[UNF-A] Eugales VI Arcology and Terraforming Initiative

It’s been some time since I’ve given an update on the state of the Arcology, terraforming progress, and other developments. Things have kept me occupied.

As it currently stands, the Masariin Gazaar Arcology complex is sitting comfortably at a population of around 40 million individuals, far from its projected max capacity in its current state of expansion, but still quite impressive, considering the time put in.

A pair of fully accommodated Pitches have been constructed in the last few months for the budding Kendu League that has continued to grow since our last major update, and community games are regularly running. Its been brought to my attention that a few of the community based teams are planning to enter into amateur leagues across the Pegeler constellation, if they can secure a sponsor, and I plan to further oblige the enthusiasm and spirit of these men and women.

Extensive development projects in near orbit of Shine Ehklel have been under way for nearly a year now, quieter than many other projects due to other things taking precedent, but a rather impressive orbital yard is starting to take shape some 8,000 kilometers above the surface of the planet, not too far removed from the Security Corridor station, as well as an orbital tether connecting it to the surface near the Arcology. The engineering challenges of hardening the tether against the continuing planet wide storms were expensive, but worth the effort and cost to overcome.

Terraforming has remained steady, and though the world storm is still incredibly powerful, at least in the immediate vicinity of the Kentii Rift Valley, and the Shuurga Basins, it has become tolerable enough to spend extended periods outside without protective equipment from the lashing rain and hail. A moral problem has been raised, in that a number of lichen and algae equivalents have been discovered since terraforming began, as well assorted simple plant species adapted to the constant harsh conditions, and further terraforming may damage the simple ecology on the world. For now, terraforming continues, but we have slowed our time tables to allow for cataloguing across various regions of the planet to find more life and record and save them for the future.

In more somber news, a large influx of refugees is expected to the Arcology and other colonial sites across the planet from displaced upwell structure populations from the recent destruction events in Archavoinet and Vivanier, programs are in place to handle such things but it will be straining due to shear volume.

Thank you for your time.


Good evening everyone, I’m updating things today to bring attention to an isk making opportunity that will benefit the Arcology while helping to line your pockets a bit, if you’re willing to brave a bit of lowsec and move materials.

The Orbital Yards and other construction projects are continuing to expand, and as it does, materials are constantly needed. Especially Construction Blocks and Mechanical Parts. Buy orders for both are currently available at Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Center, with a range of one jump. They are currently listed close to top Jita buy as of two days previous when the orders were set. Currently just short of 3 billion isk is available to be made from these orders.

Thank you all for your time, and Fair Fortunes to you all.


Namas Ms Brezia, I have only recently returned to the placid area and your corporations activities have definitely drawn my attentions. I will look into my local PI projects and see if any can be manipulated to fill these orders and benefit your project.

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Sri Masseri, that would be quite appreciated, and I look forward to seeing what you can put forward. If you have any more specific questions about where these resources are going, please feel free to ask

Clearly the estimates missed a few zeros at the end since any form of meaningful transforming takes hundreds of years, Kauriko took as long and that was with the backing of a caldari mega corp.

The Guristas managed to terraform their capital world in decades, and others have made efforts for rapid terraforming research, such as the now defunct Walkai Terraforming Industries. Though much of Walkai’s research is lost, prototypes of their designs remain and were able to be acquired at significant cost to work with as a basis for this particular effort back at the start of the project Mr. Harr.

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I would revise your timeline for a more realistic output barometric pressure and atmosphere composition should not be done on untested prototypes, likely outcomes would be unstable, the quicker the change the more violent it is, Guristas example not substanable, working with a lifeless rock artificially creating a atmosphere is straight forward compared to substantially altering a current one especially in a short amount of time. The Guristas also had more resources and manpower for the endeavour.

We have been working with, testing, and retesting the prototypes we acquired for the past three years in varied conditions and controlled environments. The variants used by the Guristas in their own terraforming have some notable shortcomings in regard to atmospheric processing of an existing atmospheric setting, but the prototypes developed by Walkai, incomplete as they are, show remarkable promise in the areas that older designs struggle with.

Of course, Walkai’s initial aim was terraforming worlds in a matter of months, and the limited prototypes we acquired are far from being able to accomplish such atmospheric and geo-engineering in that time scale, but they remain surprisingly robust, and further designs based on them have been developed to improve off the original specifications. We have been taking this slowly, much slower than some of the few documents we recovered alongside the prototypes recommend, for the exact reason of maintaining control of the process, and furthermore, the stated goal of the terraforming project was not to make a temperate world, but to make the storm itself less violent, which has shown some progress already.

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Based on what? Like, I have the barest acquaintance with terraforming techniques, but I’m nearly completely certain that they have a better grasp of the situation than you, being on site and directly observing the proceedings.

To what degree? I’m guessing your statement is based on terraforming either the entire planet or a majority. This project is likely on a smaller scale than that. Smaller scale of project would clearly allow for a quicker timeline than complete planet-wide terraforming. In addition, it’s quite possible or even probable that the preexisting conditions were closer to their target parameters than your reference.
Again, though, not a scientist, just fairly well read in many subjects.

Terraforming or terraformation (literally, “Earth-shaping”) is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying the atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology of a planet

You cannot do small scale since an enclosed controlled environment isn’t terraforming, my example was meant to point out that a recent transforming done by a caldari mega corp no less with their resources took a hundred years, because artificially changing a planet’s atmosphere at an accelerated pace leads to massive repercussions for all those on the ground.

A process that exists and has seen use and development is no longer hypothetical Mr. Harr, and something worth noting is that many terraforming projects in the cluster continue to use primarily the technologies developed when the projects were initially began for cost efficiency, general simplicity, and staying with tried and true methods and only incorporate improvements and minor iterations on the starting tech in their processes so they do not have to invest larger sums in additional specialists, equipment, and potentially, time, if their old process and the newer one interact poorly.

Do not mistake me, terraforming, even with the technologies currently being used on Eugales VI, is a MASSIVE undertaking. I’ve acknowledged that since the beginning of the project, whenever its been brought up in private, and even here. It is no easy feat, but we have data currently showing that we are making progress within acceptable deviation of our earlier projections, even having again slowed things with some recent discoveries about Eugales VI’s limited biosphere.

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Depends on which way you’re trying to terraform the planet. Barren to garden? Yeah, that’s tricky. Garden to barren? Much simpler.

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Garden to volcanic? Even easier.

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“I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

Anything to Barren? Piece of cake.

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