Knowledgeminer Vs Dracvlad thread

That is because I was replying to your post.

As for that little gem I was shocked that you could not work out he was joking, and he had to tell you quite firmly that it was not serious. I most probably have the logs as I keep all the logs of the chat channels I am in, I am of course recalling this from memory, but I remember being a bit amazed and amused.

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I wish you could find it, post it here, show us all how accurate it is your description of whatever it is that happened, and how relevant it is to “prove” my social ineptitude…

Sadly, I’m certain you won’t, or if you find something it will be utterly irrelevant, just like you’ve been so far unable to provide anything that would support any of your other claims when you’ve been asked to…

21/10/2018 and 23/10/2018 are what I am talking about, run along now.

I also came across one where I said GN Tora to you as a joke quite early on, ROFL…

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The game client logs all the channels you are in it should be easy to find. Except of course you just made it all up, then it’s not so easy to find.

Congratulations on reaching 100 posts in this Seinfeld of a thread!

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This post is intended as a reference point that anyone interested may refer to in the future to show others the kind of “participant” in these forums that our beloved @Dracvlad is.

This post is a work in progress and WILL be edited multiple times until it reaches the level of clarity, thoroughness, and verifiability I’m aiming at, which is not easy to accomplish in the kind of messy and lengthy threads into which Dracvlad purposely turns any discussion in which he participates.

How it all started and this comedy thread was born

The origin of this thread is the comments that some of us made about one of the things that a CSM candidate @Lorelei_Ierendi said in his CSM thread, specifically this:

You may see the comments I in particular made to that here. Note that I, like others, quoted what it was exactly that I was referring to in my reply.

Nowhere did Lorelei say in that or any other thread that I had misunderstood what she meant. In her reply to me, she said this (emphasis on “just” added):

Note also that nowhere did Lorelei said she wants an overall 50% chance to survive a gank, what she said she wants is at least a 50% chance to survive.

As I explained in a reply to another poster in that thread that had misunderstood what Lorelei meant, the implications of this would appear to be that, no matter how well the ganker does his job and how badly or carelessly the victim fits and flies his ship, the victim would have a 50% chance to survive the gank, whereas careful pilots would have a higher overall chance to survive as a result. Lorelei herself liked the post.

At some point Dracvlad decided to chime in and started to call me and others dishonest and pathetic trolls for having mis-represented Lorelei’s words as meaning she wants a minimum 50% suicide ganking failure rate (which is exactly what she said she wants, regardless of the fact that she was obviously also proposing other things that might have their own merit or not).

It should be noted, for those not familiarised with this stuff, that it’s absolutely impossible to achieve the 50% (or any other) minimum survival rate Lorelei said she wants without introducing chance based suicide ganking mechanics, which is at the root of our criticism and something Dracvlad claims Lorelei neither said nor implied.

During the messy discussion that followed, Dracvlad would do things like claiming I said things I never said (which is particularly funny because that’s exactly what he was accusing me of doing). When told he was lying, he completely dodged the fact and told me to go read what he had said as if I hadn’t understood it:

I had also asked Lorelei whether what she said about wanting variable CONCORD response times was how she wanted to accomplish that 50% survival rate, because her vague statements so far didn’t make it clear at all whether both proposals were even related:

When Dracvlad saw that, he reacted like this:

But later on, and from then onwards, he would claim that’s what Lorelei was suggesting and would blame me for not understanding that was what she meant:

It’s so unbelievable that it may be difficult to follow, but what can be seen happened here is that Dracvlad blamed me at first for wondering whether variable CONCORD response times could be how Lorelei was expecting to accomplish that 50% survival rate, and later he would blame me for not understanding that’s what she was asking for…

Lorelei did eventually clarify that the two proposals are unrelated, i.e. she does want both variable CONCORD response times and 50% chance of survival, but doesn’t pretend to accomplish the latter with the former:

Interestingly enough, at the time of me writing this, Dracvlad would still keep saying things like this:

After me getting fed up with his nonsense and Dracvlad repeatedly calling me dishonest and pathetic troll for going by what Lorelei had actually said instead of what he pretended she meant, I told him this:

which made him reply with this:

A few posts later during which he pretended I should create another thread to talk about all this nonsense, he finally decided to create it himself… Yes, unbelievable but true, he created a whole thread (this thread) to let everybody know that he thinks I’m “60% possibility” a Tora Bushido alt… !!!

Now, how this started is relevant, because he would later in this thread try to backpedal from that in a (futile) attempt to make it look as if he was joking, but what clearly happened is that he got triggered by me turning hostile against him and that made him believe I might be someone else in disguise that doesn’t like him either.

How Dracvlad believes whether someone is right or wrong depends on whether he's a ganker or not, and would try to make anyone that disagrees with him look like he's ganker-aligned even if he's actually an anti-ganker

This is how Dracvlad started his “contribution” to the discussion taking place in the other thread:

Nowhere did he say in that post what had those gankers said that was wrong about their criticism of the 50% survival proposal, only that anything they said should be dismissed for the mere fact that they are gankers.

And even though at that moment I wasn’t “ganker-aligned” yet, I should be dismissed too because, according to him:

From then onwards he would feel entitled to say whatever he pleased there and call pathetic troll everybody that would dare to disagree with him and criticise Lorelei’s proposal.

He would of course also assume that, since Lorelei wanted suicide ganking to be nerfed one way or another, she had to be right, so Dracvlad would keep defending her even against her own words. Even after Lorelei had already said that she does want both variable CONCORD response times and 50% chance of survival, and that the former is not part of the latter:

Dracvlad would still keep repeating ad nauseam things like these:

How Dracvlad would try to seize the other thread, attacking other players there with completely off-topic, made up, and uncalled for stuff, only to later accuse them of trolling for replying to him

Dracvlad would repeatedly do things like the following:

  1. He would feel entitled to use Lorelei’s thread to attack me with made up stories and outright lies that are totally off-topic there and nobody had mentioned until he did.

  2. If I reply to him, he would then tell me I’m trolling the thread for replying to what he had said there himself.

An example of this would be when, in one of his posts there, he referred to me as:

which was completely off-topic and uncalled for. When I replied to him, he said this:

A more mind blowing case was when he said this in the other thread (plus other completely off-topic and uncalled for nonsense not quoted here):

and immediately afterwards (very few mins, if any) asked this thread to be closed saying this:

He could have used the very thread (this thread) he had supposedly created himself precisely for this stuff. But no, what he did instead is use the other thread (the thread he was saying I and others were trolling) to tell me a bunch of completely off-topic, made up, and uncalled for nonsense, only to come here immediately afterwards to say he wanted this thread closed because he wasn’t interested anymore in doing what he had just done…

But it gets better… When I noticed it, I replied showing what he had just done, only atm I wasn’t sure which of the two posts had been first, so I said he had posted both at the same time, to which he replied this:

According to him, it was me, not him, who was pathetic… for having made the mistake of saying he had posted both at the same time instead of one immediately after the other… only to a few hours later, long after he had said that, he would again post a bunch of completely off-topic, made up, uncalled for garbage including this:

How Dracvlad would reply with unintelligible gibberish when his lies and contradictions are exposed

Typical Dracvlad reactions when his lies and contradictions are exposed include:

  • Dodge the issue and try to drive attention away from it
  • Talk unintelligible gibberish that nobody may understand, to make it look like he has “explained” it and it’s the reader’s fault not being able to understand the “explanation”

Examples of the former can be seen in many posts. Some of them also include examples of the latter, so only the gems worth quoting for posterity that illustrate the latter have been provided below. You may click them to see them in context and how the full post also illustrates the dodging he does:

I would like to state again, that I would like to have a 50% chance of getting away from a gank.
I would also like to remind everyone discussing this one line from my opening post (my opening post for the last several years of CSM campaigning) that I do not imagine anyone on the CSM would have the ability to push CCP to do stuff like this.

Does not mean that I would not like it. I am after all, a carebear at heart.

As we saw on EVE Down Underm CCP have already noticed that they have not done enough to enable the conflict in EVE, and I really don’t imagine, after what the boss of CCP said at Eve Down Under, that they are going to be looking to make things… safer.

And I am grateful that the discussion here ended up in another thread.


You basically said that it was some arbitrary chance based mechanic and I linked what you said Knowledgeminer Vs Dracvlad thread

In reply to what Lorelei said, it is utterly dishonest and incorrect. The only thing suggested was a variable CONCORD response time.

50% was applied to the overall balance and it does not require some chance based mechanism which you insist is needed for this, and you criticise her for this. It is here in your own words. And that is why I insisted you were talking out of your rear end.

As for the AFK part, Lorelei was talking about mining in hisec, as most gankers think that miners are AFK I made that connection. You are right you did not directly say it, but my focus was more on the fact that someone actually was sitting afk in lowsec for 60 minutes and did not die and compared it to the accusation that gankers apply to miners. So I did something similar to what you did. Here is what triggered you to go on your lowsec rant, and me to incorrectly add AFK.

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I think you might find that they were referring to nullsec, though mechanic changes there will have a massive negative impact on hisec as they are likely to involve making structures even weaker in hisec.

One of my main reasons for leaving nullsec was that I felt that CCP would do something to weaken asset security, so I moved everything out of nullsec structures.

Which is a just a comment on having more counters, less certainty and so on. No mention of any chance based mechanics at all.

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Do you mean a chance based mechanic? For example a 50% chance a CONCORD repair ship will spawn immediately and mitigate all damage or something similar?

I am trying to actually keep out of this thread. But there was an @Lorelei_Ierendi here, so I came yet again. Do you want to go and ask that question in my CSM Campaign Thread?

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You already have a 1`00% chance! Don’t get yourself into the situation to get ganked in the first place.


I would love to confirm again - there is no such thing as 50%. Gankers will find ways to make it 100%. If worst comes to worst they will just use alpha 'nadoes.

Also as a trader, industrialist and Minmatar I posit different view: get rid of CONCORD. CONCORD is evil. They permit enslavement of Minmatar by Amarr… down with the tyrants!

W/o chance based mechanics all that will happen is gankers adapting and 2 weeks later bears will cry for more nerfs to ganking.



Bumping needs to be adjusted so they cannot hold their prey for as long as they need to set up a gank, shag the wife, walk the dog, eat a five course meal and so on, see where I am going with this, then ganking overall will be fine for me. Then freighter gankers will be in the same situation as everyone else, why are they a special case?

But let me see, they will stop playing if they can’t bump, poor gankers… (Removed lambs and replaced with gankers as someone found it offensive? How quaint!)

Another hidden post how quaint…

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Thanks for letting this thread keep going. :smiley:

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Seinfeld is funny, dracvlad is just a pathetic loser

Why is this thread still open? Also, why is one user allowed to ■■■■ up every single thread in C&p ?

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I feel like worth adding to this thread is when he made clear he’s against afk cloaking, because the afk cloaker is a serious risk. That was on the old forums. Too bad @Sonya_Corvinus isn’t around anymore.

Starts here. I am posting this, because I believe it belongs here.
It further reveals and underlines what he’s truly about.


1. He has an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

  1. he is usually absorbed in fantasies of power, success, beauty and/or brilliance.

  2. He has unreasonable expectations of other people, i.e. that everyone else should unquestioningly comply with him.

  3. He overrates the importance of his achievements.

  4. He craves constant validation, admiration and respect from the world.