To end The War

(yellow parasol) #386

Oh, nono. i’m indifferent. Races, people, corporations… to me, that’s all just people with motivations, desires, issues, biases. Systems within systems within systems within systems. What a waste would it be, to hate one race… :slight_smile:

I’m talking about my poll. :smiley:

(Aria Jenneth) #387


… what a strange poll.

Uh. Pilot? Just for you to consider … I have no particular answer to this poll, and I kind of doubt I’m alone in that.

What your poll is really measuring is the preferences of people who wish all capsuleers of a certain background would just die-- or, at least, who’d express an opinion on which one should. It seems a little telling that the option actually trailing just behind the Amarr is just killing everybody.

And it’s only losing by 1% right now.

I think there might be some selection bias at work.

(Arrendis) #388

It’s definitely a self-selecting, unscientific poll, yes. But I’m confident ‘kill them all’ can pull it out.

(yellow parasol) #389

Selection bias?

I don’t know. I just look at the numbers and deal with them. I can’t do much beyond offering all available options. The way i see it, in an all-out war, one third (inaccurate, but fine for this post) would shoot everyone and (less than) two thirds would shoot the Amarrians. To make sense of this statement:

33 % Amarr
33 % Everyone

As “Everyone” includes “Amarr” as well, the race with most opponents would be the Amarr. The other races will see fights too, but the vast majority would be up against the slavers. That’s not even the best/worst part! I see the likely possibility of propaganda achieving unity against them! With these numbers, such unity wouldn’t even be a matter of “if” … no. Just “when”.


(Aria Jenneth) #390

From this mostly what I’m getting is that you really hate the Amarrians.

(Arrendis) #391

Your interpretation is horribly skewed.

First, you presuppose that the people answering your poll would all be free to shoot whoever they prefer. They wouldn’t. The vast majority of humanity are followers who will never decide anything for themselves at all. They’ll shoot whoever they’re ordered to shoot. So any Matari, for example, who want to kill the Amarr will, if ordered to, shoot Caldari first if the current political alignment goes to war. This is especially true when you consider that the Caldari Navy is more modern and better-maintained than the Golden Fleet, even if the Imperial Navy is larger.

If the action shifts to larger ships… you’d definitely see the target-calling focusing on Caldari and Matari hulls, especially with neut pressure, as the shield ships are seen as being easier to break (how true this is is a matter of some debate among certain segments of the Egg-set. I’ll not get into it now.)

Nobody is going to drop into the middle of it and just start shooting randomly, either (kill everyone). They’re going to look for the weakest set of targets, the ones they can pick off easily. That’s either going to be the people already being shot at first (which, if we take the example above, aren’t the Amarr), or simply the logistics wing of whatever fleet appears to have the fewest.

And if you seriously believe tha State is going to even consider ‘unity’ against the Amarr while the Gallente Federation maintains any presence on their homeworld, and tensions between the two remain high enough that the State closed the border to baseliner traffic just this year… ugh.

Really, if you conducted another, identical poll, and included ‘Yellow Parasol’ on the list of ‘who do you want to see die most?’ you might not like the results so much. Capsuleers don’t give a damn who we kill. Given the choice, most of those maniacs would opt for ‘nursery ship full of orphans and infants’ over ‘someone who can fight back’.

(yellow parasol) #392

if that’s what you want to believe, then so be it. it’s not the case, as i said, and there definitely is no need for me to convince you of that. :slight_smile:

(yellow parasol) #393

Well… sure, Amarrian woman. Whatever you say. :slight_smile:

Seriously, you should be happy! You’re clearly winning that poll! :blush:

(Arrendis) #394

I’m Minmatar. At least get one fact right today, maybe?

(yellow parasol) #395

I’m sorry about that. i really don’t care about racial differences. :slight_smile:

(Aria Jenneth) #396

I kind of thought you’d say that, pilot. And, usually I take stuff like that at face value. Only…

There’s this tone you get, when you’re sketching unlikely scenarios whereby the Amarr get beaten to bits by absolutely everyone? It’s the tonal equivalent of the look on the face of a slaver hound I used to have, when I’d scratch that one spot on his back.

… Bliss?

Yeah, I think that might be the word.

And then there’s this:

Arrendis isn’t even Ammatar, but you selected that specific “thing” as a reason to just kind of blow past her opinion, highlighting (mistakenly) her race, then declared in basically the same breath that you don’t care about racial differences.

If you didn’t, wouldn’t it have made more sense to address her by, say … her name?

Arrendis, what do you think? Troll? Or something a little more nuanced?

(Makoto Priano) #397

There’s nuance there?

(Arrendis) #398

Human. Just another bullet that needs buying.

(Aria Jenneth) #399

Uh. Well … hm.

I guess, maybe, since the definition of “troll” expanded to include anyone who’s just trying to provoke people instead of just people who’re mostly in it for the attention, he’s probably one however I look at it.

Maybe we need to subdivide trolls into different types? Like, “political troll,” who’s trying to upset and demoralize political opponents, versus “attention troll,” who’s after the obvious?

I mean, the origin of “troll” isn’t a folkloric creature, right? It’s fishing-- towing bait along, hoping someone will bite. That made the most sense when it was clearly someone who was just making a play for attention.

(Makoto Priano) #400

It strikes me, Ms. Jenneth, that we missed a beat when we didn’t discuss historical Achuran myth and folklore at the Inquest. Obviously, we had not enough time for so much as breathing, but a missed beat all the same.

(Aria Jenneth) #401

Yeah… Maybe the next big conference will be for something nice and quiet like … I don’t know. Planets blowing up or something.

(Omega Jovakko) #402

Nothing like the silence after a thousand voices are all snuffed at once

(Mizhara Del'thul) #403

… trawling? Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

(Aria Jenneth) #404

That’s a BIG net, I think, Miz.

Trolling is just towing a baited hook, slowly, behind a boat-- making it look like some foolish, tasty (to fish) creature swimming in the water, not too fast to catch. A “troll,” originally, then, is someone who’s fishing for attention.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #405

You’re probably right. Of the nautical persuasion, I am not. Well that’s a lie, I can sail and maneuver with any other amateur enthusiast, but of the fishing persuasion I am very much not.