Uedama anti-gank

Hi Drac. Been a long time :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Kaely, I hope you are well.

Welcome back.

Nothing has changed in what is the true eternal war in EVE.

A lot has changed, the I win bumping mechanic was changed to something so much more reasonable. The knock on effect of this is evident to those who use their brains, and the conflict in Uedama is evidence of that.

For example the latest multi-boxing ganker in Uedama has just dropped his own Astrahus 42,927 km off of the Juung gate.

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Who dropped that

AVALON, he dropped a corp out of his alliance to anchor it, I think it finishes to anchor in 5 hours. There are more being anchored, they so desperately need those perches.

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And yet, nothing has changed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m sure Kaely will understand. She’s always been pretty insightful.

Finally someone burned the structures. Thats all people really needed to do to end most ganking. Although the fort is still up.

Gotta field some oracles I guess.

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I would agree with that, hopefully she will rub off on a couple of others.

Maybe this is the new war we fight , eve is forever changing

Maybe Uedama will test the faithful, as the sky’s burn

This is one of the benefits of the changes to bumping, it made the gankers focus on using certain systems to do most of their ganking, this also meant that they required certain infrastructure to make it more efficient or easier while excessively multi-boxing.

The war decs are definitely something that could add to this conflict, I keep hoping that more people will see the benefit of clearing these structures out.

This is a major change and it is a pity that CCP does not seem to see it.

@Brisc_Rubal, if we could have further restrictions on -10’s in terms of docking in NPC stations in hisec it would develop this further.

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Already in a corp but is there any public channel or something more secure?

And an especially good corp at that.

My group has a Discord obviously, but while it has an AG section it is more of an alliance one. But in reality most of the AG stuff is done in more private Eve chat channels with trusted participants, over time if you appear to be kosher and doing good stuff people will invite you, just give it time and activity. Please understand how easy it is to infiltrate and understand why it is like this. I have even got invited to a few, don’t know why though. :slight_smile:

Well here is one of my AG videos EVE Online - Another Iteron saved in Uedama - YouTube
See what some fit on a not very tanky ship can do? in many cases i see the possible target, i start locking and they just vanish instantly, no fit = might as well just destroy the items directly.


It was a while ago and it was just 600mill (twice) from empire ganking alt. Nothing special.
The Niarja Fortizar kill was more special :wink:

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LOL the clout chasing. Its ok bruv, people still think Githany is better than you.

Preach it brother. You out there doing the real work.

As mining channel knows, @Gix_Firebrand is a well established ganker. Ask K0 K0…

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Whose alt are you LOL. How many alts do you got KO KO?

  1. I’ve never ganked anyone high sec
  2. Never ganked K0 K0
  3. The only thing I do in mining chat is slay people in political/religious debates

Thankee for coming to my EVE talk.

You’re a legend in your own mind.

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