Uedama anti-gank

I’m glad I don’t have to pay rent on that space in your head that I occupy. It seems very angry and uninviting.

Like when you incorrectly jumped on me with stupidity and malice over the safe spot hunting I did 3 levels in on an AFK cloaky camper a number of years back when I advised someone who had been decloaked that it was possible to locate him. You started it then, and when someone else mentioned it just recently I invited you to apologise, but you could not admit you were wrong it just showed what you are. That is the space you have in my head.

And the reason that matters is because you were actually largely a decent poster, but the way you have slipped into snide comments and aggressive incorrect posting is so telling.

On another note, there was some clean up in Uedama, sadly I was unable to participate on the final stage due to RL commitments, however I did help in the reinforcement.

Amusingly I was just watching a stream with Brisc_Rubal in it and there were some priceless comments like, “how did we miss this war dec”, well we do wonder that. Merk is a CEO of a major Goon corp, Karmafleet I believe. Followed by “that is only two Raitaru’s”, not counting the two blown up earlier in the night and five in the previous war dec, and costing 1.4bn each. That stream was very amusing, it was Merk who came up with all these statements not Brisc, just so you Brisc haters out there can’t make your normal digs.

In this stream you will note that Goons had this ganker alliance +10 and they were talking about defending it. Funny that…

As for not dropping drones, well why would one do that? Serious answers only on a post card. And I have to say Nullsec people make odd assumptions about people playing in hisec.

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Of course nothing current :smiley:

Bro why lie?

The amount of hurt he did you is amusing. You are leaking salt from every orifice.

Unfitted structure, Vexor gets a drone bonus - not really sure why the multiboxer wasn’t using drones. Highsec people are weird.

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Fixed that for you.

I guess you’ve never heard of “Damage Limit (per second)”. You can look it up.

You’re not going to hit damage cap on a structure with 15 Vexors and why waste the ammo.

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There is another reason, which is why we found it funny, you did not make the comment in any case, I am intrigued whether you will understand why.

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Thank you :woozy_face:

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Feel free to share with the class.


There were 20+ gankers in system and a potential threat from WT’s in the system next door. If you apply the drones on the structure then they get all spread out orbiting it, which is not good if you end up in combat. As the guns were enough they obviously felt that was the best option. It was not weird or crazy, I hope you don’t mind this little bit of light hearted humour on that.

I reinforced one of the structures with two Iki’s, the thing is I did not launch the drones for the same reason, though in that case the guns were the main damage dealers.


So you warp off, then warp back in.

It wasn’t contested, though.


Gankers need to rush blast a target, you have to accept that you could lose one or two to that, so one could just re-ship and keep at it. No need to warp out. You use cheap stuff for that very reason. And it was at the end of the other WT’s TZ so that threat was unlikely.

If you have 60 in stock then yeah, why bother, but the cost does add up.

Not so weird or crazy though. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re arguing with peeps who barely undock :smiley: You aren’t gonna get much discourse. Drac got bullied into re-subbing by Aiko. Razorback welched on his contest and allegedly quit and gave away all his money.

What kills me is you act like you just aren’t in station ship spinning.

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Is there anyone in your house that can help you with reading comprehension? I hear the government has a lot of good programs on accessibility issues.

Ain’t my fault you’re a welcher bro, as well as abelist. Oof.

Nothing wrong with my comprehension. Isn’t my fault you decided to stiff those dudes.

Its ok bro, keep on not playing :smiley:

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What about a corp not eligible for war and that uses only NPC structures that can guarantee safety from gankers?

My lord… After all these years, Ag still gets excited popping empty criminal pods. Years later, you still have’nt stopped a thing. I love it. Somehow, shooting a pod after Concord makes one an AG hero.

I miss eve…


I think that is starting to happen now, Githany is the best example.

Hazen got a really juicy CODE pod in Niarja a while back, you should ask him about it.

I said a short time ago I tried to stop killing pods but just can’t help myself sometimes and we stop plenty these day’s