Uedama anti-gank

Most people are not criminals…

Eh? Since when?

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To the person necroflagging ancient posts, I just have to ask why on earth its worth your time to do so?


That was precisely my point too…the myth of the ‘stupid, lazy, unaware’ miner that gankers love to propound in their usual condescending manner. The whole idea that if someone is ganked it is somehow THEIR fault…and not the fact that 23 Catalysts showed up with overwhelming firepower.

A quick look on zKillboard shows that most miners ARE adequately tanked up…the ‘lazy’ insult simply doesn’t apply. As for unaware…I’ve seen Procurers in zKillboard taken down by as few as 5 ships. Hard to keep track of that in Local where there may be 40 people and variations of 5 or more quite regularly.

Even the advice about aligning to an exit point is not always valid…as gankers can simply follow a person’s routine and be there waiting at the asteroid belt.

Lol…I’m not the one who’s every post is an exercise in condescension rather than actually responding to the points. Stupid miners. Stupid, stupid, miners. That is effectively your response to everything.

True…but then the old adage ’ know your enemy’ still holds true so its still useful in terms of understanding the different mindsets and how they work out in Eve.

I’ll try that later this week thxs , got something else to try 1st but I feel once the ping-pong starts he will move sys or log , hoping we will go away , one group has mover all the way to Odin already.

Staying in that system sounds lazy to me.

Let me guess,theres a compression array available in it?

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I’ve no idea why there were 40 people in a region that normally has less than 20 ( and I’ve mined there at 3am and been the only one there ). And I don’t stay in the system. I mine there and sell the ore at a good price in another system…unlike the noobs who sell there and seem happy with 40% below the average rate.

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Right, so you do see that lazy very much does apply to some people.

Im glad its them and not me.

Hooray for the lazy, I say

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I don’t think those noobs are lazy…I think they are just ignorant of how to look around for the best prices. Even with the increased risk of stargate ganking, its still worth going to the region next door if the price is 50% higher. The increased profit quickly pays for any new ship that might be needed :slight_smile:

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And yet it is true. Why is it only the gankers have to put in effort? From your POV, miners should be able to mine from in station in absolute safety LOL.

But the miners don’t have to take the time to learn right? ROFL.

So you admit you know they are dumb. Got it.

Cilla Cybin, the gift that keeps on giving.

She is a bit strange. My main point is the frontline is everywhere. To not practice opsec even in high sec is just asking to get blapped.

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Big assumption that they are noobs.

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The usual argument from hindsight…expecting a one day old miner to know all the stuff you know from years in Eve. That is actually half the problem. Oldbies retrospectively place themselves in noobies shoes and of course everything looks so easy !

Oh yes…that solo ganker I saw in a video the other day was putting SO much effort into…er…sitting there at a stargate for hours watching traffic go by and reading ship contents. Gosh…even a miner could cope with that stupendous level of sheer effort !

EVE has been out for 15+ years. If they can’t Google a game that old to learn tactics thru various websites, YT and other sources, they should chuck their comp into the ocean. Before I play a game, I google guides extensively to learn what I wanna do as to not waste time. But I guess reading is hard huh?

So he was ship scanning with no back up support? In other words he didn’t gank anyone. Got it.

You going to clear the gate at abhazon then? The long route to Jita from Amarr is getting boring XD

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Why would anyone ‘learn tactics’ of a game they’re simply looking into to see if they are even interested in the first place ?

Oh, and the ganker claimed he was making billions…but most of the time was spent just sitting there watching traffic ( in several accounts…one to pick up any loot, etc ). Which sort of makes me laugh when gankers say mining is boring, yet there’s some guy who’s entire day consists of reading cargo contents and he doesn’t even have a pretty laser to look at :slight_smile: