The Orca

Good question… I haven’t yet solved that one yet. When I do, I’ll let you know.

It is happening:

  • A balance pass for all mining ships

Praise Bob !
Allahu Akbar !

2 things…
First, look at how many “large” rocks there are vs how many small ones. Just saying. A few rocks in a belt that are decent sized does not a belt full of ore make.

Second, all mining ships are getting a balance pass. All. Maybe they will fix some things without destroying anything.

and lot a loss of users =P

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Implied /s for sure

He deserves it considering augment drones have like 50 hp and a loss from one of those is 8 to 9 figures. Too bad because they don’t need a balance pass. CCP needs to get out of this npc like behavior.

I think barges and exhumers could use a look honestly.

The Coverter, the Retreiver and the Hulk all need their tank tweaking upwards, perhaps the Mackinaw too.

Many people say that the Procurer and Skiff are too tanky, however you have to really gimp your mining ability to be tanky enough especially after the nerf to resists. I would not be surprised If CCP adjusts them to be easier to gank as there has been a lot of complaining from gankers over the years and they do tend to listen to their complaints above any others. So expect there to be a nerf there, which would be a shame.

I hope the drones get adjusted so that they have to be reapplied after each cycle. Then they can leave the ORCA as is. The only issue is that the Orca is an AFK monster as it is and that change would solve that issue.

I would buff the yield of barges and exhumers a bit, because it is boring play.


Yea, but when I hear ccp say things like that I remember all the nerfs of the past. I hope they become better and capable to at least beat a shitfit catalyst without being a meme build.

I never said a full belt. You said it was ‘patently false’ for the orca to mine for 35 minutes afk in an ore belt.

Yep they are rebalancing all of them. I’ve said earlier I’d like to see them homogenised slightly. More tank for hulk and mack but less for skiff. And then do similar with capacity; more for hulk and skiff but less for mack.

(though i very much liked the solo-drone-mack idea).

There you go, new Dev Blog says they are adding a new ice hold. If they make it small, no more “AFK” ice mining in an Orca. No need to remove mining capability…

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It doesn’t say the Orcas getting an ice hold though. Only that they will exist in someway.

Nor would that put the Orca back to it’s proper role as CCP stated they were doing. So i suspect it’s going to be more than just adding in a special hold to the Orca.

The ice and gas holds, i imagine, will be for specialised miners like the mining frig and expedition frig. But we’ll see what they come up with.

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It still is, considering that those rocks are not going to be clustered together but rather sprinkled randomly through the belt. If there just warping 0 on the belt and setting drones on the largest rocks a newbie ship will mine faster than them.


As we can see the Orca does not mine as much as a single Procurer who is receiving mining boosts.

ie; screenshot 1 of 4 Frostpacker’s who undocked for a total of 5 Frostpackers out on the belt yesterday.
Notes for Princess if ever were to ask. (It was to produce more Catalysts)

From: Aiko Danuja
Sent: 2021.07.13 19:13
To: Iceacid Frostpacker,

No. Mining is bad for you.

Mining is boring
From: Iceacid Frostpacker
Sent: 2021.07.13 06:45
To: Aiko Danuja,

Frostpacker currently seeks approval from Princess before undocking to mine.

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Correct, a boosted Procurer mines more than an Orca.

But if you compare a solo Orca to a solo (and thus unboosted) Procurer, the Orca has higher yield.

I still strongly lean towards nerfing the Orca (ie; drones returning then relaunching) even though I am a orca pilot.


They aren’t THAT far apart. All a rock needs to be is 7km3 to take 35mins to mine. That’s EVERY rock from that scan.

But you keep digging that hole if ignorance.

Nothing wrong with the Orca and I see no problem with fleets of them out operating in a belt together. It is funny to me that nobody cries about a fleet of Munins, or Eagles. What would be great is if CCP gave Orcas the ability to protect barges mining in the same belt from gankers like the Rorqual PANIC.

It was a yesterday problem anyway - when belts contained all the ores required leading to proliferation of capitals, keepstars, etc. The ore placement nowadays and added build requirements made that problem moot.

Null wont shut up about them.

You can put shield transfers on an Orca. Saved my barges plenty.