Uedama anti-gank

And none to post anything at all ever again. If you don’t want to be constructive for free, by all means don’t be. The door is over there.

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Renly Gnosis Miner, it’s not about the money.

It’s just you. It’s personal.

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When someone says “If you play with fire you will get burned” they are not saying it in support of the fire, nor are they saying you should be denied medical treatment. But they are definitely saying they are not going to offer you moral support.

In fact, I have little doubt that quite a few gankers absolutely LOVE to get that sort of response. What could be saltier than a death threat? And look what Robocop said himself. He claims to gank to expose “such people”. Well he succeeded. And now he wants a hug?

Anyway, maybe that was in character? Or is it more fun to assume its IRL?

Reading is fundamental. Cel’ah VeeCel_ah_Vee said what he said and he is perfectly capable of speaking for himself. Take a seat, right over there.

Calm down Gnosis miner.


Nah you’re wrong here. I get that I’m playing the “bad guy” but does that justify real life threats? Surely you don’t think it does.

While I find responses like this humorous, it’s still a serious matter. Is it not the reason why GigX was banned forever when he told The Judge that he was going to cut his hands off? You never know the lengths that some crazy person on the internet will go to in order to do… crazy things to people in real life.

I don’t need nor do I want a hug. I’m here showing you that while I get accused of hurting people feelings that here’s a real reason to be upset at something. The burden you bear from me poking fun is nothing in the face of real life threats day in and day out. A good example of how people can’t separate real life from a video game.

I mean am I not play the game within the confines of what is approved by CCP? I’m playing a video game. I’m playing it in a way that you dislike and actively oppose. You say that people that participate in this facet of gameplay suffer from a multitude of mental and personality disorders. Yes here we are in 2021 and CCP still wants ganking in their game!

What fire am I playing with? What actions of mine justify a response like this in which you can’t condemn them and actively support my opposition to such reactions? Instead you choose to point out that I’ve made my bed and I can lie in it.

You bunch are crazy man.

Should have added the /s I guess.

Oof I totally walked right into a wall of sarcasm lol. :slight_smile:


It’s like you’re dancing around the cusp of saying that playing a villain in a fictional environment is a worse thing to do than to threaten someone’s life/safety over what happens in a video game, but there’s still some tiny part of your conscience buried deep inside that still has some rationality, and is preventing you from engaging in balls-out victim-blaming.

Some mental gymnastics will have to be performed to determine who’s worse: the video game ganker, or someone threatening to molest your children because you blew up their pixel spaceship.


I wonder how much of people’s reaction is cultural. I have noticed how some East European’s struggle with female authority at work , how people from USA or maybe parts of it seem rude to each other when talking . A polish girl friend of mine tells her guys when English people are in ear shot " Guy’s happy talk remember " .

I’m no expert but a lot of what we get could be this , what do people think ,made all the worse by people who don’t mix with other Nations.


I mean I understand where you’re coming from but what you’re suggesting ought to be subtle differences in interaction. I don’t know where in the world it’s socially acceptable to say what that dude said.

So yeah even for someone that has a difficult time accepting women in a position of power or superiority because it’s engrained in their culture doesn’t give them a pass to threaten someone.


I also get that there’s a fine line between jokes and hate speech. If the audience isn’t sure if it’s in the context of a joke then don’t be surprised if something is perceived as hate speech.


I will also maybe concede that Google Translate may not but 100% accurate when translating from moon runes to English.

So maybe this wasn’t a threat! Either way I’ll let CCP decide and if it indeed is translated as a real life threat then I hope he’s banned forever. :wink:

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Oh yes not saying any of it is right but I have learnt over time the reaction I’ll get from provoking a Russian compared to an American will be different and with all social restraints removed because it’s a game people get carried away.


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Lol moon runes , but yes people need to learn , it’s a game with a mix from all over the world.

Makes me glad I don’t work for the UN :relaxed:

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Best way to antigank would be just to have a crap ton of T2 repair cruisers or something like that wouldn’t it? Don’t really need to shoot them

I have doubts you’re getting death threats daily as Eve isn’t quite so full with unstable players such as Boroda, I’d say this leans towards an extreme response. Nevertheless, his/her response is not normal and I hope they are given a short ban (if a first offence).

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Of course not , I’m with you on this one and you was right to report him.

Why are you even asking or are you trying to bait, can we get back to the game you lowlife pirate


You wish… You have no power here whatsoever to insist I do anything so go sit down and be quiet.

I was being facetious, learn the nuance of a language before having knee-jerk reactions.

Where? :face_with_monocle: I see no door, only your trap moving uselessly :nerd_face:

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Oh, sweetie, you have no idea.