There's a few things I have to get off my chest that is just really irking me

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I’m just gonna leave this here for the OP…

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Did you say something about ‘not being toxic’ ?!

Incidentally, there’s a special deal on punctuation at Jita…

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The reality of the situation is, if you fall for a scam because you thought there was a really easy way to make isk, you deserved it. If you can easily make profit off a contract, what you’re really doing is taking that opportunity from someone else. You’re stealing the opportunity from the person who made the contract. If you don’t tell them that they could make profit off their contract, you’re basically scamming them because they didn’t know they had the chance to make more profit.
So don’t complain about falling victim to a scammer, you were trying to be a scammer yourself

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Capsuleers are no longer human.

–Gadget the uncaring Space Goddess

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But capsuleers are humans, only dying many times more than others. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I was a nicer and more naive person before I started playing Eve. I’m saying that honestly. Before that I didn’t realize that people could enjoy being so mean to each other. And that was just from reading the old forums. But that was in 2012-- and I’m still here. (Also, this is the only MMO or internet forum I have much experience with, so I don’t have much to compare Eve with).

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It’s called getting older.

I was also young and naive once.

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Thanks for this - you brightened my day. :grinning:

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I suggest you HTFU in your eve play Palsy or no Palsy. If you can’t crush your enemy in ship pvp due to your poor reflex as a result of your illness then hurt them in other ways by smashing them logistically or in their markets. I personally have no time for ship PVP due to family commitments and I drop my eve gameplay at a second to meet them every day so I spend bursts f’ng with the market.

Also do not confuse poor in game behaviour, narcissism or aggression in this game as tell tales of a persons IRL persona. Some peoples IRL behaviour will mirror their eve behaviour but for others this is a fantasy and an outlet where they can be who they are not IRL. It is up to CCP to moderate this which I think they do with complete bias & prejudice but hey up that is another convo.

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So from what I gather, you don’t like PvP and you don’t like loss in EVE. And making a subtle suggestion to CCP to do something about it.

CCP isn’t going to do anything about it any time soon.

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I too get the PvP shakes… its what makes Eve great!!

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Pathological lying
God complex
Anxiety disorders
Severe paranoia
avoidant personality disorder

What? My sense of moral superiority didn’t make the list? I must be getting old.

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Heh - last I heard you live close to my hometown and living around there will do worse than playing Eve :smiley:

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Oh, stop looking for pity, OP.

You are far from the only person who has played EvE while dealing with physical limitations. Most of them don’t want to mark themselves out and enjoy not being treated differently than other people unlike irl.

Adapt your game to what you can do and enjoy it, don’t whine about not being able to do things.

EvE is a great game for people with physical issues, adapt and overcome.

NOTHING in this game even approaches how horribly humans treat each other irl, so if things in a game are affecting somebody mentally they need to simply stop playing it. Simple as that.

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It feels somewhat awkward for me that I have to post those things as commentary to what I assume are adult people posts.

Game is not a reflection of what life actually looks like. There is no social contract here. Dont get too bitter watching people playing the game. It allow for far more than what you could do in life without far reaching social consequences. Opportunists use those opportunities for their profit.

When you have power, why not use it? But do you really have to? Why? What do you want from that game? From other people?

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Uh oh. Another mental disorder is the “I am a victim” syndrome. Also known as the salty syndrome. But this can be cured by exploding said victims ship. Repeatedly.

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