The Judge Still Loves You - CSM 14

I’ve been part of pushing CCP to do a war dec change for 3 CSM’s now, I think that speaks to the fact I do care about highsec. I care about the overall health of EVE, because without that we all suffer.

Every vote matters. People thinking that someone would get elected and not trying is what costs candidates elections. I’d hope my experience, track record and platform warrants your #1 ballot spot but if not that’s okay too. Vote! :slight_smile:

I’d prefer you vote even if its not for me. If you don’t believe in the CSM then not voting is okay too.

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I believe it a civic duty of all people who live in countries given the pleasure of voting. However in a video game, not an issue. Why do you want it to be one? Personal gain is all I see and power.
What all “politicians” chase.

Video game politics, isn’t this adorable. I’m being assaulted by nostalgic elementary school “class representative” vibes all over again. I could picture the judge legitimately going around with a crudely drawn crayola docket expressing very passionately the issues the average 5 year old is faced with.

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I stan an honest, manipulative, cut-throat, narcissistic sociopath. We all have a little “judge” in us at the end of the day. There are just the ones who admit to it, and ones who are in denial about it.

You are too involved in a fictional world. It’s slightly humourous, although more alarming.

I tried to be a cutthroat in fallout 4 and kill everyone in Diamond city with the Big Boy, can’t kill certain players and they just chase you pointlessly. Although if you have an UWHD monitor it looks brilliant with the high resolution pack, on a 1080ti.

Reminder that you don’t have long left to vote

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