Updates To Minimum OS Requirements For Mac Users

(Kipsley Caton) #104

I logged in an hour after down time and everything was working fine. I still had to log in manually, but other than that no unusual delay or behavior.

I did note the Launcher did seem to update itself for a few seconds, and I was like “Oh no!!”. But I was still able to log in as given above with no trouble.

Checked out the cost of secondhand 2010 5.1 Mac Pro machines on eBay that can run High Sierra. Ouch! And even my graphics card would have to be replaced as High Sierra has no support for Nvidia Ge-Force cards.

Bad Apple!!

(Bingham McSnuggles) #105

:frowning: this is a nightmare. i should have never ever updated to high sierra. its the worst. my mac is slow af now.
i planned to go back to windows based PC anyways, now i have to do it a bit earlier…but until then , i have to live with a slowed down mac and a silly workaround to log into eve. since todays DT, launcher needs 10 min to even load charcater seelection ( if at all, sometimes it just crashes)
im sad.

(Kipsley Caton) #106

Hey guys (waves). If you can, create a dual boot for your Mac. What I mean is have two HDD and have your trusty old MacOS on that, and put High Sierra on the other drive. That way you can switch between the two as needed. That is what I did on my 2009 Mac Pro 4.1.
If your Mac cannot support High Sierra (mine doesn’t), then go here
For further information regarding your Mac and High Sierra, try the MacRumours website and under their “High Sierra” tab you will the latest info and gossip.
Also be advised that Nvidia Geforce GTX series 9xx graphics cards (and others) are not supported by High Sierra and so will not work. I am told that once Nvidia releases the new drivers for the new Mojave OS, then this will resolve the issue, so before trying any fancy hacks with your expensive graphics cards, be patient and wait a week or so.

Don’t despair. All will be well.

(Mingja) #107

This thread kinda reads like a really good ad for windows…

Anyway, hope you all find a solution. Sucks to have Eve broken because reasons -.-

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(Kipsley Caton) #108

If you upgrade to High Sierra and you find your Mac is slow with very poor fps then go to “About This Mac” and see what graphics card you are running. You may find that your high-end card is no longer working and your Mac has defaulted to on-board graphics or something. This is because many graphics cards are not supported by OS High Sierra (especially from the Nvidia range). Give it a week or so and I am told that Nvidia should be releasing their latest drivers for the new Mojave OS. This then should fix the issue once you update to the latest drivers in High Sierra.

Alternatively… Nvidia cards will run with Windows 7 and it is still supported by CCP. You can run Windows 7 from Bootcamp but you would then need to buy Windows 7 or better OS from Microsoft.

I am advised to wait a week or two and that is what I will be doing. I have High Sierra on my 2009 Mac Pro 4.1 and it is using my old 512Mb card to run it so I am using El Capitan (from my other drive) till the new drivers are released. Even with El Capitan I can still log in to Eve almost as normal (as stated above in previous threads). There really is no need to be buying new machines at this stage.

As a sidenote, I have also loaded Eve onto my High Sierra HDD and it runs with no issues but with horrible fps given the 512Mb card. Fingers crossed for the new drivers to come out soon.

(Bingham McSnuggles) #109

if i had 2 HDD, i would run boot camp on one of them. but for now i can live with the workaround to play EvE. and i finally decided to invest some money around christmas and buy a new machine, going back to windows for good.

(zluq zabaa) #110

Nvidia published a driver last year that is supposed to be working for 2009 Mac Pros with High Sierra.


Before another update to Mojave it would be good to check if on the issues that might/will occur on old machines. According to dosduse http://dosdude1.com/mojave/ your 2009 Mac Pro should still be doable, but might face a number of hardware issues that need solving.

Regarding EVE: I tested it on a 10.8.5. Hackintosh (yeah that’s the ooold Mountain Lion), and EVE itself is still running properly. The launcher work around will be fine until I want to add new accounts (or figure out how to create a proper manifest for the launcher that it will accept). Then I’ll either have to find a workaround for that or maybe switch to a selfmade Launcher.

(Kipsley Caton) #111

Thanks zluq zabaa for the link. I checked it out but it does not support my card as I run a Nvidia GTX 980. As for updating to Mojave, I’ll stick with good old El Capitan on this SSD and my new working copy of High Sierra on my HDD. I don’t want to be spending money on “hardware issues”. May as well buy a whole new mid 2010 Mac Pro if I was thinking of that (and that would be just to play Eve?). As for graphics, I read that many AMD cards are natively supported by Apple and therefore by High Sierra. I currently have my eye on a Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 580 8Gb. If I am going to buy a new card I may as well improve from my old 4Gb card. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Albondiel Yazria) #112


Same issue, OS X 10.12.6, running old luncher with -s, but still the login button opens a blank window and I get error:
[warn] kq_init: detected broken kqueue; not using.: Undefined error: 0
[warn] kq_init: detected broken kqueue; not using.: Undefined error: 0
[warn] kq_init: detected broken kqueue; not using.: Undefined error: 0
[warn] kq_init: detected broken kqueue; not using.: Undefined error: 0
[warn] kq_init: detected broken kqueue; not using.: Undefined error: 0
[warn] kq_init: detected broken kqueue; not using.: Undefined error: 0
Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 8500

Open support ticket, no answers yet. :frowning_face:

(Litsea Reticulata) #113

OSX 10.10 here too.

Worked yesterday, doesn’t work today. Tomorrow will be spent trying workarounds.

Classic EVE.

(Lorduff) #114

Just install bootcamp with windows 10… problem solved and better performance. It’s what I do anyway.

(Kipsley Caton) #115

Just managed to get an “official” copy of High Sierra on to my early 2009 Mac Pro that is now flashed to a 5,1 machine. Only took me about 2 weeks. :slight_smile:

(Litsea Reticulata) #116

Couldn’t sleep.


HEY! Zlug is right!. EVE Launcher opens up just fine and what do you know, I’m actually playing eve!

Libraries for what?

(zluq zabaa) #117

Qt for instance. Newer versions are not downward compatible with older OSX versions.

(Litsea Reticulata) #118

The net result being loss of functionality or an eventual build that segfaults ?

(zluq zabaa) #119

Before the Update that came with this thread, around one or two weeks earlier, they introduced a patch that saw the Launcher using a more up-to-date version of Qt. This is dependent on some method call of core OSX libraries which doesn’t exist in older OSX versions. Not sure what exactly they changed with the update that this thread is about, but it must also be connected to the Launcher. My test-machine with older Launcher still runs the game itself without any trouble.

Not a programming error on part of CCP, just going with the time. They’d need to rebuild the Launcher in order to get rid of the dependencies.

(Litsea Reticulata) #120

So because CCP’s launcher wants new and more offensive ways of shoving ads for SKIN’s in my face they’re using some new shiny framework library to enable this cruft?

(zluq zabaa) #121

No, but I won’t try to argue with you, if you have decided to feel like a victim of CCP’s updates.

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(Kipsley Caton) #122

It’s not CCPs fault. Blame Apple.

(Kipsley Caton) #123

Okies. I’ve updated to High Sierra, but I’m wondering if one of the previous hacks is still in operation as my Launcher opens and I have to manually add my account name and password every time . Is this the case for everyone? If not, then how can i “undo” the hack?

I tried all of them as given above.