Tranquility Connectivity Issues Megathread

Checked and followed instructions, problem is not on my end.

When you say a subset of players have connection problems, what do you mean? I haven’t reported any connection issues, but I certainly have them. As well as the chat problems.

Does every player need to report these issues for you to have the proper overview of the scope of problems? Because then I will.

Perhaps there are other players like me who are part of the “subset” without us having reported them.

So, do you need reports from everyone to assess whether we’re a “subset” or the majority? To decide that connection issues actually affect the vast majority of EVE players, possibly even the entire EVE population?

Just say yes, and I’ll file a report.


Thank you for the updates! And good luck on resolving the issues!


Thank you for the update, it is much appreciated. Chat working for me currently, playing in South Africa through VPN


bless your heart.


Thank you for communicating clearly, this has been an issue in the past. Glad to see you guys take our feedback seriously




Connected to chat server, but I can see corp members in local who are not in corp chat so some issues there for sure

gib sp pls

Australia no Channels at all

Appreciate the update. You will understand that i wont be renewing subs until this is resolved though. Unfortunately on my main account im subbed for many many more months so all i can do is grin and bear it, running low level low risk missions.


Lol… you mad bro?

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I am from Brisbane, Australia, Connectivity and chat here is really bad, got booted 4 times today, can’t use any ships of value for fear of losing them, In Chat today I could only see myself for most of the day although 2 of my Corp Mates were online as well.

no doubt some nerd that got his 50 bot accounts he was using to RMT banned


He be salty

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Thanks for update. I have this problem for 3 days, thought it’s my provider.
Sometimes have connection problem - port 26k error, even if I can connect - chats are empty.
Hope the problem would be solved soon. We believe in your magic!

btw, about 10 min after logging finally in, it was back to normal as far as i can see.
local is there corp etc

Доброго времени суток чаты через раз работают и с первого раза не подключается тож когда как бывает подключится бывает нет а бывало только на шестом разе чаты работали ну шесть раз перезаходил в евку печально(

No chat working. Same for last three days.

Chat still broken for me, Worked before downtime except for local which reported an incorrect list of players.