Uedama anti-gank

Why bother. I had my Amarrian shuttle so i jumped back and brought it in Amarr.

Now that was amusing, Ganker sets up on Sivala gate with Ruptures, someone executes a kill right successfully and the Ganker logs all of his gank toons, presumably in disgust at losing to an AG player.

Uedama is fun…


Unfortunately I’m going to miss the fun today , got a sticking cold which is a shame , last night was fun with attacks on ag pilots and many fails.

The other night @Aiko_Danuja was filling her time in between timers by doing assessments on ag pilots .
Mine was interesting . Apparently I need to spend less time afk but to know more I had to send her 50mil followed by 100mil , not sure what that was for but I’d stop listening by then :blush:.

@Dracvlad maybe she will assess you next . Anyway back to bed for now :sneezing_face:

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Apparently I do not undock… :blush: Perhaps then I will get some incorrect mental health issue diagnosed. By the way health professionals never do internet evaluations, they have to do a personal face to face evaluation. So to make up for that they will do a few links to mental health definitions to try to look knowledgeable… :roll_eyes:

Forum warfare at its best though, still I will likely laugh at it.

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If that’s you, you should ungroup your guns; and just put one gun on each of several gankers.

Will get a lot more killmarks faster with that approach, as that and loot seem like the only real outcomes.

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I would not fly anything blingy at all till event is done. The chum is in the water haha. I, for one, think they should do this 1 week every month. Also they should increase low sec rewards during that time too.

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Just like Miss white in uedama in her sky breaker doing 0.2 % damage and at a time when gankers are going after every bling ship and ag pilot they can and not a scratch to her 1/2b ship .


Not very useful for takling dps off the field though… right?

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I’ll probably get called a Pleb or something :slight_smile:

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No totally not. In that video, even grouped wasn’t effective at taking DPS off the field either.

Needed more AGs to be present. So in that case, where you’re not going to be very effective solo, but are looking to add killmarks, then ungrouping is going to be better for that.

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Maybe get her to do us all , what ever she puts it would be funny

Even if you are on your own it’s good practice to try to maximise your DPS, now with my tornado I can kill two cats before concord arrival, other ships I’m getting close to 3 , so I’ll keep playing with fits and keep going for DPS

Need to make sure I’m not getting to much wasted DPS on each cat , our corp has a way of spreading its DPS which works great


His DPS doesn’t change by ungrouping, however I’m sure you really mean, it’s better to focus the DPS on a single target, to which I’d just ask why?

If you know you are in a situation where you aren’t going to be effective (as in the video) and the only outcome in going to be loot from the gankers, and killmarks, what does focusing ineffective fire do?

If you are in a situation where you might be effective, for example if the number of gankers is going to be really close to delivering the needed damage for the kill, then yeah, staying grouped and hoping to prevent the gank seems good. But if you are in a situation like the video, where you know you aren’t going to be effective, what’s the benefit?

I wonder if Scipio realises that many AG have had very detailed fitting discussions on this very subject? Seems to think that we are all stupid or something.

Has he not worked out that Hazen is just doing that for fun?

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If I’m on my own and I know it’s futile , I may try to kill a ganker that I’ve not killed before or if I know the group, try and take out their FC or a multi-boxers main character.

You never know what my causing upset and lead to a failed gank .

Some gankers even react badly to being killed as they land and my personal aim is 100% player kill 0% concord , gate guns and faction police not to bothered about.

I even made an overview without pod but just can’t help myself
" oh there’s Aiko " and pop , I have tried .
So km are nice but getting your ship in the right position of effective alpha kills is more important but your right if you want kill mark do as Miss White and her skybreaker is doing but make sure your friends with the gankers first😉


is there a Discord group channel related to anti-ganks or similar stuff?

There is no central Discord for AG at least as far as I know, however there are groups that do have a Discord and a more organised structure. In reality it is a pretty loose setup based on the channels in game. Part of the reason for this is that the gankers always try to infiltrate with fake AG fanatics, and before the war dec change any organised group got war decked into oblivion…

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I was about to “like” your comment until I finished reading it. To celebrate a destructive process over a productive process puts you in a category of personality types that I wouldn’t want to be associated with.

Huh. Someone takes space pixels seriously :smiley:

Ships going kabow is the heart of EVE. Facts don’t care about your feelings bruv.

We got a channel that Drac “mods” by shushing people. So most people don’t talk because he is a killjoy.

I’ll talk with ya tho :smiley: