The morgue. - 100% Independent small/midsize pvp alliance looking for new corps and members

The morgue. a 100% independent alliance looking for similar minded corps.

Our approach:

As an alliance our goals are to be more than an alliance, for us our ally is our house and we are a family and to have FUN. We play eve for what it is A GAME.

We are here to shoot things or die trying. Small / medium sized gang pvp, in NPC nullsec gives us the freedom to have a base but roam where we choose. The alliance does not require people to structure bash or get involved in sov wars etc. Many of us have been there and done that and have no intention of doing it again!

Being independent we make our own decisions and we answer to no-one which means you can say goodbye too

Blue doughnut warfare
Non-stop CTAs and Strat ops
Non-stop structure bashing
Anchor + F1 fleets
Doctrine requirements
Big fleet warfare, TiDI
No coms, discord is more than enough
No Seat nor api checks


100% are targets, can’t get better than that. It is us against eve :slight_smile:

Our focus

Cloaky camping (T3s and bombers)
Roams (Kitchen sink)


We are primarily an EU time zone alliance, but we are growing an us time zone wing. Our goal is both being equal strong.

Area of operations

We operate in Venal (null npc) as an independent alliance out of our own structures and npc stations

Our ideal pilots:

PvP Regularly (no hard minimums however)
Be able to fly if possible any of the following ships (Assault frigs, bombers and T3s)
Interact in a fun, social and amicable Way
Enjoys the challenges of NPC nullsec.
Get for free a guristas clothing set

Pvp opportunities:

We fly mostly T3ds and below and focus on roams/camps with great success.

Everything (100%) that moves is hostile to us, so you will have enough targets to shoot at.

Pve opportunities:

To fund your pvp needs you can make 500m/hr doing lvl4 guristas missions(Burners)

Our diplos:

If you are interested in speak about diplomacy please speak with the pilots below



Join our discord below if you are interested in knowing us better

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If you want a relaxed and drama free gameplay please make sure to check us out.


if you like small pvp just for fun and without any obligations please talk to us


We are still looking for new family members that wants to operate from venal npc null

if you like small pvp then we could be a good option

Thumbs up for this jolly bunch!

We are still operating from venal.

We are looking for pilots that plays this game for what it is, a GAME

Games should ultimately be about having fun. If it becomes a grind or feels like a second job then that aspect has been lost. I am glad to say that having just made the move and signed up to Mortis Angelus it is already feeling like a game again. Laid back, but friendly and supportive.

We are still looking for new pilots that want to be part of our family

talk to us and find out how we can help you out


Fun bunch of people, no drama’s just good old fun

Hi there

corp is taken shape and we are still looking for more members to be part of our family


bumping a worth while thread

MORTS is still open for new family members.

Pilots that enjoy the eve for what it is a freaking game.

jump into our discord and talk to us, who knows maybe we are what you are looking for


fun corp to be in, check it out

bumpy bump to the top

Corp is growing nicely but there is place for you as well

come and join our family


bumpy to the top

Poofy bumpo

Lots of fun flying with these guys! Chill atmosphere too.

I recently came back to eve after a 11 year old break :open_mouth: . Joined this guys and its a very helpfull and chill atmosphere while killing bad people o7

What times are you most active? And is it mainly camps or actual roams? I have been away a long time, but was a MORTS member for a time. Looking to come back, with a corp that does lots of small / mid size pvp, taking on bad odds and getting away with it…