The Hunt for Komi Valentine is Over!

Tantrum? I’m having fun with this :smile:. Have been from start to finish.

But as others have pointed out, your questions are comprehensively answered explicitly, restated on multiple occasions by myself and multiple other people, throughout this thread and the other thread. You could search for my posts on this thread and the other thread where I state and clarify reasons and positions if you care to. Or you can corroborate claims with evidence firsthand.


You are wrong on so many points, I don’t even know how to react to this.
If I didn’t understand mechanics I would be dead by now.
I won’t sit anywhere still and quiet.
I understand what it needs to be a CSM member.
I’m running for the betterment of the cluster.
I’ll simply not die or there will be a replacement.
I mentioned my qualifications later in the thread.


This thread is a jimmy rustling bonanza. CSM Internet Gatekeepers vs Crazy Socialite and RPers, who will win?


Update: Komi has relocated to JLO-Z3 .


Btw funfact @Komi_Valentine is already dead:


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Oh, but they “hacked the system” so they can pretend to be an immortal capsuleer without being an immortal capsuleer. Good thing they got all the implants and everything to fly their ship, right?

So you say @Komi_Valentine is a fake, not even a real capsuleer?

Going off their posts, yeah.

The key here is Komi says this… while also enjoying all the stat benefits of a capsuleer.

Then he is just a pilot not a capsuleer, because as far as I understand the lore you can have the best training, skills, physical and mental condition, until you go through the initiation nobody can tell if you will actually make it, it is like one in a million or such that actually makes it through from the best of the best humanity can offer, this is what differentiates a capsuleer from a pilot and as I understand if you did not go through it you can not interface with your ship the same way an actual capsuleer does that is how the jovian capsuleer technology works.

Thus you can not have your cake and eat it too so you are either a capsuleer meaning your original body you born as is already dead or you are not and thus can not enjoy the benefits. By definition when you enter the game with your character you are a capsuleer, otherwise you should have a highly penalized character that lacks any skills nor should be able to train any capsuleer skills at all, essentially you shouldn’t even be able to be in a pod without being a real capsuleer because only by going through the initiation process can you interface with even a pod.

So based on this @Komi_Valentine seems like a fraud both the character and the player. :stuck_out_tongue:

But correct me if that is not how it is, based on my lore readings that is the case as I understand.

This brings up the danger of RP in eve when you state such things.

Edit; Did not something like this come up a couple of yrs ago with another CSM candidate?

He still has not responded. Perhaps if all of you guys reply to that “CSM All You Need to Know” thread I quoted from and encourage him to respond he will do so.

@Komi_Valentine would you be so kind as to show us your back? The back of your neck, at least?

In all seriousness. Nice picture. What app/website did you use to apply the filter? Did you also make your campaign poster? If so, you might consider trying to hire out your services as an artist.

Also, eat ship and die.


An interesting paradox is that the OP is Intaki origin, of which a tenet belief is Rebirth.

“One core tenet is that all things are in a cycle. Death leads to rebirth. A solution only leads to more problems. We know that the “soul” or “spirit” is eternal and will be reborn many times to learn new lessons, and once it fully understands the cycle it may finally move on. The Reborn are an important part of this.”

CCP, herein considered the ‘acting’ diety of Eve have within their power to resurrect even from Doomheim.

‘Death’ may not be necessarily be considered the end for a capsuleer on the CSM after all… :thinking:

Then this brings up an important question, exactly who is the person that is being elected to the CSM?

Is it the player or the character?

I believe that the person who is elected to the CSM is the player that is behind the character. Especially given that the CSM are tasked on providing feedback on various meta-aspects of the video game. I don’t believe I can recall a time when the CSM were roleplaying their characters when it came to providing feedback.

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Thank you for the considered response, this furthers the debate.

But, the subject matter of this whole debate is strictly using csm as a RP perspective. Therefore in her eyes it’s her and not the ooc player who is running for csm

Evidence being entered

You know who they are.