have already achieved this so why muster the energy or effort to continue.

You said that it was I who was being “silly” for trying to look at the bright side of things that even if we cannot discuss anything of importance I can at least entertain myself to all this unfruitful negativity.

Alas, I am sure this isn’t going to be the last I hear from you and at this point I am just curious to see how many more people will fall into the trap they set for themselves claiming to be here to provide input yet still only being able to produce volumes of hatemail for me.

Think about that…




Exactly, this dope deserves it.

Why should we bother to continue a worthless topic that has zero impact on the game when this guy is clearly insane. I would also like to reiterate everything we have all been saying since he opened his mouth in here.

Your posts are annoying long drivel,

you’re paranoid,

you’re delusional living in a fantasy,

you’re boring,

you’re a carebear,

you’re butthurt,

you’re weak,

you’re stupid,

and a pathetic loser.

your silly, this is silly!



Just thought I would be nice to ALL of you and ignore this dickhead and everything he says.

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Don’t blame me if this doesn’t fit. I don’t read your drivel, I just drunk post some shite

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I read this several times over. Still not sure what you are trying to communicate here.

Is English not your first language?

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You are or you’re.


LOL. In case some here missed this, you may have some additional giggles by taking a look at who liked that post. This is even funnier when you know who is Kalorned and who ganked who that was the cause of this thread. :rofl:

Well, sometimes Dracvlad knows what he’s talking about, sometimes he doesn’t, sometimes he just makes up stuff.

This was already discussed in another thread where he brought up this nonsense too. He seems to believe outlaws in space need to be pre-aligned to not be caught by faction police or something, and hence assumed that gang was pre-aligned when you may bet what really happened is he simply saw the normal alignment process that precedes the warp after issuing the warp fleet command. But of course he will keep saying otherwise and even use it as “proof” that the ganker had to be input broadcasting because how else could the whole fleet be aligning together if there is no align fleet command?

And don’t expect him to ever see the same again either, much less report it himself, now that this would require him to more carefully observe what really happens after having been told multiple times how all this stuff works. This is simply going to be yet another of those unverifiable stories he’s gonna be bringing up in each and every ganking thread from now on and use as an “example” to tell others to file a bogus input broadcasting report when they observe such “suspicious” behaviour.

I really hate this kind of “anti-ganking” that some like Dracvlad do. It’s totally counterproductive even for anti-ganking itself and they are not even able to understand that.


Even a broken clock is right sometimes.

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I don’t remember this encounter, but it looks like something didn’t work as expected. What you may expect to happen if you have lower than -5 sec status and try to gank a Venture I’m guarding is that I 1-shot you before you even get a lock on the Venture (unless I know you cannot 1-shot Ventures yourself and then I may fly something that would allow you to shoot once).

It looks like some of my guns missed precisely because you didn’t land on top of your target, i.e. what you think made you fail is actually what allowed you to survive long enough to be able to shoot at all.

Don’t be so sure about this. If you’re overkill with 3 T2 fitted cats against the typically badly tanked exhumer, most likely yes, but things may not work as you expect otherwise. Also, I don’t always try to save the victim in cases like this. I may simply remain there cloaked watching for some reason.

Yes, of course, kill you before you would kill your target, which was the goal in that case.

And what did you accomplish by doing that? It’s not like you stopped other Ventures from continue mining elsewhere or even the same miner from getting another Venture and start mining again…

Also, don’t assume you would be able to keep doing that indefinitely if you have lower than -5 sec status and I’m fully determined to hunt you, not just doing it in a casual way.

As others pointed out, I was hunting you, not babysitting anything. I figured what you were after and used that to get you there. Had I figured you were after something else, I would have come for you at the location of that other target. Alternatively, I might figure you intend to jump a specific gate and try to get you there instead.

This is correct, but as expressed the first sentence could be misunderstood as meaning I like to simply whore on CONCORD kills at the belts.

I don’t care that miners get ganked in general, but I do care if the particular miner I’m guarding dies if the goal was to kill the ganker there, or if some other miner dies because I didn’t correctly guess who was the target, because that’s precisely the challenge and the measure of how successful I was. Actually, it may sometimes happen that I make a mistake or get a bad shot, but the victim survives for some reason regardless, and I still consider it a failure on my part because I wasn’t really the reason the victim survived in that case.

I never said that. You are making things up again. To clarify, when you jumped on me for this comment in the AG chat channel, I had not made it clear enough that they were close to the gate, when I made sure you understood that you were not able to adjust your thinking and were in a complete strop. It was at that moment that my doubts about you really came to the surface. Once you decide something you decide it is how it is and you will not let go of it. As scuh that actual event made me decide that not having any involvement with you was a wise course of action even if I could see that you were effective.

They aligned together and they jumped together, of course that could have been the normal alignment due to a warp. But as I pointed out they jumped together with too short a time for the guy to have done the stacking clickfest.

I know how long Catalysts take to warp after alignement and they did not warp immediately as you were not there you are just talking out of your rear end as per normal.

If I see something suspicious I will report it. I have been watching two different gankers recently. And when I see them do something that cannot be explained without input broadcasting it will be reported directly to CCP. Nothing you can do about it loser.

Cry more please. Again selling a narrative here. To be absolutely blunt in all the time that you were in the AG chat channel I was not active as an AG player, I reported intel and gave advice, but I did not partake in direct activities. So when you say AG like that I was not actually doing AG. And I will not feel bad at reporting people who are botting, if that upsets you then boo hoo to you.

Yeah yeah yeah, still being a pathetic loser who has successfully turned the AG channel into a no talk channel where most people have private channels without you in it. Way to go tiger.

I see you are desperate to have forum wars with people so with this I am back to ignoring your sorry ass.

Oh, c’mon, we all know who is that makes up stuff here all the time, appears to not even be aware of the things he says, and projects his own shortcomings on others, hoping most other participants aren’t gonna bother check the facts:

See? I made that up, you did not say that, not in this thread, not in the other one, it’s all my imagination…

Very, very suspicious, indeed…

Nah, I bet it wasn’t, had to be input broadcasting… There was faction police there, remember?

Yeah, we all know how much you know too. Actually, this very sentence you just wrote there clearly shows it. It makes so much sense…

That I wasn’t there is the only thing you’ve said that’s correct and not a lie so far. See? That’s the difference, I do know when I wasn’t somewhere or didn’t see something.

Me… as per normal…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

ROFL. And all those channels didn’t exist before me? They were all created because of me? And they needed to create several of them, one wasn’t enough? Wouldn’t just banning me from AG channel have been easier and more convenient? You’re not making up anything here again, are you? :rofl: :rofl:

Oh, c’mon. You know you should have never stopped ignoring me since I’m obviously able to keep track of the things you say much better than yourself and that’s a real problem for you…


It used to be a toxic pit full of clueless crying and blaming CODE. or CCP for their misery and incapability to do anything at all. It was the perpeteum mobile of salt mines, a self amplifying never ending stream of tears of impotence. No one talking is an incredible improvement to that.

Wow, this sounds so desperate I can’t even mock it anymore.

Even if he “ignores” you, like he does me, we know he will read it anyway. He just can’t help himself. Hi Drac :wave:


Imagine being so salty you stalk people in game just to catch them doing “something” but not be able to explain “what” and then using that ignorance as a smoking gun to cry to CCP over…

It’s sad…really really sad…


He literally has nothing but the hope that freighter gankers are cheating and he can somehow catch them and get them banned

A sad pathetic angry little kid

Literally nobody uses input broadcasting to gank because of the giant spotlight CCP has on them and you simply don’t need it under 20-30 accounts if you have good mechanics (something agers lack)

Dracvlad will never stop crying about ganking. Gets the 3 min bump change then promptly moves onto the next thing to cry about

I doubt Dracvlad actually does anything. He sits and cries on the forum about how he is watching and taking notes, but really he probably doesn’t even log in.