Time to Uninstall This Mess

That shouldn’t happen ever, if it’s cooking that probably means you need to clean its coolers. That or you use OCing software that’s being shitty, stop doing it: a 1080 doesn’t need it.

I run a 1070Ti and have zero problems but then I only use two EVE accounts at the same time, outside EVE it runs like a dream still. Make sure ALL your drivers are updated including for your audio (yes I know, doesn’t sound logical) and your mainboard/chipset. If need be set it back to DX11.

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I only have 2 accounts but did a wipe-and-reinstall a year or so ago. I was having issues with the launcher being in a bad state. I didn’t back up my settings profiles which was the biggest mistake, so i second that advice. But yes you will have to re-add the accounts to the launcher if you’re fully wiping the game and launcher.

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I’m playing at 50-60 fps at 1440p medium settings (ish) on a less powerful machine with only occasional flickering shadows, so it’s not raw PC horsepower that’s the issue. Granted, I’m in quiet systems and don’t multibox, but still.

i5 2500
GTX 1060 3gb
12gb ram

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Good riddance

I’m running the DirectX 12 with no problems…on two different computers.

May I suggest that you refresh your cache? Maybe you have already tried that but I’m doing it regularly and have zero problems.

Oof, dude when I was having this problem it was a sign that my hardrives where starting to pack up they ■■■■■■ out about a month after I was having this problem in eve a few years ago.

It could also be that eve is using more memory than before and when it max’s out it switches to Vram and fucks your loading time’s.

Have you kept task manager and resource monitor open while playing to see what is getting maxed out ? I have a feeling its your hardrives.

If its ram you can disable this which might help a bit:


If you have the classic magnetic disc storage type hard disk sectors of the drive can begin to slowly fail. As they do, a sector will take longer and longer to read until finally it becomes unreadable. This delay could introduce freezing when the computer locks up the drive trying to read such a sector. For how long depends on how many sectors are failing and how many retries are attempted before giving up. For consumer drives, the number of retries is typically very high under the assumption you do not have any other way to read or recover the file and so can lock up the computer for a significant amount of time.

Normally, there are spare sectors of the disk that can be used to remap a failing sector to one that works, but I find this action is not guaranteed to automatically take place without rewriting the file and eventually the spare sectors of the disk will be exhausted at which point it definitely won’t happen again.

If this were the case, reinstalling could put your game files on sectors of your drive that are in better shape, and if the drive is old I would probably advise doing a surface scan to identify any sectors of the disk that may be failing and force the allocation of spare sectors if they are available. You could also try a S.M.A.R.T. reporting tool to read the disk’s diagnostic information to check the drive’s overall health and take whatever steps seem prudent to protect your data on the basis of those results.

This would also impact your virtual memory performance if your disk’s page file happens to span one or more sectors that are failing or has failed but there is no spare sector to remap to.


I don’t. But thanks for taking the time to respond to my OP.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


He has a point thou, don’t all drives have a certain read write limit especially if you had eve on one spot for years. Reinstalling onto a different spot on the hardrive might do the trick.

Somewhere I read:

You complain about high hardware prices!!!?

Wait till you have to PAY FOR THE SOFTWARE!

People pay for software? Next you’ll be telling me you have to pay for a streaming service if you want to see the latest releases.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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U just wait.




Mr. Epeen,

The correct, and only solution to fixing your game issue, is going down to your local hardware store, purchase a 5 pound sledge -sometimes called a “realignment tool”- and a pair of safety googles. Then, go back to your computer, don your safety goggles, hold your realignment tool by the longer end. The end that is not a big heavy weight and liberally apply the weighted end of your realignment tool against the computer in quick, but firm strikes. It’s best if you get into a rhythm, of about 1 strike per second. For about 1-2 minutes.

This will solve all of your eve probles.


This post inspired me to get a new motherboard and more RAM, it’s totally unrelated to my EVE needs, but I felt it was time to go for it.

Thank you.


Did reinstalling help btw

Yeah. It’s fine now. I kept all my settings and didn’t reinstall the launcher.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I comfirm this as not true!
The client got fixed solely for you due to divine intervention as Golem stared at some reply.

You don’t have to but you wouldn’t know about that.

Totally unrelated post, I just upgraded to 48GB RAM, feels nice.

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