Uedama anti-gank

I think we have a new motto?


It sound good I agree

Its a risky play John, do you think it’ll pay off? Will the new kids from AG actually make it to the play-offs?

I dunno, Tom, the one thing is all I know for sure is my gut says FOOTBALL!!


This all sound very exciting

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Oh no… Rugby please :slight_smile:

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I dunno what John Madden said about rugby.

But rugby theres a funny thing, Amazon recently gave Irish people the choice of a United Ireland or access to the rugby.

We are still deciding how we feel about that.


No Idea who John Madden is, sorry. Now , if you’d quoted John Beattie, or John Jeffries… :wink:

It’s a famous “hand-egg” coach from the United States.


Reading the forums over the last few days I think its time to pick a side , if we don’t pick a side and take action we lose the right to complain and just become lambs to the slaughter

Githany Red is right and good luck to her.


Thxs for the support,

A bit of good news Mixed AG members defeated a Highsec Goddess large gank fleet at 18:32in Uedama using DPS , reps and an em burst…


It’s too late. The Jamespocalypse is already upon thee, and Aiko is here.

No comment on the freighter we saved which = fail gank


It never happened.

Was that because you weren’t there to witness it? :see_no_evil:

Calm down miner.

You can surely do better than that? … :roll_eyes:

Just try to take deep breaths. Maybe you should sit down?

Ohmm… :pray: I’m perfectly calm… But thank you for being concerned about my spiritual wellbeing…
But, it’s not me who thinks they have to have the final word in every conversation…
Did you lack attention when you were growing up?

Do you know why ag hates the sunrise?

Ok, why do we hate them