Triglavian Fleet Destroying Pods and Ships in High Sec - November 2020

That will be a learning for me as well. But I wonder: I was under the assumption that even players who never participated in any Triglavian invasion event still got a default Trig standing of -0.01, right? So that would mean that even if you didn’t choose a side, you’ll still be ganked by the roaming fleets in Hisec.

Yes (you started at zero, but trigs are red at zero). There was a short period in the beginning where shooting one EC frig gave you +0.0001 standing which made you neutral to both factions for the entire event. After that event when dual standing ticks were officially introduced it is even easier now to whore one drone kill in Povchen and be free to travel (if you start from zero).

And one of the problems is that Edencom or Trig standings do not show up in the Character’s Standings list if they have never had any interaction with one of the two factions. So someone who is either new, or avoided this nonsense like the plague, cannot see that they have a microscopically small negative standing with the Triglavians. It is really poor game design that the only way they can find that out is by having to come to threads here.


Not microscopically negative … it’s exactly 0 (or better technically “null”). But all pirate rats are hostile per default. That’s why trigs are red and EC are neutral at “null” standing.

But I agree, without following out of game and out of CCP media carefully (including hoboleaks), one would not be able to navigate that stuff successfully. Basically true for a lot of things CCP throws at us.

There are at least a few neutral Triglavian fleets.

My standings with EDENCOM are 0.0; actual 0.001 and they show white.
My standings with Trigs is - 0.0; actual -0.001 and they,too, show up as white.
So far all encounters have been a quick glimpse as I warp to a gate and no response from either. Hopefully, CCP coded a graduated response time based on small increments of standing changes, but…It IS CCP.

Werposts are still red to me, though.

We are, in Pochven there are fleets of EDENCOM and Drifters that camp the gates and celestials.

And … For my self I would say to f…-off to any standing content from CCP from now on


I remember grinding standing for jump clones. Then there was an even bigger standing grind to be able to anchor highsec POSs.

Now we have the great state of Triglavia and its crazy grind.

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Boohoo… shoulda done something about it when the trig’s invaded

The best thing was to quit and not take part in any silliness that CCP devise.

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I got three times into such an camp. The first time there were some errors with the calculation so ccp returned my lossed ships (bs and frig from bay). The second time it was my fault. The third time I succeeded in burning back to gate all modules over heated, 10% armor left.
I think that ccp wants to get more material lost but this isnt the right way. We pay -at least omega players- and we deserve reliabilty. Anything else is cheating, ccp can be a cheater, too.


It’s your personal decision if you get bothered by trigs, CCP has nothing to do with it. You have been given all the tools to deal with it.


It’s literally CCP who added those.


You can gain a full point in a few hours.

We deserve nothing beyond a game to play …
… and that ONLY when we actually pay for it.

The rest is up to CCP.

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I dont know why this isnt high priority for CCP to respond to oficially. So much time passed and nothing.

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got same lssue as returning player…now i dont dare to mine with alts orca after my hulk got blow up by them in a 1.0 sys.i use to mine to relax when not in null


Key thing is to find out which systems spawn wormholes to T-Space and avoid mining in them due to the chance of a hole spawning.

Because it’s players that cause wormholes to spawn in new systems.

These holes can only be made active from K-space, and not T-Space, unlike j-space wormholes.

Once these holes are made active and then trig roaming fleets will start.

The T-Space system were won and lost by players, not by CCP.