There's a few things I have to get off my chest that is just really irking me

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Wow, she’s mad as ■■■■. lol

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You will be less inclined to get pvp shakes aka EVE belly if you lose a lot more ships. Lose them on purpose and lose them while exploring everywhere.

Once you lose some ships that excitement will not be as topical.

Hope that helps. Because telling other people not to pvp you is just going to have people hunting you more often.

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We like to refer to that as ‘concussive treatment’.

Tbh, as a lowsec fw pilot, if some neutral minds their own business I won’t go out of my way to hunt them. But if somebody is being an ass, or bitches, I’ll put my other stuff aside for the time being just to hunt them a little. We may be degenerate pirates, but we like to keep local chat clean. Murder and manners are not mutually exclusive.

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:slight_smile: Yeah, people are fairly tough around here. For the Agreeable personality trait, Wantaugh people ranked themselves as second lowest in the U.S. The third least agreeable people in the U.S. are in Wayne in Jersey. The 4th through 50th are probably in between and around. (Kind of surprizingly, the first most diagreeable are in Beverly Hills, CA).

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Whoa, Jennifer Austin, try some punctuation every once in a while. It will make you seem like less of a rambling, uneducated lunatic.

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And I believe that people who already have those disorders play video games in order to feed their already existing conditions.

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I’m nice.

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Perhaps we need to add a layman version of the Goldwater Rule to the ten rules of EVE?

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A fool and his money are easily parted. Dumb people get screwed over in Eve just as they do irl. That’s pretty much the summary of this thread.

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