Uedama anti-gank

I am indeed. And thankfully I am. Too many of ya’ll play this game in such a shallow manner.

The whole goal is to forge your own path and have your own fun. I do that every time I play.

I feel pity for you, truly. Hopefully you gave your ISK to someone who actually plays :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile::rofl::sob: :arrow_up:

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Mm. If emoji’s are all you got, I accept you ceding the field.


The situation in Uedama reminds me of the situation in Athens, Tennesee in 1946; the police were so corrupt that citizens rose up and violently got rid of them. Its too bad Concord cannot be gotten rid of in Uedama. They are probably more a hindrance to AG than gankers.

Anyway, there seriously gets to be a point of lawlessness that a system should change its sec rating to reflect its ACTUAL circumstances. Typical historical responses to such situations range from completely withdrawing Imperial forces to brutally cracking down with MORE Imperial forces, while doing nothing, as in this case, is an anomaly at best.

  1. Again with the un-needed real life references. Honestly. Get a grip ROFL.
  2. How would removing CONCORD help AGers? You know what would help AGers? If New Eden peeps fitted a tank.

One of the dumbest things ever written.

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Imagine being this bad at EVE.

That is a sentiment common among those who simply do not understand what they just read, or the details its based on.

Its sort of like the fact that no one accuses others of being idiots more than idiots. You don’t get it, so you declare it must be stupid.

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Hey, Ridley, I’m in agreement.

CCP should delete CONCORD so, uh, antigankers can fight the gankers.


That’s not a fact at all.

Cicero, Mark Twain, George Carlin and Douglas Adams all have well known quotes calling others idiots, yet they aren’t idiots themselves.

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Scipio has favorably compared me to Cicero & Twain.

Not at all, he just detailed a couple of people who are not idiots that called people an idiot. Exceptions do not, a rule make…

PS I liked your reply because it made me laugh.

I think it was more to do with the remote repping changes then anything else, it is seriously painful at times. That ended up being one hell of a nerf to AG.


I dunno, I’m sure Scipio will confirm that I am one of the greatest intellectual minds of all time. This is simply a well established fact.

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Thanks for that. Its a real case in point. I say “Idiots call others idiots MORE than anyone else”, you hear “Only idiots call others idiot.” Classic. Sums up this forum pretty well too.


Calm down alpha. You are a second class citizen :smiley:

Sure. But to be clear I did not mean that Concord was the biggest AG challenge, merely that Concord could be giving AG more problems than Concord is giving gankers problems. Waiting until a ganker or looter acquires a flashy too often means its too late to do anything about it.

It can be hard enough having a commander insist you hold your fire until you can see the whites of their eyes, but Concord is like a commander that makes you wait until you can count their pores.

I sat down once and tried to brain storm with my limited grey matter whether there could be a better system than CONCORD. And no matter what I did not think there was. Still it is improvements around the edges that count.

To be honest remote repping being a suspect or criminal offense depending on the situation has made it impossible for us to hold a gate as AG. As soon as we do any offensive action against a FR ganker that character can no longer be repped due to the limited engagement flag and safety settings. This makes repping people who decide to fire back at the gankers a major issue too.

CCP could quite easily decide to remove that limited engagement flag that gets applied to gankers who go criminal, but they don’t.

But more importantly they should never have done this to remote repping, it is a catastrophe…


Actually, you forgot part of what you wrote. This part for example:

There are plenty of examples that show your “fact” is not a fact at all.

Scipio wrote me privately, and said some very kind and flattering things, which I do not wish to repeat here as it would be rude to draw further attention to my own virtue.

Don’t forget if they used web alt :slight_smile: concord learned me that lesson, and ohh not have safety on red when in icky high sec.

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