The Status quo issue's solution

So everyone whos been playing EVE for more than half a day knows there are a few status quo issues. CCP refuses to comment or act on.

  1. Cloaky Campers
  2. Hisec ganking
  3. War Dec system (aka 1 sided harassment licenses).

And they keep coming up over and over and over. So lets do this once and for all. CCP need to issue a referendum to all current and passed omega accounts emails to vote on these. Would you like these _________ YES/NO

Lets do this brexit style and end this for good.

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  • Yes
  • No

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Cloaky campers are fine because if they’re AFK they can’t hurt you, and if they aren’t AFK they are playing the game well within the rules. Harden up either way basically.

Not a problem either. Emergant gameplay that only really effects those who put way too much value in their ships. Ganking is actually a brilliant learning tool, teaching new players about loss and asset safety. It may seem like it’s a huge issue, but that’s because you only hear from the vocal minority who actually experience it. The majority of people never get ganked at all.

Being in a player corp is not the same as being in a guild in other games. When you start or join a player owned corp in EvE you are declaring yourself ready to defend yourself against any and all attackers. This would be unfair if it were not for the option to remain in the NPC corp and avoid all wardecs, while using a group chat to simulate the group play aspect of a corporation. Your misunderstanding of what a player owned corporation is does not make wars harassment.

That’s not a word, don’t listen to the news so much.



I, and all my alts, will vote to keep cloaky campers and hisec ganking. War decs have never bothered me personally.

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Hey, I just finished my Hound training, lemme try the AFK camping in a frigate ship with Battleship weapons !

Could put capital weapons on it and that’d make no difference. You’re still no threat to anyone while AFK.

For clarification, is the question you okay with cloaky campers, ganking and wars? ?

I hope so, because I voted with “yes” …

… regarding wars I’m for a more offensive model using suspect status, with more fighting going on. The other two are fine as they are.

The OP also voted yes.

I’ll wait to get an official response then

In any case we can always start another poll

Yeah, saw it after the vote … should have checked the results before.

Sample group: salty whiny forum shitposters. Good survey :ok_hand: :poop:

AFK cloakers don’t bother me. I live in WH space. Gankers aren’t an issue either. War decs are kinda funny since they wasted the isk. If any thing I’d like them to kick players outta NPC corps, my scope standing is horrible cause of it.

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Do you really think that CCP will have a referendum, just because you say so ? And if they did, it would inevitably have as many lies told as did the Brexit one…

No. Go away.


Yeah! change the game mechanics because people are too lazy to take care of their own security.


Nonsense all around, but especially the idea of a ‘referendum’. It’s funny the OP mentions a famous recent election that had surprising results, because shouldn’t that demonstrate that leaving important issues in the hands of ‘normal people’ is a recipe for disaster?

EVE players would probably vote those 3 things away. Those same EVE players would then experience all the negative effects of getting rid of content generating things as EVE itself goes haywire in unexpected ways.

Even after the bad effects of getting rid of these things are plain to see, At NO POINT would the people who voted away these things that they didn’t like take even one iota of responsibility for their vote. In fact, they will pretend they didn’t vote that way while proclaiming that it was stupid of CCP to remove things that made content in the game…

Asking people what they want is stupid.

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I would love to vote, but I have no idea what YES/NO actually represents, because there is no question. From how the initial post is written, answering YES/NO can be interpreted as however anyone wants.

Q: Is there going to be a fix or a solution for the AFK cloaky-camper game? (Applause)

A: (CCP Fozzie) So we temporarily fixed cloaky-camping really effectively in the march release. When local stopped working. (Huge laughter.) Cloaking camping really went away. But, I actually do think that the cloaky camping issue is really tied with local and so that’s the kind of thing I’d like to see us look at with the observatory array structures we may look at in the future; be able to go in and look at that system as a whole.

Cloaking really is an intel mechanic, and so is local, and we see in other areas they’re really tied at the hip in how they work. So, that’s how I’d really like to approach that.

It’s very important that it be possible to disrupt peoples’ money-making in nullsec, and AFK cloaking is one of the most effective ways. We’re not worried about cloaked ships being overpowered because cloaked ships do very little DPS.

But we understand it has a pretty big psychological effect. We would like to make some changes…it may not be the changes people are expecting, though. For instance, I can tell you that AFK cloaking is not an issue in wormhole space and there are pretty good reasons for that.

The essential core concept of EVE Online is that it is full time PvP in a sandbox
environment. As has been mentioned in previous sections any player can
engage another player at any time in any place. In high-sec space there
may be consequences if a pilot attacks another without just cause, but they
can still make that attack if they wish. In low-sec and null-sec, there are no
limitations to PvP at all. Some of the wide variety of PvP styles are described
in more detail below

Those are just off the top of my head. It isn’t CCP refusing to comment or act, it’s idiots, morons, entitled millennials, bears, whiners, renter trash and RMTers refusing to acknowledge CCPs comments and actions.
The problem thus clearly doesn’t lie with CCP, it lies with the mindset of the people complaining.

A mindset that’s shaped an entire generation and is in no small part the result of helicopter parenting. This feeling to be entitled to everything, simply by existing and whining about it.

The embedded links are placed rather randomly without specific context, as I couldn’t be bothered wasting much brain processing power on this post. But dare I say… /thread?


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