[UNF-A] Eugales VI Arcology and Terraforming Initiative

(Sterling Blades) #21

Due to unforseen circumatances, the current candidate for Planetary Security Overseer has been unable to take on his responsibilities. Moving forward for the interim, I will be taking on the responsibilities therein, alongside my existing security work, until a new candidate is chosen or the current is able to sufficiently assume the responsibilities.

(Galm Eskola-Fae) #22

As Warden of Avalon I would like to announce that the Bosena Accords have entered into an agreement with the UNF to provide additional security to the Eugales VI colony.

The exact size, scale, and capabilities of our presence planetside is on a need-to-know basis for reasons that should be obvious. However I can confirm that Juno Tristan, our head of structure security and defense, will oversee our operations personally. He has asked that I deliver the following message on his behalf:

"Following the increased tensions between the UNF and ever encroaching threat of Serpentis backed rogue warclones on the Eugales VI colony, the Neopian Federation has contacted us with a request to deploy a small force planetside to act as an auxhillary security detail. These troops, while operating under the Bosena Accords supervision and oversight, comprise of a diverse background of specialists hand-selected to serve not only as a security force but also as technical specialists in high-risk environments. _

“Given our extensive experience and new rearmament strategy, we believe this contract will be mutually beneficial and act as the first step in building our network within the UNF. We expect any hypothetical engagement arising from the defense of the colony meet the necessary conditions set out in Concord’s reclamation mandate. I look forward to working alongside the colonists of Eugales VI, and hope that this will be the start of a prosperous future for the UNF and the soldiers of the Bosena Accords.”

Further reports are to follow. Rikaato.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #23

Good evening pilots, today I have a few brief updates on the Masariin Gazaar Arcology, as well as other construction locations on Shine Ekhlel(Eugales VI).

The Masariin Gazaar has reached another population milestone at 400,000 civilian individuals, and now also has had its first non-UNF capsuleer, Kriax Aulmais of Unity Ventures, purchase a residence in one of the main residential districts of the Arcology.

Additionally, progress continues with the moving of Bosena Accord assets into their operational center in the Gazaar, no delays are expected for this process at this time and I look forward to with both Mr. Tristan and Mr. Eskola-Fae more indepth, when time allows. The details pertaining to their scope of presence remains need-to-know, and will not be disclosed here.

An unexpected increase in substorm activity around the Shuurga Basin has forced a temporary halt to construction efforts in that area, the duration of this halt will last until substorm activity returns to acceptable background.

Thank you all for your time.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #24

Hello pilots, I have another update.

The recent spike in substorm activity in the Shuurga Basin has begun to abate. Due to the unexpected nature of the spike, and the necessity for swift evacuation of personnel out of the basin, a number of materials and equipment were left exposed to the elements for the past ten days, leaving them damaged and in a state of disrepair. To this end, I have authorized a series of buy orders in the Eugales system, at the Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Centeer, to replace damaged components and materials lost to the storm.

In addition to lost and damaged materials, other materials are listed to further bring the construction in the Shuurga Basin, and other locations, back on track.

A word of warning to those wishing to contribute to this, the systems of Oulley, and Ostingele, traditional ingress points to relatively short transits through lowsec to Eugales have been heavily camped by both pirate, and mercenary entities as of late. Extra caution is advised.

Thank you all for your time, Fair Fortunes.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #25

Good Evening Pilots,

I have a brief update. The material buy orders have expired, and while there was not as much activity as was hoped, those that have contributed have helped bring the construction in the Shuurga Basin on Shine Ekhlel(Eugales VI) back on track, but it remains behind schedule.

A list of the contributors and their specific contributions will be compiled and posted at a later date.

The Masariin Gazaar Arcology center in the Kentii Rift Valley remains fully operational, and other construction locations are ontrack.

Thank you all for you time, Fair Fortunes.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #26

Hello pilots,

As promised, the list of contributors who wished to be publicly noted, and their contributions has been compiled and will be listed below.

A member of Apocalypse Now. contributed 835,138 units of targeted bacterial cultures in a single run, netting over 250m isk for themselves in the process

A small group of individuals from the Intaki Syndicate Militia [-1SM-] contributed a mix of Construction Blocks, Mechanical Parts, Nuclear Reactors, and Smartfab Units, collectively netting themselves 260m isk

An unknown individual also contributed 20 units of generalized Construction Materials by way of jetcan near the orbital customs office over the planet, as there was no transponder tag associated with this jetcan, a reward was unable to be levied for this contribution, whoever you are, you do have our thanks.

Further thanks go to those who contributed, but wished for themselves, and their specific contributions to remain anonymous.

Thank you all for your time, Fair Fortunes.