The Orca

yeah, that simple. Just delete a hull type. :roll_eyes:

I thought you didn’t orca mine. :thinking:

Anyways, highsec ore rocks are upto 20km3. 10km3 is pretty common. That’s 100k veld or 30k plag. So yeah common enough to find 5 such rocks in a belt.

An orca drone (with no mods) will mine 200m3 a minute. 5 minutes per 1000m3. 50 minutes for a 10km3 rock. That’s with no travel time.

Add on travel time and reduce for a few mods increasing speed and yield and 30+ minutes is not unreasonable at all.

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How about we give the orca and rorq the fighter UI, but with drones and excavators. The pilot has to shoot the rock with the drone or excavator, then press another button to mine it, with every trip of the drone or excavator.

Now if we were to add into the sums that the Orca Pilot is also farming Skill Points while using Improved Implants on a single account along with PI set to produce Construction Blocks on a Hisec Plasma Planet.

The actual yield = Free Omega Account for low effect.

You could certainly do that, especially moon or ice mining.

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Why stop at the orca and rorq?

The Orca was pretty clearly designed to drone mine and/or boost. Just look at its hull bonuses.

I don’t have any problems with the Orca. The fact that it is essentially limited to highsec is restriction enough.

But if you want to change it, don’t come up with some extreme rework, just remove the drone related bonuses to the hull.

lol removing drones mining, can cause a m,ass unsub.


Reading is OP.

The changes that would strongly suit the current direction of Eve Online would be for The Orca is designed to support a mining fleet with its command burst modules. it can fit three command burst modules without help from rigs allowing single Orca to give all the necessary mining boosts to a fleet.

Remove Mining drones bonus from the Orca but move that bonus to the Exhumers.
This should align focus to the first paragraph on Orca - EVE University Wiki

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The Orca yes… I checked the price of it. I will never pay a billion isk for a ship. They have to be out of their mind!

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A ship certain ccp employees and players alike would love to see made into a fully afk boosting platform mind you. Nah, ill pass.

I have sat on grid with them cloaked, I’ve got friends that do it, and most importantly you don’t have to do something to understand the mechanics of how it works.

I’ve literally watched an orca delete a highsec belt. Rocks popped, consistently, at least one every 2 minutes. He was very active, and responded immediately to rats on grid by swapping to combat drones. That guy usually runs augmented drones, which is why I was watching him, but still they ain’t that much better. I did not scan the rocks, but I will go back to that exact belt and scan one for ya. I’ve even seen this guy bring in and boost for a few covetors from time to time. I know that he’s active, I know he’s never lost an orca, and I strongly suspect his fit is expensive as ■■■■.

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AFK? SO they want to play the game without playing, is that right? What’s the point?

I’ll pass on any ship costing more than 500K

Soooo… you fly exclusively newbie ships with the free fittings?

60% of orcas that die, die outside highsec (based on the last 2000 orcas kill recorded on zkillboard).

That doesn’t mean 60% are being used outside highsec, since there are fewer lost as a percentage in hgihsec, but it does show that the Orca has far wider use than being restricted to highsec.

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Yep :hugs:

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Then why are you posting in this thread?

Allow me,

first belt i warped to 14 hours after down time


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Good question… I haven’t yet solved that one yet. When I do, I’ll let you know.

It is happening:

  • A balance pass for all mining ships

Praise Bob !
Allahu Akbar !