This Post Pretty Much Sums It Up - High Sec Gankers Say They Are Better Than Null and Low PvPers

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #101

Wasn’t it “Pipebomb” Bennington, the glorious inspiration of the Rooks and Kings?

(Ima Wreckyou) #102

Yeah exactly. Though more like “pipedream” Bennington given that he did not even try it himself. :rofl:

(Dravick Afterthought) #103

FIFY :slight_smile:

(Lugburz) #104

only 2?

(Jakondi Flyn) #105

Total noob speaking. Took a look at CODE’s killboard. Though they may be the best PVP corp they certainly are not good at math. Throw in 10mil to kill a 1mil ship.

(Black Pedro) #106

Are we looking at the same killboard?

That shows The CODE. Alliance has killed over 73 trillion ISK worth of ships and lost less than 2 trillion meaning they destroy over 35 times the amount of things that they lose. That is a 97.4% efficiency, well entrenched in the elite of the elite.

Say what you want about the rest of it, but they seem to know to do math, and do it quite well.

(matthus loch) #107

Code are a bunch of carebears themselves. You dont see them leaving highsec at all. xD

(Black Pedro) #108

What is this, slander CODE. day?

Where do people get this stuff? I mean, CODE. is the main alliance of the New Order of HIghsec, so it makes sense that most of their activity is in the area they claim as theirs, but they clearly operate in all areas of space like say nullsec:

or lowsec:

I get this was most likely a (rather weak) propaganda post by someone butthurt over losing something once, but at least spread disinformation and/or rumours that can’t be proven false with a quick glance of the killboards.

(matthus loch) #109

Cool story