Triglavian in regular belts all over eve?

You are complaining for not being able to AFK mine anymore?

So they Scout doing their intended job! And that’s a good thing.

EvE is a better Game without Bots and AFK-Semi-Bots like you. So have a well journey. We are happy to see you go!

And btw… if you “don’t have time to watch the screen”, then don’t mine. Dock up until you can watch at the Screen. Problem solved!


Leave one alive (preferably the renewing or blinding) and they won’t respawn, however they will switch over to drones so perhaps a pair of skiffs?

Rinse and Repeat, for those that choose to fly alpha solo and mine ,find the best price for the Venture on the marketplace and buy a few dozen or so, same for miner I, Why waste money on a miner II. I have plenty of civilian afterburners to use but not necessary.

I know it is a pain in the *ss ,but it is what it is, when I figure out how to gas mine I will be better off,

Keep on aRockin’,

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Go in WH, there are plenty of juicy gaz.

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My Orca has almost 460K EHP and just THREE of the Triglavian frigates put a serious dent in her shields, they hit HARD.


I don’t expect someone of your lower view in life, to understand the working people area. Never had any issues, other then when there was a war in one of the club, until this kill and destroy everyone in any area attitude.
Now, NPC you can not kill. Come in and don’t show up in the mining setup I created. which I included everything I could find, under the topics.

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You are lucky, if you had Dan, sorry, you are out of luck. There is a hate facture there.

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You sound like a Little size “'AH”

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  1. it is hard to understand what you mean.
    “Never had any issues, other then when there was a war in one of the club”??
    “Now, NPC you can not kill. Come in and don’t show up in the mining setup I created. which I included everything I could find, under the topics.”???

I guess that english is not your native language, but maybe ask some help from some friends/corpmates? because honestly… what do you mean?

  1. the fact is that you accuse the programmer “who do this to get you quit the game…” because you cannot play afk, in a pvp game about spaceships with lazers and missiles…
    And the fact is that YOU, not the programmer, were wrong. You were wrong to think you can do that safely.
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Maybe he uses google translate @Mykee_Johnson if that is true then maybe post the original language text as well (if you post both in english and original language nobody should have an issue with it in the english language section) so we can better figure out what you are trying to communicate.

Sounds like you need an ‘undock’ bookmark (a bookmark straight out from your station exit, at around 250-300 km). You can safely warp to that the instant you undock.

Seen them hit me with missiles for 2 * 251 dmg, and they hit a lot in the 100’s, regular rats in the same system hit for like 4 dmg, a civilian shield booster can keep up with that even when 4 rats.

They were pissing me off, at first, so this is what I do:

2 accounts, 3 alts

Mining with Orca and Hulk

Rats arrive - warp out Hulk and disconnect
reconnect with second alt, who warps straight to belt on login, with Raven Navy

Orca tanks rats with shield hardeners and damage control, and also kills some with hammerhead II

Raven alt takes out the rest

If second wave comes, which is sometimes, and is a fleet of 8ish, once Raven nails a couple they warp out

Then they leave you alone for another few hours

slight inconvenience, disruption from mining time, 10mil in loot and salvage.

All good.


Hmm… Would you kindly like to share your Raven fit that seems quite effective? Thanks in advance! :blush::+1:t5:


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It sucks, light level mining is useful for me to relax before going to sleep or get up way too early to think about going to work.

Even doing some ratting in small ships word work for me.

I don’t multi-box; I don’t AFK mine

These rats sure hit hard, even a double tanked Vexor gets hit too hard…

So what are the good fits to take them out? Or can they be taken out in a cruiser class ship?

Is there a good fit for a SKIF to be able to go head to head with them while mining?

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I’ve noticed that the Triglavian Scout gangs are in systems that have an Emerging Conduit site.

When in station, I usually check the Agency to see which systems have a Triglavian Invasion happening, then check the Encounters section of the Agency to see where the Pirate Stronghold’s (Forward Operating Base) are located, then when in space will activate Probe Scan window to check if there’s any Emerging Conduit’s in system since the Agency tends to not show accurate info.

By the way, I don’t like the Trig Scout content either, I think CCP added that content just to annoy and harass players. They get their rocks off seeing player ships being destroyed by NPC’s.

I totally agree with this, and that’s the reason I like it :slight_smile:


Like the idea too. The game have been stale and too easy to ride around for a long time. It’s time for something else that will ruin your day, other than the usual salt collecter dropping by, in even rarer occurrences.

I’ve always been a casual mining and PvE player, but I can see something wonderful in this. This - if I’ve only met the Trigs - forces you to think and do things very differently.

It’s a: Adapt or die situation. And I’ve missed getting ganked.


I didn’t need to do that… I’ve only just returned after 5 years away and my old tanked T1 procurer did just fine against two Triglavians in a belt… I tanked them both and killed them with drones. To be fair though it is a bit of a monster and is what most would consider over tanked… but I prefer safety through attention and a good solid ship vs fighting for ore with bots… plus it makes things more interesting, you can escape them if you need to but you definately need a tank now.


If players can’t handle Trig Scouts in Highsec or not willing to learn how to PVE, then they have no chance against PVP players or Gankers.

Which is worse?

At least the Trig Scouts let you get away, chances of a Ganker or PVP player letting you go are low.

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