'The Whaler' - This is the Future of EVE, and it's not what I expected to be

I’d vote for him on his pvp ganeplay style and agression but as he multiboxes and broadcast inputs I’ll not.

Not a single CSM candidate represents a fair and transparent esport. Only the eve Confederacy can provide that.

Given that Input Broadcasting is against the rules and can possibly lead to a ban on someone’s account, this is a fairly big accusation. Do you have any proof of him Input Broadcasting? Or are you just assuming that he must be because you, yourself, cannot imagine doing what he does?

More cheating for bragging rights? How funny.

Balos, shut up.

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Stalkers gonna stalk…

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It is a major issue on this 1984 remake.

True, to a major part. I know Olmeca from Bombers Bar times, he is very dedicated about what he does, and I share many of his ideas for the game. Sadly you have to go that far, to be effective in guerrilla warfare nowadays.


No kidding…he redefined what I thought “next level” meant in Eve…

Love the way he thinks…and seems to be a generally nice levelheaded chap too.


The really sad part here are people like Nicolai Serkanner that stalk people which opinions they don’t like in every post said users write with the same kind of ■■■■■■■■.

It’s not just this Balos insult,he does that to multiple users in his desperate try to censor(flag) out opinions or spitting out this Balos insult…he really must be despaerate…

For me i don’t care but this is obviously a bannable behaviour…

Balos really must be deep inside his head…


Nope, he just does it to all of the obvious alts of you, the person sitting behind the keyboard.

It’s the rhetoric that makes you obvious; a face and name change won’t cover up the fact that you are indeed the latest in a long line of alts all spouting the exact same agenda, with the exact same words.


Lying does not make it better alt of nicolai…

It’s so obvious it hurts…

Stalking people for whatever reason is simply bannable.

Maybe HE should be banned…and you with him…

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Go peddle that snake oil somewhere else, nobody’s gonna buy it here.

Used to multibox main + 1 alt but its really not worth it in my opinion flying 1 char very well is much stronger than flying 2 chars semi decent.

Mistakes cost you your life and its much easier to make those mistakes while multiboxing.

So I am not alone in putting him #1 :smiley:


What broke Fallen Earth? Cause I would be interested in hearing it.

Unwanted pvp focus? Are you nuts? This is why I play eve… it is the only game that offers real pvp environment. The moment it stops being pvp is the moment it will be no different than any other game out there. No need to play boring games.

The reason why he multiboxes is due to how crazy setup you need to affect big entities in nullsec. Space got too safe there. For the same reason ppl use scouting alts in low sec - no one sane will want to stay cloaked and stare at the gate for prolonged period of time … and miss all the action while at it.

For example Permawardecs. This has been remidiated but the obvios lazy PVPers are whining they can’t easy PVP against PVEers. Small playergroups that did only on occasion mine or mission. Why do you think CCP changed the wardec system? Because too much PVP? No, they don’t care about your PVP obsession, they care about their paycheck. They read the stories about players going for the ‘ultimate PVP’, driving others out of the game. And maybe they think “Hey, if we have less paying customers, do we make more profit.”. I guess not. It’s hard to comprehend for most of the people but high sec should have some kind of reasonability. low sec/wormholes (unorganised pvp) and null sec/wormholes (organised pvp) are full of PVP yet so much complains. Faction warfare, the opt-in PVP for high sec, fight alongside the empires, nope. Suicide gankers in high sec, meh. The only thing the loud PVPers (can be the minority though) seem to like is to wardec small player corporations. Why? Many reasons that have been debunked. At least now the hughe hole in the ship has been fixed, but that doesn’t immediately save a severely troubles ship…
If there isn’t new waves of players coming in with the idea to build something up, and move further into low and nullsec nothing will change. Alts are not the source of the problem, they are more like indications.
People like to act busy and smart by running around and pointing at all the water in the ship, but the holes are the problem. And they will cry and tell you you are dumb because the water is the issue. The following exerpt from the speech of Charlie Chaplin’s great dictator fits perfectly :
“Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost….”
I would rephrase only “more than cleverness, we need intelligence.”.

What am i doing? basically nothing now, cba to log in; i dont want to have to be using an army of alts with spies just to get a kill.

The defenders have NOT improved their defences, parts of the game have been changed because often the ‘defenders’ or carebears have moaned and moaned.
Prime example being the recent combat interceptor nerf which was apparently made because of Claws; Not the actual class just the claw or more specifically the ‘fozzieclaw’ and why? Because people felt they ‘couldnt’ defend against it and that somehow it made nullsec safe… so they took nullification away from the ENTIRE class to make null more dangerous - which it hasnt, that is clear.
Before that there are other instances, fozziesov for example; nerfed interceptors from carrying entosis links because somehow killing a ship that cant warp off is actually really difficult… and then they made the sov repair itself so people dont actually need to undock to defend their own space… i mean imagine that, actually wanting to keep your space that much that you actually undock to defend it.

A lot of nerfs have been directed at interceptors to be fair and why? Because you will notice it is not often a class of ship used by the ‘defender’ type, they dont have the know how, the skill or the tenacity to use them properly and therefore struggle to combat them; its the same mentality that makes people hotdrop carriers onto cruisers and consistently fail to kill anything then moan that these little ships are overpowered and that people who kite somehow arent real pvpers… whilst prepping to drop several carriers and a dread onto a five man frigate fleet…

Defenders dont do anything, they dock up in most cases; and there is nothing a small gang or solo pvper can do about that, entosis their space? np, they wait for timer, call all their friends… ref a citadel… np same thing; almost everything in eve now is timer based which turns practically every fight into a blobfest, i mean half this stuff you cant really even start without some serious firepower.

But that wasnt how it used to be.

So no

I have not, CCP have or are turning the game this way, I don’t think it’s a very good idea. You log in, no fleet happening oh well log off… pretty soon who really is going to log in?

The British WERE the pirates… you should brush up on history mate.

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He is a lot deeper in your head of course.


The OP misunderstood the video. It was not about a suggestion, that you must have a lot of accounts to have fun in EVE. The video was all about creativity and adaptation. It was a proof that a small amount of people, like 5-10, could achive a lot in EVE. The video was just an examle, how small groups can do funny and great things against large and well organised alliances.
I know that in the video Olmeca did it alone with insane amount of accounts, but just try to look behind the scenes. And yes, EVE must become more dangarous place, instead of a safe theme park. Otherwise, what would make a difference between EVE and the other thousands of boring MMOs?