Uedama anti-gank

Not to keen on it myself , I bet if you look back I bet you the gankers started calling us that like the name white knight. Who would call themselves that anyway.

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You are literally wearing white.

Actually the Anti-Ganker can never be labeled as a ganker because the -10 gankers are always able to be attacked by anyone.

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Since ‘white knight’ is being used by gankers in an internet Arena, the term ‘white knight’ is as follows:

In internet slang, a white knight is a man who comes to the unsolicited defense of a woman online, in the hopes of romantic or sexual favor.

In the gankers of Uedama’s viewpoint, they believe they are defending or rescuing High Sec from miners, and auto piloting haulers or any one who doesn’t accept their viewpoint as the correct viewpoint.

Hello there princess, I think we are going to be the bestest of friends.

My gramgrams Gallente always told me it was okay to wear white after Labor Day.

I have found that people often use phrases like white night, special snowflake, ganker trash, bot-aspirant etc. to invalidate others because they don’t want to process feelings in themselves. After repeatedly doing this one isn’t even aware of the root feelings any longer, they just generate anger as a sort of analgesic. I imagine this is true both for Eve players and their characters and is one of the major components in salt generation.

Even the most bloodthirsty pirate has an Amarr gramgrams somewhere in their past that they had some semblance of affection for. Through years of rough living, murder, and mayhem (as well as the psychic scrambling that happens when repeatedly podded) some characters get darker and darker. At this point criminality seems like an obvious choice.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Advances in pod technology are helping, but mostly YOU CAN CHOOSE to play a good guy, you can play a white night, all the memes be damned if that’s what you want to do. You don’t even have to be THE BEST GUY, you only have to be a little better than the bad guys.

Personally I’m more of a gray to navy blue knight / vigilante / wizard type that steals drugs from the evidence room: but also helps little old ladies and pacifist haulers when the fancy strikes me.

Also if anyone ever gets laid by helping someone in Eve post to forum or it didn’t happen, thanks!

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And you wonder why everyone calls Eve Online Smash Bros.

Im not certain if freighters and orcas can use Triglavian filaments to jack into Null, wait 15 minutes, jack into Trig held space, wait 15 minutes and hope the ship doesn’t get stopped by Trigs and then jack into a high sec system and go about their route.

Had a good training op last night , corp met up with other AG groups in Uedama and we got this

Btw this is a ganker failing at looting ,saying that he got his target but we killed his looter.

We done all


GJ. Gankers still use suspect freighters?? Too lazy to swap containers?

But the killmail may suggest there was more loot, or fail gank assessment.

EDIT: found it, looks like total fail gank Fenrir | Phey'lya | Killmail | zKillboard

the wrapped cargo was very big, would that have something to do with it.

No because the Velator is clearly seen in the killmail. Going for it can only be the result of a blackout.

EDIT: the way I’ve seen this work before: drop container, middle man in noob ship moves stuff to container and goes suspect. Freighter picks up container. Plastic wraps and other containers can’t be moved this way, but I think you can move contents of containers from wreck. Not sure if you can just eject containers, which can be laundered by picking up. I’m not a ganker. :wink:

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whole thing was a bit strange , like why the freighter wreck we killed disappeared before the Fenrir,
why their freighter went flashy yellow as i had him per locked and where did the cargo go , one of our guys was looking at it say how big it was then gone , no other ships around from what i could see.

But eve is strange sometimes
Needed to record it next time

Looked like a gank contract to me, cause seems silly to haul free ships that you can just hit a button in the station to get.

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Can anyone explain what a gank contract is and how you can look out for one?

At least one version is a contract to hauler w bundled worthless items but a high collateral. Then gankers kill the hauler and contractor gets collateral

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Can also be that there is a container in there that makes it impossible to get the contract on one guy and then contract it again to the hauler, so the gankers know who to target.

I did see in that drop a container and plastic wrap with well the ships i guess adding size but no value.

Some videos talking about it
Markeedragon: EVE Gank Contracts How to Spot Them and Survive - Play EVE for Free Project - YouTube
EVEnton: How to spot Scam and Gank Hauling Contracts 2020! Eve Online Hauling - YouTube

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This explains the gank, but not the suspect loot freighter.

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I don’t have a permit to captain a nuclear powered attack submarine, but that’s not going to slow me down one but if I find one laying about some place.