Uedama anti-gank

Now this is true, once I went through a gate, and Knowledgeminer was there in his uncloaky Loki. So I thought ok, let’s party, but he was AFK and asleep. So I messaged him, and he later admitted that he was AFK. Another time I went through a gate, and Githany was there in her sleepy little Atron, and I thought it was content time. Nope. She was just AFK snoozing. I mean, really, just AFK in outer space? I’ve never been undocked AFK, ever. If I were, faction police would kill me in seconds.

It’s almost like antigankers play EVE on easy mode, like bowling with inflatable bumpers in the gutters, and it sure sounds BORING!


Never been afk in my little Atron , is that the same Atron that pulls you out of your gank fleet and later gets you to fit warp stabs to a cat :roll_eyes:.
I don’t know about others but we all have real interfere with eve now and then , if I have to go I alway click dock or go safe. I started eve in lowsec so it alway stayed with me I’m please to say .

How’s the fund raising going?

True to some extent but it’s also a handy place to point people to see for themselves what the AG / Ganker on going conflict is like .
Many people don’t understand what happened to them after a gank , so this can help , just as I use Aiko’s blog for the same thing.

It also a good record of events over the past year , sure it will be nice to look back one day .

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Maybe your right , I just hate to think people can be so bitter and angry and from reading other blogs a twisted sense of humanity. Just happy my interaction stays in-game I also make a point of reading comments about me as aimed at my character .
Part of what makes eve great is also what can be the cause of great upset, things we work hard for can be taken from us and that in turn can lead to heated chat.
Isn’t that what we love about eve .

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Just talking about factors coming together people coming back to game, CCP changing wardec , me meeting my corp members, the fall of code , learning ways to fight .
It all adds to the point we are at now and in its basic terms, we can stop a Kusion gank twice in a row, we can take out tornado gankers with killrights and we can make The pirate princess fit warp core stabs to a cat and kill ganker freighters.
Of course as things change with the new industry coming who knows what tomorrow will bring.

(In fact that made me think about our achievements over the past year to which there are many more but that can be for some other post)


Anti-gank is additional content for players who want to waste their-- sorry - have fun hunting the hunters.
CODE is also additional content for players who want to kiss a-- sorry - want to gank in the name of some pompous a–sorry - the name of fun hunting those who can’t shoot back.
It’s all good in the world of P2–sorry - dog-eat-dog rat-eat-rat pew-pew baddabing-baddaboom.
Mining asteroids has never been more fun. AFK players should be destroyed any chance anyone can. A few non-AFK players will be shot down too but that’s why we have fancy words like ‘Collateral damage’.
Uedema, just one system to love-hate among many others. There’s nowhere to hide from PvP.
Want to hear a good joke?
That’s it, that’s the joke :slight_smile:

CODE is a joke ATM.


How so?

Well. They Implode. Two Historic event happens. The Mittani was defeated and CODE imploded.

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Imploded? Is there a link or a source I can go to read details? I find that piece of info hard to believe.

in what way ?

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I see the CODE. being enforced everyday. CODE. is an idea that can’t be killed rather than a tangible group.


Not sure why hi sec is a joke ,not sure I understand your post at all. Maybe your an elite F1 null bear and don’t understand hi sec because not understanding something often leads to anger .
You see it all the time with gank victims they don’t understand what’s happening get angry and say silly things .
So sorry I missed your point please feel free to enlighten me.

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Not sure either of these events happen really but we do have 2 more groups that now think highly of themselves and lording around eve .

I feel a fitting quote is need here but can’t think of one .

And maybe I’m Cap’n Crunch!

I have no financial incentive to enlighten you.

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It’s Counter Gankers job to gank them🙂

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And we’re the ones that need help?

I get stuff like this daily. I’ve never even interacted with this guy, but I assume that my presence in this system has done it.

So you want to know why gankers gank? Well, it’s obviously to expose human trash such as this guy. While you’re all getting your feelings hurt over being called a mean name, I’m getting actual real-life threats :wink:

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Yes, but you have to remember, you’re a ganker, so in the eyes of the white knights, you deserve it. If you just chose to play differently, you wouldn’t receive these threats, just by being in system, so it’s really your fault.