Version 18.09 - Known Issues


Please use this thread for discussing and reporting known issues from this monthly release.

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Known Issues

Triglavian Invasion:

  • EDENCOM Fortification systems may have negative Security modifiers applied to them

Structures & Deployables:

  • Sometimes, certain structures will show “core absent”, despite not having a core room

User Interface:

  • [Pointer Window] The pointers for the NEOCOM, Selected Items Elements, and Station Services are not working.
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Something went wrong in the uanzin invasion: That system is an EDENCOM Redoubt and has a security status drop


When can we expect a fix for the infinite jump tunnel bug?

:red_circle: Audio settings and Display settings were again reset after this downtime. Audio turned up music again to 50 and set my Window settings to full screen instead of Fixed Window on 2 clients. This is already getting annoying.

Something is broken with the login screen. I click on one character and another character loads. This is the first time I have seen something like this - it happened on two of my accounts today.

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that sounds like a client timeout…

Reading first helps.

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Thanks for that! We have a fix for it that will be deployed tomorrow at downtime. Hold on tight!

Still plagued by Red Dots (which don’t work properly) - when is the final solution coming?

image Ban the Dots! The END is Nigh!
The Original! - six months and still this ■■■■ doesn’t work or have an opt-out.


Fixed an issue where the Show on Map option would not work when using the Old Map.

While this works with solar systems now in the old map, its still broken for constellations and regions.


At first I thought it was my imagination and I had simply made a mistake, but it too happened to me a few times over the last week or so.

It happens both at the login screen and in-game that when the client / launcher has some lag (might not even be noticeable) the cursor position is not followed properly or goes into weird positions so the click registers somewhere else, thus in case of the launcher might result in the wrong character starting up, while in-game it can have negligible to serious consequences depending on the situation. (This is happening since I play EVE so probably not the recent patch related but not impossible there is some new reason for it introduced with the latest patch either.)

And here I thought this might hint at player-owned FOBs coming…

Guristas going to have to buy COREs too? If they dropped that would be a nice incentive to kill these things.


At one time you could open the map and it ended the tunnel. Don’t know if it still works though.

@CCP_Convict @CCP_Hawk @CCP_Dopamine

Character Animations are no longer working in the fitting screen of Character Customization. They no longer turn their heads, look around, stretch, shift their bodies or scratch their chins.

I know this isn’t a game play issue but it is a recent development. I’ve been creating different Eve Character Scenes which utilize the various Animations in it to set different full body poses for characters.

For example:

Security Check @ EDENCOM 16


The new EDENCOM and Triglavian (and SoE) apparel is listed under the wrong categories in the market. In particular, the:

  • Men’s EDENCOM ‘Valiant’ Command Jacket; and
  • Men’s Triglavian Survival Suit (Liminality)

, appear under Women’s Clothing; while:

  • Women’s EDENCOM ‘Valiant’ Command Jacket;
  • Women’s Triglavian Survival Suit (Liminality); and
  • Women’s Sisters of EVE Advanced Combat Suit

, are listed as Men’s Clothing - the Men’s Sisters of EVE Advanced Combat Suit is ok, though.


I first posted about that Market issue over 6 months ago and now it’s only gotten worse with even more items listed in the wrong Market category. Obviously someone at CCP doesn’t think it’s an important bug to fix.

Anyway, you can also add these to your list:

Women’s Capsuleer Day XVII T-Shirt
(currently listed in Apparel / Men’s Clothing / Tops)

In fact the Market and the in-game search option won’t even recognize the next item listed below. For a long time the Buy / Sell orders for that item have not been listed in the Market Interface. Now if you have the actual item in your inventory then you can link and place a Buy / Sell order for it. However those players listing those orders are getting ripped off, spending ISK on orders that the Market won’t display.

Women’s ‘Farsight’ Augmented Spectacles
(currently no Market listing in-game yet 3rd party Market sites show active Buy / Sell orders for that item)

Including what you listed, that makes a total of 7 different items now.


I have been getting it intermittently for several months, but certainly happened after the most recent update to the launcher. The mouse was nowhere near the other panel, so seems unlikely to be horrendous lag.

There is a new bug - A few of my alpha characters re-spawned in a starter corvette in the middle of space and had the intro sleeper mission run all over again. I had not logged into them in a few days (maybe 4-5 days).

I could see several others spawned in the same place so not just me.

I was docked in Todaki school in an Ibis so perhaps the detection for ‘new player’ went wrong? :slight_smile: