This isn't the cancer, it's the symptom

So… not in the future and not in our galaxy.

Any other “similarities” you want to cite to prove you are talking utter bollocks?

Of course the details of the stories are not identical. But you are fundamentally missing the point that they are both branches off the same tree…in a manner no different to Dungeons and Dragons, Skyrim, and The Witcher all having very similar genes. You are just deliberately missing the point. But that’s par for the course here.

Oh do give over. Dr Who is a timelord who can go anywhere, any time. Why would he not appear in the Eve universe ? As for ‘future’…heck, they created an entirely alternate timeline for Star Trek. If that’s not messing with detailed ‘lore’…what is ? Star Trek lore is so messed up now, what with alternate realities and temporal police, that you could easily have Captain Janeway be Luke Skywalker’s daughter. Messing with time is the very definition of a lore eraser…and I’m all for it.

The real problem to be solved is, too much to do, in real time, maintaining the order of events.

You cant have all the 3, you can have 2. Take your pick.

This silly notion died with your con man Jimmy.

No “organization” can survive without leadership.

*I use the term organization VERY LOOSELY.