Triglavian Fleet Destroying Pods and Ships in High Sec - November 2020

I get payout. So far running the wormholes I’ve gotten atleast 300+mill in trig assets.

When I go inside pochven, I can aid EDENCOM and once I get 3.0, they will rep me which will make it alot harder for other players / npc’s to actually kill me (but obviously not impossible)

I not only can pass through EDENCOM sites safely, but I can do more thing in a safer way in those systems (like mine)

When I scan sites for wrecks that people have left over (inside pochven) they are blue, and I can salvage them no problem.

I don’t see any negatives, and they haven’t affected me.

Do they? Or do they also spawn in systems with Pochven WH connections which are totally random and they move around day to day? In which case there is no way to know without a scout. Which is the issue of the topic.


I said in that thread that if a WH spawns that they can end up roaming, gate to gate, station to station. I also said that you need a scout, to treat the system like its Low Sec and + 1, or scout the gate with a corvette.

If you want to mine in Lowsec or Null, you have in an Intel Channel that allows for players to let people know who is around the system. There is no reason for that to not also occur for triglavians especially if a wormhole has spawned.

Intel channels for the region probally exist, it takes literally 0 effort to have someone else scan a wormhole and let your corp or alliance aware, hey there is a trig wormhole here be careful.

YOU don’t have to do that, you can have someone else scan the whole for you. Then you either don’t mine in that spot, or you get some people to kill the trigs.

Hey, I’m all in for the game to be difficult, easy to learn - hard to master, all of that. The more specializations, professions, the more playstyles the better. I just think these new features add nothing but tedium.

FFS they made travel time longer and NPC FU gatecamps? They could as well decrease warp speed and make you randomly explode while jumping.


@Jilani_Sklor, this is about Triglavians gate camping in random HiSec systems and effectively and without warning destroying ships and pods of players who may or may not have anything to do with the invasion. The counter actions you are proposing are helpful but it seems a bit too much effort for players who are not interested in engaging the AI. If you would perhaps consider checking the killboard for the Triglavian entities at to identify which random HiSec system they are destroying player on that particular day and then visit the system to fight them or at least destroy their ships that warp scram players? You would probably expedite earning your standings with EDENCOM and players would celebrate you as a hero of New Eden for sparing them from this new game dynamic shoved down their throats? Thank you for considering. :slight_smile:

If it’s too much effort, then you have to just live with dying to NPCs like an environmental hazard.

Or just wait. CCP will nerf them.

I do this already @Ports :slight_smile:

I know, I’m trying to explain WHY it occurs and how you can take steps to caution yourselves form it.

I get that that people don’t want to engage in them, and thats ok!, I’m saying if you don’t want to engage in fighting them, talk with people that do so they can handle it.
Avoid the system

I’m wanting to setup fleets w/ EDENCOM players, but I don’t think their intentions are the same. Thats a different topic all together. I’ve flown in a few fleets with them atleast when Metropolis or anywhere Minmi was under attack.

I fight there in Metropolis because I live there, because there is a potential for them to spawn in bei and ahner, the isk is nice but the risk is high.

Also the method that I explained in the above mentioned thread works for finding out what systems possibly have a trig whole.

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Thank you, @Jilani_Sklor! Honor to you for the help! :slight_smile:

In real life ? no. In games ? ofc. And i saw those unlimited backup being destroyed by 100 peoples fleet.

I think you are missing the point. YOU ALREADY DECIDED, by shooting triglavian forces. Yes. You did. CCP did in fact inform players about standing loss multiple times, asking players to choose a side. And you did.
I didnt. And i am neutral to both factions and can move around HS without risk of trigs/eden shooting me down.
You are talking about ignoring changes/content you are not interested about but still, you participated and now you suffer consequences.
Trailer you say ? do you 'member the one where you can hear a guy saying “Your choices have meaning, they will make an impact.”?

And from what ive heard of, Edencom content is not finished yet and we can hope for more than a ‘status quo’.

Thank you, @Vaako_Molinari, I double-checked and my standing with Triglavians is -0.01 due to destroying a Renewing Leshak on 2020-09-20 in Arraron. I honestly do not remember but it was probably in self-defense perhaps during mining or something similar. Nevertheless, if you are right about the gate camps destroying only player ships and pods with a negative standing then that does change things a bit. It is still a bit too harsh and expensive punishment at this low of a negative standing, assuming that is true, but so be it as long as it is not happening to innocent players in HiSec.

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Just filament to pochven and kill drones. It should take one or two in order to get positive standing from -0.01, after that you can filament out to HS.

PS. Haha when i was writing, this imaged popped in to my mind:

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The choice you chose, is to play the game as is.

As is, if a NPC is hostile towards you, they will kill you.

You also chose to undock in the first place, which means your game wherever you go.

You have the precuation to not be killed by trigs if you do some research and be cautious just like everything else in eve, atleast with trigs you can prevent dieing from them by understand just a little bit how they work and a little bit more about the game.

Its on you if you die to them, its not on CCP.

@Jilani_Sklor, that doesn’t sound accurate, that is not your only choice, it sounds pretty resigned. Think of yourself as an active participant in the game (as well as in life.) It’s important to advocate for the change you would like to see and to do so to the greatest extent possible. It may not always work out but it’s the right thing to do. This game dynamic could have easily been a bug, for example the intent may have been for the NPCs to attack players who have a standing of -0.1 instead of -0.01, it could have been a simple semantic error. As a software engineer I can assure you those are easy to make. If players don’t speak up it may go unnoticed for a longer period of time. Furthermore as you see everywhere in the game there are usually warnings such as when traveling to low sec or entering a system invaded by the Triglavians or visiting a ghost site so the usual game dynamic is not as harsh as you describe. There have to be some core principles otherwise it’s just not right.

This is a dynamic system. The wormholes do not spawn in a set increment, just a pattern that you can follow. I also dev, but I understand that a developers vision is important.

If they want to make new eden less safe, or want more conflict drivers to push player agency (If obviously I could be wrong) At the end of the you have a choice of avoiding the trigs or not, you have a choice to cautious. CCP should not have to interfere on a players inability to adapt to a situation everyone and anyone can adapt to.

I’ll agree on that standing issue that could be genuine your right on that @Ports, but its still avoidable at the end of the day, its one system thats effected. If anyone you can find other systems that aren’t and go there instead.

All of these issues are fixable by the player being cautious, I don’t count that as a CCP issue. If your not cautious you die.

I lost a freighter in Sivala yesterday. The Trigs warped when I cancelled gatecloak to start warping to the next one. Even with a scout I could not have foreseen this. There was no possible way to know ahead of time that there were roaming Triglavian fleets.

While I do understand the “you’re nowhere safe in EVE” paradigm: When being pointed and ganked by players in Hisec, there are consequences. Concord warps in and obliterates them. But both, gate police and Concord ships at the gate just ignored and watched the Trigs chewing down my brick tanked freighter over minutes. Besides the fact that fluff-wise that doesn’t make any sense, this is a frustrating game mechanic. I do accept risks of being ganked by players because I can take precautionary steps to make it harder or at least unrewarding for them. But a situation like this feels completely out of control. Even after 10 years of playing EVE I don’t feel like I could have prevented or countered this by doing something differently. And this does not feel like good game design.


It promotes group play. Bring a defense fleet if you’re too lazy to get positiv standings with trigs (which takes like a minute)

That is not my point. We were told to pick a side and we did (which is why re-grinding standing again would likely take me more than just “a minute”). After this it was communicated that the Trigs are happy with their 27 occupied systems and will remain there to do some weird stuff. During the active phases of the invasion, contested systems were highlighted so that you could plan accordingly (as I would expect it to be in an interstellar space-traveling society). What’s happening now is a punishing “surprise mechanic” for having chosen the wrong faction to side with. That is bad game design.

P.S.: I’d be interested in whether the players in the Trig systems are now also being pointed, scrammed ganked by 30+ ship EDENCOM fleets out of nowhere. Are they?


Yes. EDENCOM ships are constantly warping around Pochven systems anytime there is a highsec wormhole (which is almost all the time) pointing and shooting players with negative EDENCOM standing.

The mechanic is symmetrical, and the wormhole that brings Trigs to highsec, brings EDENCOM to Pochven.


That following this advice would be bad, was quite obvious from the track record of CCP and the knowledge of the whole trig story. As someone relying on free travel everywhere, I’m very cautious with choosing any path which would me lock in with anything. CCP may fool some once, but never again …