Uedama anti-gank

Billion isks BPC’s can be transport using an agile frigate like stiletto or Astero with less than 2 seconds align.:man_facepalming::woman_facepalming:🤦. If your in null or lowsec just search for a wormhole to go into high sec to avoid smart bombers.🤷

Sure I miss-stepped. I’ll fix it:

“Not to mention the fact that your pilots seat obviously doubles as a toilet for you as you yell at mother to bring more meatloaf. Yes, Knowledgeminer you’re totally the bane of gankers.”

Absolutely and this is what I mean when I say that it’s OTHER PLAYERS that enable ganking to be profitable. I’m not sure what Dracvlad means when he says it’s “unbalanced” but in my opinion in the current state of the game bring a criminal in highsec in working as intended.


And with the new industrial changes , cargo will have even more value, so Uedama could be in for a hard time .

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I was going to mention apart from idiots carrying too much, but took that as being known about so did not bother.

Take my comment about unbalanced being used in the context of scarcity policy being applied to ISK generation, everyone else got nerfed but ganking no. But to suggest that ganking needs buffing no way, because minerals and ore is worth so much more as are most other things you are getting a big buff in income from that and a larger target list, though the cost increase of ships and modules may impact that a little depending on how efficient you are at scooping them.

As for a long list not really, bumping being changed was the main one and I am happy with that, after that it really comes down to things like loot scooping through DST’s and making the -10 actually mean something and I would go as far as having the Empires prevent -10 characters from docking in their NPC stations so having a structure is a must. I also think pulling CONCORD is a bit naff as a mechanic, which is why I liked the idea of being able to call in CONCORD as someone suggested.

Right, I know with our previous convos that you aren’t COMPLETELY crazy :slight_smile:

I don’t see ganking as an ISK generating activity. It’s simply wealth relocation. We aren’t harvesting anything that hasn’t already been harvested. We aren’t generating more ISK into the economy through a drop from an NPC or a ratting tick.

It’s just very literally taking from others what has already been accounted for in the economy.

I know bumping indefinitely was… as much as this hurts me to say because so much of my niche content relied on it… it was messed up. I really do miss it though - hyperdunking… tricking freighters into dueling me. Those are interesting uses of mechanics that I enjoyed :slight_smile:

I don’t have issues with this because anyone can do it and the loot is still not safe until its docked up. While its a stretch that a gankers DST would get ganked doing this trick, the danger still looms with our assets in space just like anyone else… Plus how can you point your finger at that when you have the cloak+mwd trick being abused? Is this not a player-invented method that is used to the benefit of others?

I guess my point is until something because so out of hand with no counters, why touch it? Just because it works against you? I don’t agree with that in the least.

I agree with this 100%. Forcing gankers into using structures provides opportunities for other facets of gameplay to interact with gankers by wanting or needing to destroy the structures they use.

I don’t see CCP re-working how Concord works because I’m sure it’s one of those POS code things (remember when they said they were going to phase pos out? lol). The tricky thing about this is that it WOULD require a rework because if you don’t intentionally pull concord you unintentionally do it by alternating the locations in which you gank at.

Hope all is well Drac!

Will a Highsec Full of Gankers Keepstar Helpful? For Me, NPC stations distract gankers from Fully occupying Highsec space. Yes. They can wardecked but capital ships are not allowed in HS.

Ha ha ha, damned by faint praise… :stuck_out_tongue:

All is well, thanks, I hope all is well with you and your family.

In terms of the DST issue, I admit that my eye is on the counter play. Scooping through the DST is a naff way of escaping consequences and makes AG a bit worthless and not worth the effort, if there was a good chance of being able to nab the looter then I am sure more people would do it . Still it is a minor one compared to bumping.

I am not playing at the moment, and I am not sure that I intend to come back in May even. I rather like piddling around with other games and not feeling that I should be logged on because something might be happening.

Would be amusing to see a Keepstar on each of the gates in Uedama.

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I don’t know why you’re trying to engage, when he’s already gone on record saying he wants ganking (and high-sec PvP in general) completely removed from the game.

What he’s doing here is piecemealing concessions from you, because he knows that chipping away instead of massive, instant changes is what works for his agenda, as has been proven by CCP’s patch notes over the years. You’re being taken for a ride when you agree with anything he says just to present yourself as someone reasonable and willing to compromise. That relationship will always be all take and no give.

■■■■ people ■■■■ jokes? I’m not sure either.

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Starting to think I was wrong about ROBO, someone did say to me that person was ok , think they may be right . Still a ganker nevertheless :hugs:.

This is what I like the most about what I do, to make crappy personalities like you show their true colours. And just to be clear, I’m not referring to gankers in general, I’m referring to liars and crappy personalities, be they gankers, anti-gankers, or victims of ganks.

ROFLMAO. Let me get this straight… You go out of your way to try to avoid us in order to be able to gank your target… You do the very things that would cause you “mis-timing warpins” just to avoid us, not to mention all the targets you don’t even try to gank if we are there… And you pretend that those “mis-timing warpins” that you’re inflicting upon yourself to try to avoid us are the main reason you sometimes fail and that our presence is mostly irrelevant? :rofl: :rofl:

So what? Of course you’re still gonna be able to gank profitable targets when we’re not there for one reason or another, or when they’re so weak, on autopilot even, that they’re gonna die no matter what. What does that prove exactly other than there are plenty of idiots or mere ignorants out there?

Sorry, but I don’t remember having ever said or pretended I’m a hero. Can you please quote where did I do that?

What I do claim is to be a honest person, something you obviously are not…

Sorry, what gank was that? You’re not referring to the anti-tanked paper thin Bestower on auto-pilot that you went all the way to gank in Hatakani, far away from me and not even in my area of operation, are you? Because if you are, you’re using that gank as proof of what exactly?

There are gankers I respect and appreciate. I’m friends with some of them even. You’re not one of them. And yet, as much as I despise you, I still never did and never will go as low as you did here just to try to belittle you, for the simple reason that I’m a much better person than you proved to be here…

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Chill guys. Please give this thread an anniversary atleast.:hugs:

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I don’t necessarily think it’s true colours but it seems they all have to lie about

our effectiveness

their effectiveness

how we are all such a bad group of bitter people

why they are a great group playing the game the right way

The psychological battle is often overlooked ,remember groups like Code went unopposed for years using fear and intimidation anyone that would oppose them got a wardec from there war group or Merc’s, then CCP changed things .

Now we can mess up there game play with quite limited resources in manpower, imagine if we doubled or tripled our ranks now they hear the word fail all to often, they get annoyed just like the miners who get ganked by 22 cats and need to rant . Unlike us , we failed a lot in the past but kepted at it and now with a great group of people and knowledge we make a difference at their expense.

So to people reading this never trust what they say and Aiko will never give you your ship back now matter how much money you give her.
Fit your ships properly , use local and dscan and set ganker groups to red , oh and join us in killing them😊


Is he your alt too?


That just sounds like you were unable to compete on your own merit, so you had to be given an artificial handicap by CCP in order to be able to fight back. You might be happy that you got it, but this isn’t something I’d brag about.

But it is. There is more to this than mere lies.

Just look at that last paragraph he wrote about me and that you mentioned yourself in a previous post. That’s what they would (rightfully) use as an example of how badly others behave. And yet, some of them do behave the exact same crappy way when under a pressure they don’t like…

It’s easy to appear to be a nice person and make others look bad when things go well and you’re at the top of the food chain. It’s when someone has to deal with the same kind of pressure and frustration caused by others that he enjoys to cause himself (nothing wrong with doing that in game as long as it’s done within the game rules), that his true colours show up…


Githany Gertrude Red!

There is some crazy mental gymnastics going on here.

Only a small fraction of players regularly use the forum.

The vast majority of forum users don’t read C&P section.

And for the couple hundreds who occasionally come to C&P, they no gonna follow this long ass thread.

This is basically a private conversation among a handful of people, stop masturbating aGeNcY out of it.

We missed tons of ganks by miss-timing warpins with thrashers when we didn’t have tackle available is what I’m referring to.

What do you mean exactly “when we’re not there”? You literally sit there all day… not just AFK but you sit there all day. To the point where if you don’t see activity out of us you’ll move an alt to where my scanner is just to see if you can see the beam from my ship scanning people. It doesn’t matter if it was EU, US, or AU time zone… if I so much as cargo scanned a single ship you’d be back within minutes.

I don’t think this is true, in fact I know there are plenty among YOUR ranks that don’t even like you.

LOL is this single thread enough for you to despise me?? That’s strange man… You say that you enjoy what you do because you get to see the reactions of others but isn’t that exactly what people claim is wrong with gankers? You’re taking a moral high ground just because you’re not being as sarcastic or… mean as me but I think Ridley Rohan can definitely play armchair psychologist on this one and diagnose you.

I point out the inefficiency of what you do and add in a bit of spice joking about how you seem to have no life. If this is too much for you to handle I’m sorry… but then again come on man, grow some skin. If you’re that sensitive to how much time you play then maybe you should… you know play less?

This thread is probably going to get a cleanup or get locked but I do agree that we should keep it in-game. I edited my original statement about you the player yelling at mom for meatloaf as you sit upon your toilet gaming chair and instead it’s directed to the capsuleer.

By being there I obviously mean being in target system (or close enough that I might arrive in time), and not AFK.

Except I don’t. I’m online or try to be nearly 24/7, and you can never predict when I’ll be AFK and when not, but your last couple of hauler ganks in Hek are a clear example of me not “being there”, despite me being online and having my main precisely in that system (docked) when they happened.

ROFL. I love it when gankers think I spend doing this a lot more effort than I really do…

Having to watch the beam would require too much attention on my part. No way I’d be willing to do that. What I do is zoom in the scout so I may clearly hear the scanning sound while I’m doing something else.

That simple technique works great to deal with gankers that think playing the AFK game with me is a good idea…

This is correct, pretty much the only thing you got right about me. As far as EvE goes, I can often make it look as if I didn’t have a time zone.

This is wrong too. A single cargo scan won’t make me come if I’m doing something else atm. There have to be multiple scans or other signs of potential ganking activity for me to get ready.

That’s fine. I love it when people I don’t like have trouble believing things about me that are true (or when they believe things about me that are patently false). I got used to this kind of things long ago and always enjoy when it happens. It ended up becoming yet another reason to not post my kills unless made with a KR, LOL.

And just to be clear, I never try to make people believe things that are false. I always tell the truth. I just find it incredibly amazing and funny when, despite telling the truth, someone prefers to believe things about me that are false regardless for the sole reason that he’s unable/unwilling to consider the possibility that he could be wrong. :grin:

Interesting that you would mention that in the very same sentence where you say you don’t think I could be friends with some gankers…

When you say MY ranks you mean other anti-gankers I don’t fly with and which I don’t like either, right? What do you think could be the reason we don’t like each other? Do you happen to like them ?

How comes you cannot believe I’m friends with some gankers despite some anti-gankers not liking me either? Sure the only explanation can be that I must be “socially inept” and cannot have friends at all, be they gankers or anti-gankers, right? I ask because I’ve been told that before, and I’d love that you would believe that too… :grin:

Well, you’ve been disrespectful to me in local before, calling me retard, remember? And that was despite me not having ever been disrespectful to you until now, and having even helped you understand some weird thing that happened one day, remember?

So yes, this thread would have been enough, but there happens to be more than just this thread to justify that…

First off, I would probably still enjoy what I do for roleplay reasons alone even if I didn’t get any player reactions at all, but yeah, it would be much less fun.

Now, which people are you talking about that say there is something wrong with that? I sure am not one of them… I do find it hilarious when someone goes mad and loses his mind for the sole reason that his ship was unexpectedly blown up in a spaceship shooting game too…

What might be wrong is taking that too far, to the point where it could have adverse RL consequences even. Now that’s something else entirely different that I definitely don’t do nor would enjoy doing…

What? Where have I said anything to that effect? Is this yet another wrong assumption you’re making about me? You’re completely making that up…

You’re only making a fool of yourself by “thinking” so many wrong things…

ROFLMAO. :rofl: :rofl:

Being a jerk is what you did.

LOL. You seem to be confusing it showing what a jerk you are with me not being able to handle it…

You realise I’m not the only one that found that paragraph completely inappropriate, right?

Maybe it’s you who needs to play less so you may spend more time becoming aware when you’re being a jerk without others having to tell you?