The Judge Still Loves You - CSM 14

No, he was the one who was threatened.

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SSDD :rofl:

“You may know me from my previous terms on CSM 11, 12 and 13 or as the guy who pulled off the single biggest heist in [EVE’s History]”

Still missing:
“My last CSM sucess was only because i buyd my tickets with the ISK i got from Goons”

Write a book about it. See if you get sales? R.I.P. Ron Popeil, great salesman, of mostly junk.


As much as my space poorness doesn’t allow it, buying votes is a time honored in/out of game mechanic

Which has been happening between alliances for the entire history of the CSM :slight_smile:

You would vote for spray-on hair?


Its interesting that you dont mention the rorqual farms and what they spend all that isk on, they make far more isk to hoard than a skill farmer and in many cases far more than botters. A couple of weeks ago one of these was moaning about some changes on the forums, with 5 rorq accounts they were making 5 billion a month less… so with 5 accounts they were making over 25 bil a month before and only 20 billion now…

But ye a couple of vni botters or alt skill farms can easily make that right?

Rorquals are definitely an issue but that wasn’t what he was asking about.

You’d have to ask CCP to make some stats public to understand how bad the botting problem really is.

I still dont know htf someone bots in a titan tbvh, i mean the align and warp speeds… ugh… that must be slow af

That’s why you’re not getting my vote-> inferior product.

At least I didn’t blow smoke up your ass :wink:

Voting is now open! Please consider making me #1 on your ballot. Vote Here - Direct link

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You never had the opportunity and I go for real-life politics, not gamers/kids trying their hand at a micro version intended to tick off the majority of players.
You’ve killed eve, you CSM’s.

Voted for u, u sexy beast.

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Quite interesting opinions (and i agree with most), but you won’t change the price of PLEX because changing the price of PLEX requires you to address the pure ISK faucets that are in this game which are :

  • sansha incursions

  • bounties in nullsec

  • anomaly farming in nullsec with supers

All of which go contrary to the very interests of Goonswarm.
You have one of the biggest communities of sansha incursions (WTM still running), you have tons of ppl afk farming in nullsec in VNI’s and anomaly farming in nullsec with supers, at which you are champions (followed closely by the north and testies).
Why would you bite the hand that feeds you when you yourself left CO2 and went to the alliance that pushed for your election in CSM 11.

So that leaves just fw reforming, which needs to be reformed, but is also one of the primary isk sources for lowsec ppl who don’t care much about the nullsec lifestyle and try to oppose you.

Not sure if you are actually believe you will change something, or the message is designed to make it look like you might, but you have had 3 csm’s where you did not address this, so we can safely say your brand of communication with the devs at the very least is … lacking.

GL, but i won’t be voting for you.

Here are some endorsements. Get out there and vote! Every vote counts!

It seems you are only concerned about low and null and High sec does not matter, besides it wont matter with the size of your alliance you will win your seat anyway. So my vote wont even matter So all your endorsements mean little to me. The only thing I’m worried about is the plex. being a person with 6 accounts and heavy into indy this concerns me.

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Those 2, so you’re asking me not to vote for you?