Uedama anti-gank

Ha pot and kettle come to mind , how can you call anyone insane . Past records show Code excels in insanity in all its forms

What has Dracvlad done that annoys you so much , oh yes a thorn in your side that you fail to remove so in true code style you attack him on every lvl.

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That was copied from “Calm down miner” so is that irony too?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, look at where you went off on before:

Irony perhaps?

I might frame this one. First thing to note is your use of everyone in the forum, delusions of grandeur because I get a lot of likes so not everyone . Also why would I care about people who are my enemies laughing at me, I laugh at them with my mates. To think that I would be bothered by this is just so amusing and sad on your part. That you keep trying the you are mad attack and everyone laughs at you shows a lack of critical thinking and that you are one trick ponies, get better please.

PS And I woke up to see that my alliance mates did the business and removed a war deckers HQ, great stuff.

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That word, I don’t think you know what it means.

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Hm. Only 12 ships destroyed in the last 24h in Uedama.

Summer time, gankers are on vacation. I‘m holding the line in (home) office, not fun traveling these times :-/

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Is that being used prejuratively?

You guys, let’s be fair. Everyone isn’t laughing at Drac. That’s silly.

Most people are just furrowing their brow, cocking an eyebrow, that sort of thing. Wondering to themselves what is wrong with this guy, then going on with their day.

Lucas Kell recently described himself as ‘on the spectrum’. That explained so much and I can’t believe I hadn’t put it together earlier.

Since then I’ve been wondering if maybe I just like to pic on neuro-atypical people on the internet with my free time… This question has has caused much introspection.


That does explain so much…


Skimming thread shows two groups of retards trying to figure out who eats more crayons. Really people grow up already and quit making eve look bad

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LMAO :joy: