Uedama anti-gank

They do make billions. Esp those who are ganking abyss runners. A dude just had a guy donate 6.8 billion to him after ganking him.

These peeps gank themselves.

Who learns tactics for a game? I dunno maybe someone who enjoys playing them without sucking and so these situations won’t happen to them? Again, if they can’t be bothered to learn basic gameplay, they deserve all the antimatter those catas can pump into them.

What’s that all about , did I miss that story.

A safety dude kept ganking a dude on the regular. He then gave 6.8bil to the dude. Happened like two weeks ago


It sounds like you’re saying that the ganker gave the gankee ISK.

I don’t believe it.

Please work on your syntax

@Ramona_McCandless :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve told this story a bunch. And no, the gankee gave the ganker the money. He posted proof.

A dude last night brought an athanor and a core thru Uedama in an untanked T1 indy. The core dropped upon gank. They gank themselves dude. Part of the reason AGing is so thankless is because much of high sec is not smart and can barely play the game.

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We keep trying, we tried to warn one streamer of an incoming gang once , he’d called us names , blocked us , then went afk walking away from his screen without trousers on, I tell you I was in shock.

We left him for the gankers .

Talking of which , I saw coachsubway in uedama saying good fight to someone , I said hello but no response, he might have been podded and ended up back in jita looking at faction ships.

That streamer sounds like a ganker aspirant. :joy:

Might you say that a lot of highsec players act like mindless automatons paying little attention to the world around them? That they are so focussed on their task at hand that they require reminding that this game was designed as everyone Vs everyone for a reason?

Might you… in fact… be Aiko Danuja in disguise???

Dum Dum duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!

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Am I her alt? No. Do we talk? Yea.

I’ve been AGing part time on and off for about a month. I spend about 2-3 hours a night in Uedama. The most frustrating part of AGing? It isn’t the gankers. Its the absolute idiocy of most high sec haulers/peeps.

AGing is almost impossible because they don’t fit a tank and thus can’t even last long enough for us to rep or blap the gankers. Thotamon is out there damn near melting his reps trynna rep people who literally have no tank.

A couple days ago a dude brought an athanor/core in a T1 indy thru Uedama, with 0 tank mods fitted. He popped in 2 seconds and the core dropped. He didn’t even take the time to protect himself.

So yes, they barely pay attention or play the game. Death is a friend, He always finds you, and it is always your fault.

“She” is a “He”…

“She said, Hey Babe, take a walk on the wild side…”

…For those old enough to remember Lou Reed.


Gix firebrand it seems to be, your an alt for many gankers

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You have proof of that LOL? I don’t care either way. The char is a girl, so I use she.

Cope brother.

Apparently. I wish man. I’d love to be making a couple bil per hour LOL.

I think I was 7 when that came out. Look at those cars and clothes! A much simpler time.

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Please remember the 90% drop rate over the next few days , so ganker hot spots could be very active.

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The thing I ultimately have to laugh at is the twisting of ‘can’ and ‘allowed’.

I ‘can’ drive through town at 100mph. That is simply not the same as I am ‘allowed’ to drive through town at 100mph.

If I drive through town at 100mph, the police will be hot on my tail and arrest me. I would not get away with arguing ’ but officer…I CAN drive through town at 100mph…well at least for 15 seconds…so that clearly means I am allowed to '.

And yet…somehow that is precisely the argument that gankers in highsec make…as they get ‘arrested’.

Fly safe during the Halloween Horrors event peeps…


Uedama is lava right now its great :smiley:

I contemplated flying a brand new redeemer from jita to Amarr, then decided not to. I saw alot of activity in the way there and a guy who was multiboxong about 15 catalysts in ohide. All had the name Kee vos, Kee something, Kee Something etc.

I injected about 4400 plex worth of injectors yesterday to get to blops. Im very happy but have a lot of reading and practice ahead to yse it properly.


You can, just get good with the MWD Cloak trick.